Victoria Raydos

(biography, photos, videos) Viktoriya Raidos

photo Victoria Raydos

  • Name: Victoria Raydos ( Viktoriya Raidos )
  • Date of birth: 27 December 1976
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 173
  • Activities: participant of «the Battle of psychics-16»
  • Marital status: Married

    Victoria Raydos: biography

    Victoria Germanovna Raydos was born 27 December (presumably), 1976 in St. Petersburg. The woman says nothing about his family, the biography of Victoria Raydos unknown. All public information about it based solely on the stories of the girl herself.

    Raydos claims to be experienced tarragon and occultist, a specialist in yasnozirya. The name Victoria Raydos mentioned among hundreds of the best healers in Russia. In St. Petersburg she leads workshops where he teaches the willing the correct use and interpretation of the meaning of Tarot cards. Fans Raydos call her «Elf».

    Victoria says that the secrets of magic helped her to understand my grandmother. She also gave all his knowledge to her granddaughter, teaching the Tarot divination. The first experiments in esoteric practices the girl allegedly put on yourself, and only when convinced in my abilities, started to practice on family and friends.

    Raydos claims that she has several diplomas in esoteric schools. She is a practicing mage, and a healer. Also teaches at the St. Petersburg Academy of Tarot.

    «Battle ekstrasens-16»

    Widely known Victoria Raydos becomes after appearing on the project «fight of psychics-16». According to the psychic, she is able to summon the spirits of the dead, see past and can manage energy flows.

    The audience immediately identified Victoria Raydos as one of the strongest participants of the 16th season of the popular project.

    Main rivals Raydos the audience called Marilyn Kerro, Nicole Kuznetsov and famous underground-actor Sergey «Pahom» Pakhomov, who suddenly surprised everyone with his psychic abilities.

    Personal life

    About the personal life of Victoria Raydos do not know anything. As a real witch, it reliably hides the names and dates of birth of family, «for fear of damage and the evil eye from the competition.»

    We only know that Victoria is married and has a little daughter.


    Victoria Raydos

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