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  • Name: Viktoria Komova ( Viktoriya Komova )
  • Date of birth: 30 January 1995
  • Age: 21 years
  • Place of birth: Voronezh
  • Height: 150
  • Activity: gymnast
  • Marital status: not married

    Viktoriya Komova: biography

    Russian gymnast Viktoria Komova was born on 30 January 1995 in Voronezh. Her athletic future was predetermined from birth, as Vika appeared in the family of sports gymnasts. Her father – the master of sports, the mother – world champion and goodwill Games, brother is also a gymnast. Victoria started 5 years first gymnastics lessons she received from her mother.

    Two years later, the mother brought Vick Komova to the children’s school of Olympic reserve in Voronezh. She was coached by Gennadiy Yelfimov and Olga Bulgakova. Soon after, she played for the team of the sports school in the competition.


    Her gymnastic career in professional sports began in 2007. Viktoria Komova performed at the Voronin Cup and went around rivals in the vault and floor exercise. In 2008, the gymnast has already performed at the WOGA Classic, which took place in the United States, and brought back a bronze medal. In the same year, Komova at the Russian gymnastic team took part in the Massilia Cup and at the end of the competition won the 7th place in the floor exercise and 11th in the all-around.

    In 2008, the athlete once again addressed the Voronin Cup was the best. The following year, she brought a gold medal from the Olympic sports festival, which was held in Finland. In 2009, Viktoria Komova has secured the best title, defeating Junior Japan Cup and the Cup of Voronin.

    The first adult championship ended for the Russian gymnasts triumph: European championship 2010, she brought four gold and one silver medal. However, because of an ankle injury received in the same year, Victoria had no time to prepare for the world Cup 2011. The will to win and determination helped the athlete to win gold on the uneven bars and becoming second in the all-around. In a year’s Victoria Komova competed at the Olympics-2012 in London in the Russian team. She became the silver medalist of the Olympic games.

    After the London competition Vika began to have serious health problems. First she was tormented by severe pain in the back, then the gymnast fell ill with meningitis and then had an ankle injury. Viktoria Komova missed the European Championships and the 2014 world decided to fully recover. There were moments when a gymnasts hands fell, but the parents and coach supported her.

    Victoria tried three times to return to the sport. In 2015, after three years of break, she participated in the European Championship held in Baku. From there, she brought a gold medal, however, as a team. In the individual competition in the final, she failed to pass. After the speech, Victoria told reporters that he feels completely healthy. Now she’s working on the preparation for the world Cup.

    With the world Championships in Glasgow she brought a gold medal, but… In 2016 back pain made themselves felt with new force. Komova for health reasons did not participate in the championship of Russia and Europe, and on 17 June the information appeared that the gymnast Viktoria Komova finishes the sports career. The girl has problems with the spine, training and workload it is contraindicated.

    Personal life

    Victoria is not married, her whole life devoted to sport. In Voronezh it is rarely used, once obtained.

    Girl loves to embroider, with pleasure draws. She has another weakness – puppy shitzu Kutia. Vick says that he always wanted a dog, finally gave her after her victory at the Championship in Singapore. Now the Pudding – the best friend of athletes.


    Viktoria Komova

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