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  • Name: Viktoriya Maslova ( Viktoriya Maslova )
  • Date of birth: 9 September 1985
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Pavlodar, Kazakhstan
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Victoria Maslova: a biography

    Victoria Maslova was born in September 1985 in Kazakhstan. She grew up in Pavlodar, in a remarkable artistic family. Creative atmosphere in the house and a childhood spent in the theatre behind the scenes, did the trick: Vika grew up an artistic child. She dreamed of becoming an actress. Just doing all what she liked.

    And these lessons were many. The girl sang beautifully, so she attended a musical school, where he developed his voice and learned to play the piano. And Maslova adored dancing, and juggling time between school and music schools to run on acrobatic classes.

    Victoria Maslova
    Victoria Maslova | VK

    Victoria recalls that the first childhood dream was to jump with a parachute. But a father who served in the airborne troops, that is, «hacked» is the desire in the Bud.

    After receiving the matriculation Maslov went to enter in the famous pupils of the Yaroslavl theatrical Institute. She was lucky to attend the course Alexander Kuzin.

    In 2006, after receiving a theater degree, Victoria began to take the first steps in his career. The year she came out on stage and Shakhty drama and Comedy, but in 2008 moved to the capital where they were received in the theater «Sphere».


    On the stage of the «Spheres» creative biography of Elena Maslova successfully developed. The young actress entrusted a significant role in productions «I have come to give you freedom», «Troilus and Cressida», «Yakov Bogomolov», «In a strange feast hangover», «the Romantic age» and many others.

    In the film blonde actress first appeared in 2002. Trusted her a small role in the melodrama «the Lovers». The debut was successful, and soon the Deer began to offer key images. In 2007, she appeared in the film «Vice». Then followed roles in popular TV series «wedding ring» and the acclaimed film «Stilyagi».

    Vladimir yepifantsev and Victoria Maslova in the film
    Vladimir yepifantsev and Victoria Maslova in the film «Not for women» | Ruckinge

    The popularity came to Elena Maslova after-serial melodrama «the Sleeping area». It is remarkable that her character’s name was also Elena Maslova. However, 24-year-old actress had to play 34-year-old woman who was raising three children. The actress claims that the film’s heroine does not like her, but this only angered her. Because the more complex the image, the more interesting transformation.

    After the release of «Sleeping area» on the screens of the popularity of the actress from Kazakhstan has increased incredibly. Since then, Elena Maslova offered the role only for «quality» projects, such as «Ahead shot», «Dolly the Sheep was angry and died early», «Black label», «June», «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya».

    Recently viewers could see Maslova in the adventure film «the bounty Hunter» and «rainbow Reflection», where she again went to key images.

    Personal life

    Today’s personal life Elena Maslova is not a top priority. The actress is busy building a career, which is developing quite successfully. Probably, the blonde beauty has the other half, but she prefers not to discuss it with strangers. While Elena is not married.

    Victoria Maslova mom
    Victoria Maslova mom | VK

    The actress says that she is incredibly reckless and agile person. She likes active rest, and if it goes into activity centres, of which the capital is rich, then do not miss a single attraction, competing in mobility and excitement from the youngest visitors.


    • «Lover»
    • «Other»
    • «Residential district»
    • «Ahead shot»
    • «Stilyagi»
    • «Dolly the sheep was angry and died early»
    • «Juna»
    • «Detective Agency «Ivan da Marya»
    • «The bounty hunter»
    • «Rainbow reflection»


    Victoria Maslova, Vladimir Epifantsev in the film

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