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  • Name: Victoria Justice ( Victoria Dawn Justice )
  • Date of birth: 19 February 1993.
  • Age: 23 years
  • Place of birth: Hollywood, USA
  • Growth: 166
  • Activity: American actress of film, television and sound, singer and model
  • Marital status: not married

    Victoria justice: biography

    Victoria dawn justice better known to us as the actress Victoria justice was born in Florida, in the town with the telling name Hollywood in 1993. In the veins of Victoria flows multinational blood – English, German, French and even Puerto Rican. In 8 years the girl said the parents of Serena and Zack justice – that it must be an actress. And after 2 years Justice moved to California and settled in Hollywood. This happened after Victoria first appeared on screen in the popular youth series «Gilmore Girls». Since young justice started to appear regularly on television. She has starred in commercials and music videos.

    Soon, Vicki was chosen to be well-known American children’s clothing brand «South Beach». Later, adult Victoria justice touting clothes from Ralph Lauren and Guess. Her model predicted a brilliant future, but she chose a career as an actress.


    Actor biography Victoria justice, beginning at the age of 10, developing quite rapidly. After a small role (he appeared in one episode of the sitcom «Gilmore Girls», the girl was asked to star in an episode of the TV series «All TIPTOP, or Life of Zack and Cody». In 12 years, Victoria took part in the filming of two movies. In the «Crazy family», she appeared in the episode, and the romance of «Silver bells» brilliantly played a character named rose.

    2007 and 2008 years were for Victoria justice a years career break. She played in two seasons of the series «zoey 101», where he performed the role of the heroine of Lola Martinez, a student who imagines himself to be an actress. This tape gave Victoria at the pinnacle of success. It becomes recognizable and the army of her fans is doubled.

    2009 has brought the actress more fame. Victoria justice was invited to take part in the TV series True Jackson, VP. At the same time she starred in the film «Extravaganza!». The film is notable for the fact that it Vicky sang 3 of their songs, securing the fame of the actress sings. «Alice!» brought to justice not only a new surge of popularity, but a lot of money. Because the picture only during the premiere gathered in theaters nearly 4 million viewers.

    The success of «Extravaganza!» became a stepping-stone to the next victory: Victoria justice was invited to play another sensational series «ICarly». But a real high point for the actress becomes a sitcom by Dan Schneider, «victorious», released in 2010. It justice played the main character and aspiring singer tori VEGA. 16-year-old tori is a student in the Hollywood school of the arts with other talented students for the success of ready for anything. The sitcom was broadcast on the channel Nickelodeon. Went 4 seasons. The project has collected at screens of around 6 million viewers, which allowed critics to call him very successful. The series 2 years in a row recognized by audiences and critics «Favorite TV Show» at the annual competition of the channel «Nickelodeon» Kids’ Choice Awards. In addition, the sitcom has received 4 nominations for the award «Emmy».

    2010 is notable for the fact that fans of musical talent Victoria justice heard her new song «Make It Shine» instantly became a hit in the United States.

    Another successful TV show, which was attended by Victoria, was popular among the youth show «the Boy who cried werewolf». He went on the channel «Nickelodeon» and it saw nearly 6 million viewers. Justice appeared in the ribbon, in the image of a girl-werewolf at the full moon turned into a wolf.

    Lately, Victoria justice and more attention to her musical career. She had a successful tour in major cities of America and plans to release the first album.

    Personal life

    Model, actress and singer now in her early 20s. It focuses on career development and personal relationships is very low. However, the personal life of Victoria justice are saturated, and about it often write the tabloids. A beautiful woman was in a few relationships. A short time Victoria met with a fellow actor Josh Hutcherson. Then there were short novels with Nicholas Holt and Evan, Julia.

    2014 justice connect romance with actor Pierson fode, with whom Vicki met on the set of one of the sitcoms.


    • «Gilmore Girls»
    • «Mary»
    • «All TIPTOP, or Life of Zack and Cody»
    • «Zoey 101»
    • True Jackson, VP
    • «Extravaganza!»
    • ICarly.
    • «Victorious and other projects»
    • «The art of winning»
    • «Pleasant to the sight»


    Victoria Justice

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