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  • Name: Victoria Lukina ( Viktoriya Lukina )
  • Date of birth: 7 July 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Podolsk, Russia
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress
  • Marital status: not married

    Victoria Lukina: biography

    The way to acting for Victoria Lukina turned out to be thorny. To overcome all the obstacles, she managed only thanks to their perseverance and unwillingness to compromise.

    Victoria Lukina was born in Podolsk near Moscow in the summer of 1984. In early childhood, relatives saw that the girl more than anything loves to play. First impromptu «concert» she gave to the dolls, then in the «auditorium» were the parents and sister. Gradually the audience widened: the actress recited and sang in kindergarten, and the school took an active part in the initiative.

    Victoria Lukina
    Victoria Lukina | Margot

    But relatives of the Wiki, however, as she at first did not take her artistic talents as a prologue to the future profession. In middle school Lukin had planned to become a lawyer. But after the 9th under the influence of my mother, she went to medical College, where he was to receive a specialty nurse.

    In these years, Victoria finally realized that the only thing she wants is to go on stage. She made three unsuccessful attempts to enter the preparatory course of the school-Studio MXAT. At some point the girl almost dropped his hands, but just then she opened «the second breath»: Lukina was able to act in behalf of WTU N. Shchepkin, from which he graduated in 2006.


    A cinematic biography of Victoria Lukina began, like most of her colleagues. The girl played in episodes of the TV series. Some of them were popular. Audiences first saw the blonde beauty in «Kulagin and partners», «Daddy’s girls», «Voronin» and «Cream».

    2 years after graduating high school theater Victoria Lukina finally caught the tail of luck. Young actress starred in the romantic film «the Golden key», on the set which was found by Dmitry Pevtsov. And the next year gave the actress her starring role naive Secretary Lucy in the megapopular series «Margot».

    Victoria Lukina,
    Victoria Lukina, «Margot» |

    In the morning Vic, what is called, woke up famous. It drew the attention of the audience, the Directors and editors of glossy fashion publications. Candid shots of the sexy blonde appeared in the magazine «Maxim» and many others. Lukin tried his hand in modeling. Her photoshoot today have a lot of success.

    But not only on the set of Victoria Lukina succeeded. The actress was warmly received after its release on the stage of the Maly theater. Of particular success was the production of «Left of the left one», «Years of wandering» and «Not a penny, but suddenly Altyn».

    Soon, the artist has changed the stage of the Maly theatre on the Vakhtangov stage. As a guest actress Lukin participated in antrepriznyh performances of Theater actor. Theatergoers and critics consider her best work, the production of «the Cherry orchard».

    Victoria Lukina with colleagues in the play
    Victoria Lukina with colleagues in the play «Chicken» | vip-Theater

    On the screens of fans of Victoria Lukina saw my favorite Comedy sitcom «Two fathers and two sons», which was released in 2013 and continues to broadcast today, and in the film «the Tariff for the past.»

    Personal life

    In blonde beauties, shone on the pages of popular men’s magazines «Maxim», a large army of fans. But the personal life of Victoria Lukina still under development: the artist is not married. Although my beloved man the one I already have. Vick admitted that he has no relation to the movies or to the show business. The name of his chosen Lukin is also not yet called.

    Victoria Lukina
    Victoria Lukina | Movie-Theater.Ru

    Hobbies of Victoria-Feng Shui and spirituality.


    • «Kulagin and partners»
    • «The Golden key»
    • «Office online, or the Pros»
    • «Robinzony»
    • «Loot»
    • «Margot»
    • «Interns»
    • «The Method Laurel»
    • «Two fathers and two sons»
    • «The tariff for the past»


    Victoria Lukina

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