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  • Name: Victoria Makarska ( Victoria Morozova )
  • Date of birth: 22 may 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Vitebsk, Belarus
  • Height: 170
  • Activity: singer, actress
  • Marital status: married Anton Makarsky

    Victoria Makarska: biography

    Now she’s know as the wife of Anton Makarska. But Vic and his wife, whose maiden name Morozov, was popular long before lighted star of her husband.

    She was born may 22, 1973 in Vitebsk. The father of Victoria – military, served in the secret garrisons of the Baltic States, so her childhood passed there. From a young age, the girl loved ones happy with a beautiful voice. At the age of 15 she was singing in the orchestra in Belarus, where the family moved.

    After school, Morozov entered the directing faculty of VGIK. She graduated from the Institute and went to settle in the Moscow music theatre. She got it immediately. The girl was one at the Belorussian station. Not knowing what to do, Victoria Morozova went to the Bolshoi, but the personnel Department was closed. However, fate favored her. It happened to see an Englishman, came up and in conversation was asked to be a soloist in his band. That meeting was fateful.


    Soon Victoria Morozova became a soloist of earning fabulous money. Her clips were shown on major music channels, the songs sounded on all radio stations.

    Then Vladimir Presnyakov-the senior has invited promising singer in the musical project «of His Majesty’s Tale.» However, the public singer Victoria Morozova became famous after the sensational musical «Metro». In parallel with the musical she performed as a soloist. The tour schedule was tight – the constant moving, new cities, concerts, even with high temperature. During a speech in Kharkiv, the singer lost consciousness. Doctors diagnosed her with pneumonia, with which she performed already a month.

    Participation in the musical «Metro» worsened her health. Victoria had a difficult game – always had to take high notes. To say she couldn’t, but continued to sing until the lost my voice. Since 2002, Morozova stopped performing as a singer began producing Anton Makarska. Her fame had gone.

    Six years Victoria Makarska did not go on stage and I thought I would never be able to sing again helped the case. The Moscow international house of music insisted on a joint concert Morozova and Makarska. Victoria was skeptical, but decided. Their performance was original, the audience took the Duo well. Since then they have been touring together. Victoria says that their group of 7 musicians, and the desire – one for all: they want to create quality music and to sing it live only.

    The repertoire of creative and family of the Duo is dominated by lyrical songs and romances. Victoria and Anton co-wrote the song «About you», «Birds», «Old maple», «the upper room» and others. In 2010 released CD «Live concert», which gathered the most popular songs. Next year Victoria Morozova (Makarska) started to record a solo album in America but was forced to temporarily suspend work due to pregnancy.

    Victoria says, trying not just to sing songs, and play them to convey to the audience emotions of a loving woman. She tries to give a positive charge to its listeners, and she did it.


    In the filmography of Victoria Morozova (City) only four pictures. In 2000 she starred in an episode of «Game of love», after 6 years he played another cameo role in the film «Who comes in the winter night». In 2010, Victoria took part in the filming of the documentary «Sung in the USSR» and in the same year he starred in the film «the Island of bad luck».

    Personal life

    Victoria Morozova (Croatia) said that she is a happy mother and wife. With her future husband Anton Makarsky she met at the casting of the musical «Metro». Anton recalls how the audience came a pretty blonde in a short top, mini skirt and shoes on a high platform. She was like a grandmother Makarska, he fell in love immediately. After a casting there was a party, where she praised the charm and humor of the actor. The evening and the night they spent together in the apartment Wiki on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, and in the morning he made her an offer. In the rays of the rising sun words sounded romantic and solemn.

    Anton Makarsky understood that he had no Finance to ensure that Victoria, and honestly said this. But I promised that if she agrees, they will be all. Morozov agreed. She didn’t pay attention to friends who are convinced that Anton was no match for her. Circle of friends of the singer have taken actor. The only one who supported them, it is directed by Boris Krasnov.

    After a year of Vika and Anton were married, and three years later got married. In the same period, Croatia was offered the role in the musical «Notre Dame de Paris», his career went up.

    The happy couple settled in their own house, which wanted to build 4 children’s room. But pregnancy does not work. Vika and Anton believed that I would become happy parents. After 13 years of marriage, the singer is finally pregnant. Throughout her pregnancy she lived in Israel, parents of Anton Makarska. Gave birth there too. In September 2012 they became the proud parents of a long-awaited daughter Mary. May 31, 2015 they had a son Ivan.

    Now Victoria Makarska has everything she ever dreamed of.


    • «The island of bad luck»
    • «Who comes in the winter evening…»
    • «Game of love»
    • «Sung in the USSR»


    Victoria Morozova (Makarska)

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