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  • Name: Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya ( Viktoriya Litvinenko-Yasinovskaya )
  • Date of birth: 16 February 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Fastiv, Kyiv oblast, Ukraine
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status: divorced

    Victoria Litvinenko-asinovskaya: biography

    Victoria S. Litvinenko-yasinovskaya — known theater and film actress.

    Victoria Litvinenko was born 16 January 1986 in the small town of Fastiv, Kyiv region. At the age of five his parents sent the girl to the ballet school. Throughout his adult life, a girl dreams of becoming an actress, parents also approved of this decision.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya
    Victoria Litvinenko-asinovskaya | VK

    The first nine years the girl spent in her hometown of Fastiv in school No. 9.

    In 2001 the family moved to the Ukrainian capital and secondary education she finished school No. 317 in Kyiv.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya
    Victoria Litvinenko-asinovskaya | VK

    In 2003, the girl with bright unusual appearance easily entered the Kiev national University of theatre, cinema and TV them. Karpenko-Kary. She was accepted to the L. Tanaka, and graduated in 2007.

    Since 2003 works in the modern art Center «DAKH» in Kyiv.

    Career in the theatre

    The Creator of the «DAKH» theatre Vladislav Troitsky — one of the most successful figures of culture in modern Ukraine. His brainchild — the original site, which he calls «hotel arts» was established in 1994. In the repertoire you can find everything from the Oedipus of Sophocles and the classics of N. Gogol («Marriage») and Gorky («Vassa Zheleznova»).

    Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya
    Victoria Litvinenko-asinovskaya | VK

    The emblem of the extraordinary project is no less symbolic than his name – a snail crawling to the top of Fuji. The theater he calls a type of the spiritual principles of childhood memories about the Buddhist Buryatia.

    Almost all performances of the Trinity puts personally. Shiny star theatre Victoria Litvinenko involved in all his works, which many critics recognize very radical. The and her performances are always sold out, tickets are almost always in short supply.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya
    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the theater | VK

    Among the best works of the actress:

    • «Prologue to «Macbeth»;
    • «The Death Of Gogol»;
    • «Coffee and Cigarettes»;
    • «Ukrainian Decameron»;
    • «King Lear. Prologue»;
    • «Anna»;
    • «Spineless»;
    • «Oedipus. Sophocles.»

    Role in the movie

    Debuted in the episode in the film «Tomorrow will be tomorrow». The first great work of Victoria, brought her an incredible recognition of the fans – 100-serial melodramatic the film «Only love». In it she plays the main villain of the film — the treacherous Albina, which by hook or by crook fighting for the love of a wealthy architect widower.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film
    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film «Only love» | Group VK

    Easy to role to play in this long-running project? According to the actress, filming began for it is not easy – on the test, she broke her arm. However, she managed to win in a complex casting with many contestants, because no protege she was not.

    First entered the top ten, then to three, and then … it is not approved. Victoria had already taken a new role in the theater when spontaneously called from the channel and offered to take another sample, which was finally successful.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film
    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film «Only love» | Group VK

    To the question about how she evaluates her character, Victoria answered that does not consider her a thief, but rather a desperate fighter for love. The qualities shown by many women, fighting for their elected representatives. What attracts is its openness and ability to go ahead. She first makes, and then only estimates their actions and their consequences.

    Difficult part in such a lengthy project? Of course, says the actress. Endless shooting from morning to night, changing the rhythm of life and forced to make sacrifices for the role. First, a person does not realize how much work he will, but when it comes to success, to change something not in his power.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film
    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the movie «the Greek» | Group VK

    Another successful work of Victoria in the 60-episode series «the Hellene», which premiered with success started in the beginning of the new 2017 1 Russian channel. In Victoria it appears to us as the lover of the protagonist who wants to break the marriage promising a man to become his wife.

    Filmography 30-year-old actress is already pretty solid. Today it consists of eighteen films. For a memorable tape «Only love», it is enriched rare — only one ribbon per year. After the stunning success in 2010, the young actress goes for 3-4 movie every year.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film
    Victoria Litvinenko-Assinovskaya in the film «the life line» | Group VK

    The first cameo role in the movie «playing with toy soldiers» Director Vera Yakovenko usually not included in the filmography, the artist is very sorry. Because she considers her his first serious test in the movie, which revealed the secrets of the profession and «put» her as an actress.

    Last work – the main role in the series «lifelines» on a serious test, that falls on the role of doctors in the hospital for servicemen.

    Personal life

    Becoming the wife of the classmate and colleagues in the theatre of the Novel yasinovskiy, Victoria has changed her name to double and became known as the Litvinenko-asinovskaya.

    25 APR 2012 in the creative Union was born a daughter called Barbara.

    Husband Of Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskiy
    Victoria’s husband, Roman yasinovskiy, daughter | VK

    In one of his interviews Victoria openly shared that her husband is not enough attention and time that they spend together. After all, the actress is very popular and spends a lot of time on set. Another negative point she said, is that people sensitive to explicit scenes, which forced to withdraw the actress. Probably this was the reason for parting. To date, Victoria are officially divorced.


    Possible the actress is trying to practice their favorite sport, although it is sorely difficult to find time in the dense cinematic graphics. Loves horseback riding, mountain Hiking, riding a snowmobile, snowboard, bike, scooter, ATV.

    Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya
    Victoria Litvinenko-asinovskaya | VK

    Happy travels around the world. On the page of the actress on Instagram a whole series of fascinating photos from all over the world. Stunning landscapes of exotic countries further emphasize the exquisite beauty of the Ukrainian diva.


    • 2006 — the Best friend of the bride
    • 2008 — new relatives Mila
    • 2010 — Only love – Albina
    • 2012 — Gunpowder and shot — an employee of the Bank
    • 2013 — Female doctor 2 — Lina
    • 2014 — Greek – Irina
    • 2015 — Immortelle — Pauline
    • 2016 — Ask-autumn — Anna


    Victoria Litvinenko-Asinovskaya

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