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  • Name: Victoria Koblenko ( Victoriya Koblenko )
  • Date of birth: 19 December 1980.
  • Age: 36 years
  • Place of birth: Vinnitsa, Ukraine
  • Height: 165
  • Activities: Dutch actress, TV presenter and columnist
  • Marital status: civil marriage

    Victoria Koblenko : biography

    Ukrainians in Victoria, Koblenko managed the almost impossible. She managed to make a career actress and TV presenter overseas.

    Victoria was born in December 1980 in Vinnitsa. But when the girl turned 12, she and her parents moved to the Netherlands. The family stayed in the Dutch city of Leiden. Then Vic went to school and took up the study of languages.

    During his school years at Victoria Koblenko started acting in commercials. Bright and relaxed, the girl noticed the Dutch Directors and producers.

    After graduation, Koblenko went to the local University, where he studied Slavic studies and political science. Along the way, the girl moved to the major European languages. Today she owns not only the Dutch, who became the second native, but French, English and German. But the Russian began to slowly forget.

    In 2003, Victoria Koblenko visited Moscow. Here she completed her training in «Independent Media». This company is the flagship market of the domestic media, which produces the most famous glossy magazines.

    After returning to Holland, Kobleco had a brilliant career. She’s a TV host (hosts a daily talk show and columnist. In international newspaper «Metro» she has her own column. In addition, the Wiki has a very popular blog on Twitter.


    A cinematic biography of Victoria Koblenko began at an early age. From advertising the girl migrated in the series. The first role, she was entrusted in the melodrama «Good times, bad times». The debut was quite successful and the actress was offered to continue his career, entrusting more serious role. Koblenko, appeared in the dramatic film «silent night». Later played in the Thriller «7 souls».

    Vic for what he did, thoroughly. So she first went to Amsterdam, and then in new York and Los Angeles, where he studied in acting courses.

    In recent years, Koblenko appears on Dutch TV more often. She willingly starred in the TV series. The most vivid role she got in the film «the Forgotten God», «the Paradise room», «Fire», «van Speyk» and «Sister Queen». The talent of the young actress was highly appreciated: Victoria Koblenko was recognized as the best actress Netherlands film festival in 2004.

    But Russian audience Victoria Koblenko familiar. It first appeared on local screens in the series «Legacy» which aired in 2009. The project had considerable success, which is not surprising. After all, it starred such stars of the Russian cinema, like Rodion Nahapetov, Roman Madyanov, Alexander Domogarov, Aleksandr Baluev, and Ada Rogovtseva. Followed by rating romance «In the hour of trouble».

    In 2016, the domestic audience again saw the actress on the screen. On the channel «Russia 1» was a sitcom «blind Date». This is an adaptation of the Spanish series. Here, Koblenko got the main role. And her partners in the film was Alexander Pashkov, Anton Semkin, Andrei Leonov and Natalia Nozdrina.

    Personal life

    The Dutch actress has long been associated with famous and handsome football player Evgeny Levchenko. The athlete is world famous. Until 2009 he played for the national team of Ukraine. Then moved to near Moscow «Saturn» where soon left, slamming the door.

    Since 2011 Eugene played for the Dutch clubs. And with pleasure accepted invitations from trendy designers that put Levchenko as a model in her shows. The athlete has achieved significant career success and an enviable financial situation.

    With such a successful guy 5 years was associated personal life of Victoria Koblenko. But what was the surprise of the fans of the 1st season of «the Bachelor» when the bridegroom they saw the recent beloved Victoria. Levchenko has opted for a beautiful blonde Olga Ermakova. There were rumors that the couple plan to legalize their relationship.

    As it turned out, the show is just a show. But in real life a couple Levchenko, Koblenko back together. Between Eugene and Victoria really had a quarrel, the cause of which turned out to be very busy girls. But in February 2015 they not only reconciled, but began to live together. Today, the pair is in anticipation of the replenishment of his family. «Not a word, but in deed! We are waiting for the firstborn!», player shared the happy news on his page on Twitter.


    • «Good times, bad times»
    • «Costa!»
    • «Night of joy»
    • «Fire»
    • «Van Speyk»
    • «7 souls»
    • «Forgotten God»
    • «The Paradise room»
    • «In the hour of trouble»
    • «Blind date»


    Victoria Koblenko

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