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  • Name: Victoria Ruffo ( Victoria Ruffo )
  • Date of birth: 31 may 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Mexico city
  • Activities: actress of Mexican soap operas, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Omar Fayyad

    Victoria Ruffo: biography

    Well-known actress of Mexican soap operas Victoria Ruffo was born on may 31 1962 in Mexico city. The family Ruffo does not stand out among other Mexican families, the girl’s father, Ramon Martinez and mother Morena Guadalupe was a mere civil servants. Victoria grew up with sisters Marcella and Gabriella, who also dreamed of working in television.

    Victoria itself for the first time seriously thought of becoming an actress after attending a Mexican fashion photographer. The shooting brought her sister Marcela. The photographer was fascinated by the beauty young Ruffo and advised her to try yourself in the movie. This praise has spurred Victoria harder to engage in the development of artistic talents: the girl was taught poetry by heart, had studied dancing and music. Vic played leading roles in all school plays and participated in talent contests. Together with her sisters she attended the auditions and screen tests.

    When Victoria was 14, her parents divorced. The future movie star was very upset by this event. Sister left to live with his mother, who after a divorce got a job as a real estate agent, to be able to support his family.

    After school, the girl enrolled at the prestigious Mexican Academy of andrés Soler, where she studied acting.

    Victoria Ruffo movies

    At the age of eighteen Victoria Ruffo starred in his first serial film «Disco is love». The talented actress was noticed by the film producers and was invited to larger projects. The first major work for Ruffo was a picture of «the problems of one of the doctor», released in 1980. The audience reacted favorably to the young actress. After the premiere of telenovela «Predator» where Victoria played the role of Natalia Ramirez, she finally received a well-deserved popularity in the countries of Latin America. For her role in the show Ruffo has also received its first award as «Best young actress of the year».

    Participation in the «Predator» opened the way for Victoria in the main role of telenovelas. In 1985, the screens out the series «Juana iris», where the actress played the eponymous heroine.

    In 1989, the world saw the iconic telenovela «

  • Simply Maria». The heroine, Victoria Maria Lopez, a poor and naive girl who came from the provinces to the capital, so fond of the audience, which immediately became a cult image. Ruffo was nominated for «Best female lead», but the award is not won. The greatest success «Simply Maria» used in the countries of the former Soviet Union. The actress was invited on local TV to interview and offered to star in the series. Victoria’s popularity was so great that in honor of her heroines are called children, and in Belarus a new variety of apples called «Simply Maria». The actress also starred in the promotional video of the famous company «MMM» Sergey Mavrodi.

    To continue his career with Victoria Ruffo decided on the territory of the native Mexican television «Televisa». In 1993, she took part in the filming of «Whim», after work went to the «Poor little rich girl», «Live for Elena» and «Hold me tight». These tapes enjoyed extraordinary popularity in Latin America.

    The actress continues to star in the telenovela genre to this day. Her last work was the painting «

  • Unloved» 2014 release, where she played the main character Christine was Maldonado. Ruffo is one of the most successful and highly paid Actresses of the channel «Televista». In addition to a successful film career, Victoria Ruffo has also achieved considerable success in other areas, she still participates in theater productions, is leading several programs for Mexican television, and is also preparing a photo for commercial publications.

    Victoria Ruffo: personal life

    With her first husband actor

  • Eugenio Derbesia Victoria met on the set of the TV series «Simply Maria». Eugenio was the son of famous Mexican actress Silvia Derbez, who also took part in the TV series, and regularly visited their mother on set. It was a whirlwind romance, and in 1991 the lovers were married. In a year their first child was born, josé Eduardo. The couple tried to maintain the image of an ideal and happy couple, but Victoria’s husband could not tolerate the popularity of his wife. He regularly tried to prove to her that she achieved fame just because of the happy coincidence. In 1996 Ruffo filed for divorce, no doubt in the correctness of his decision. However, Derbez with the support of his mother once again staged a scandal in the press: he told reporters that the ex-wife forbids him to communicate with his son. Such actions prompted Victoria to finally sever all ties with her ex-husband.

    In 2001, Ruffo married again. Her lover was a Mexican politician

  • Omar Fayyad. The wedding was held in Mexico city in the Church of St. Augustine, after which the wife went on a trip around the world. Omar quickly made friends with the adult son of Victoria and not at least replaced his father, became his real friend and Advisor. In 2003, the 40-year-old actress learned she was pregnant. Despite all the fears of doctors in 2004 at the Victoria and Omar gave birth to twins: a boy, Anuar, and a girl Victoria. Today, a popular actress all free time tries to spend with the children and her husband.

    Victoria Ruffo: filmography

    • Problems one doctor
    • Predator
    • Juana Iris
    • Just Mary
    • Whim
    • The poor little rich girl
    • Live for Elena
    • Hold me tight
    • Stepmom
    • Victoria
    • In the name of love
    • A crown of tears
    • Unloved

    Victoria Ruffo: photos

    Victoria Ruffo and Katya Osadchaya

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