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  • Name: Victoria Lopyreva ( Viktoriya Lopyreva )
  • Date of birth: 26 July 1983.
  • Age: 33 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Height: 177
  • Activity: model, TV presenter, blogger, «Miss Russia-2003»
  • Marital status: not married

    Victoria Lopyreva : biography

    Victoria Lopyreva was born in Rostov-on-don in July 1983. Childhood beauty was held in his hometown. She, like peers, went to school, was fond of drawing, studying languages. In addition to a comprehensive school, the girl took lessons of piano in music school. Tchaikovsky. Vika grew up creatively developed personality, and this is not surprising because her father is a known artist, mother, model and journalist.

    After high school Lopyreva continued education in the Rostov state economic University. There the girl received the specialty «enterprise Management».

    «Miss Russia-2003»

    As a teenager, Lopyreva received from modeling agencies proposals for participation in photo shoots and shows. But the young beauty wasn’t going to connect his life with this business, so refused.

    In 2000, she decided to try their hand at the contest «the don Model» by sending the organizers your photos. Suddenly she became the most beautiful girl Rostov-na-Donu. Then, being a University student, took part in competitions such as elite Model Look, the «face of the year», «Rostov beauty», «Miss Donbass Open», «Sensation of year» and others.

    In 2003, after winning the contest «Miss Russia-2003» Victoria Lopyreva became really famous. From that moment in a girl’s life began a new stage – she was invited to numerous talk shows, best the magazines were filled with pictures of the model.


    Some time after winning the «Miss Russia» Lopyreva appeared on the beauty contest «Miss Europe», but as a leader. This work brought even greater fame and provided her several lucrative contracts. So, Victoria became the host of documentaries about Moscow shot by order of the French television. In addition, she led a similar project, created by the American Travel channel.

    In 2005, Victoria Lopyreva became the Director of the contest «Miss Russia». Then there were in the Lion Novozhenova «Question! Another question:» as co-host. In 2007 she began leading the program «Football night», but after a year and a half left the project for participation in «Last hero».

    In 2009, the famous model appeared before the audience as the host of «Real sports». At the same time the girl was a member of the jury of the project «property of Republic».

    From this point Lopyreva finally moved away from the model career, becoming a TV presenter. Went to work in the project «Fashion Academy», «first aid fashionable», «good luck! The video version», «FashionChart», «Real love» and «Football food».

    Personal life

    Beauty Victoria Lopyreva is constantly attributed to many novels. The brides of «Miss Russia-2003» visited the singer Vlad Topalov and hockey player Alexander Ovechkin.

    In 2012 Lopyreva met a football player Fedor Smolov. The young man was playing in the «Dynamo», «Liverpool», «Ural» and other well-known clubs. Just six months after meeting Victoria and Theodore were married. The celebration took place in December 2013 in the Maldives, that is why the Union has no legal force on the territory of Russia.

    The marriage did not last long — in may 2015 Victoria Lopyreva announced the rupture of relations with her husband.


    Lopyreva is a scandalous person, occasionally in the media from time to time there are fresh news centerfolds.

    In 2011 a scandal erupted with Yana Rudkovskaya. Stellar blonde had a fight on the Internet via Ramzan Kadyrov, a page of which appeared in the «Twitter». Both girls immediately congratulated the head of Chechnya, but Kadyrov has made to the friends list only Rudkovskaya. As a result, the stars broke out verbal sparring. The scandal grew to such proportions that representatives of show business, taking the side of one of the instigator, began to sort things out among themselves. Meanwhile, the account of Kadyrov turned out to be fake.

    In 2012 the public attention was attracted by the conflict Victoria Lopyreva with her beloved Vlad Topalov played at a party out of jealousy – TV presenter lost his temper and launched a few shots at his boyfriend.

    The scandal over Lopyreva flight from Ekaterinburg to Moscow in October 2014. Secular lioness was removed from the flight for refusing to switch off mobile at the time of movement of the aircraft to the runway. For the delay of «Aeroflot» was going to sue the popular presenter and even make a «black list» of passengers. The incident received wide coverage in the press.


    Victoria Lopyreva

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