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  • Name: Viktoriya Poltorak ( Viktoriya Poltorak )
  • Date of birth: 18 November 1980
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Ulyanovsk, Russia
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: the Russian actress of cinema and television
  • Marital status: divorced

    Victoria Poltorak : biography

    Victoria Poltorak was born in January 1980. Data about the day she was born different. Some sources say on January 1, while others call on November 18. Childhood and youth the future artist was held in Ulyanovsk.

    Victoria grew up active and social. She loved sports, was a regular at the gym and is constantly involved in various competitions. But at least she was interested in the scene. The girl he loved to recite and relaxed feel in any company. In middle school she began to visit the theatre and soon realised that about any other profession besides acting, not dreaming.

    Having received a high school diploma, Viktoriya Poltorak went to University a native of Ulyanovsk, where for a long time have planned the faculty of culture and art. After graduation in 2002, aspiring actress entered the service in the Ulyanovsk drama theatre. But after 2 years she realized that a great career in the province will not do.

    In 2004 Victoria Poltorak was in the capital.


    In Moscow she received the second higher education. In 2004, she entered GITIS where studied on the course Yuri Kalmykov. A cinematic biography of Victoria Poltorak started on the 1st course. She was offered a small role in the popular sitcom «Who’s the boss?». The heroine, Victoria – maid of Light – attracted the attention of filmmakers.

    The following year, the actress entrusted a key role in the acclaimed crime drama «the Young and evil.» Poltorak brilliantly played the girl fighter of special forces «omega» Veronica Grekov. This role brought recognition and fame. Now Victoria did not have long to wait for the next offers from the Directors.

    All of these roles, as it turned out, was only a prelude to this success, which struck the actress in 2007. Screens out rating Comedy series «Thirty something», where Vika Poltorak appeared in the form of beauty Dasha Ikonnikova. Light, funny game and incredible charm of the heroine doubled the army of fans of the actress.

    Speaking about the filmography of Victoria Poltorak, not to mention one of the most striking of her works are the acclaimed youth series «Physics or chemistry». She played the teacher on the other hand, which began a romantic relationship with a student, attracted a lot of attention and mixed reviews about the morality of the film. It argued, viewers and critics – this is a high skill game actress.

    Of the latest works of Victoria Poltorak you can mention the projects «you sold the cat?», «The last thing Casanova» and mystical series «the Secret city».

    Personal life

    Victoria Poltorak has twice been married. The name of the first husband of the actress is unknown. In this marriage a daughter, Valeria. But on the set of the TV series «Cursed Paradise» Victoria flashed an affair with a famous artist Maxim Drozd. Both at that time were married. This fact did not become an obstacle to their desire to be together: after the divorce actors to legitimize their relationship. In the new marriage was born a daughter Sophia. For Maxim Drozd, senior Victoria for 12 years, she was the fourth child.

    But in 2014, after 5 years of marriage, the marriage started to crumble. The couple broke up. Maxim Drozd admitted that all the fault of his demanding schedule, which takes him all the free time, not allowing them to pay due attention to the people he loves.

    Personal life Victoria Poltorak now is her two daughters. But it is unlikely that the beautiful and talented actress will remain in the status of single mother.


    • «Young and evil»
    • «Damned Paradise»
    • «Thirty years»
    • «Just come back»
    • «Studs»
    • «Physics or chemistry»
    • «You sold the cat?»
    • «The last thing Casanova»
    • «To be yourself»


    Viktoriya Poltorak

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