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  • Name: Victoria Gerasimova ( Gerasimova Victoria )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Birth place: Zvolen, Czechoslovakia
  • Height: 164
  • Activity: the Russian actress of cinema and commercials, the former VJ of MTV Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Victoria Gerasimova : biography

    Viktoria Aleksandrovna Gerasimova was born on the Day of the Victory of 1979, the Czechoslovak city of Zvolen, where he served her father. Shortly after her birth the family returned to Kaliningrad. Here Victoria graduated from high school and enrolled in the branch of the Moscow GITIS, which was organized by the Kaliningrad theatre repertory.

    In 2001, Victoria Gerasimov received a diploma and a specialty «Actress drama theater and cinema».

    On television she appeared 2 years before the termination of GITIS. In 1999 she was invited to work on the program «Clip art», which appeared on the local television channel «Balt-TV». In addition, Victoria was leading the news program on the radio.

    And on the theatrical stage, Gerasimov was released when there was a graduation performance of «carnival of Venice». She was given the main role.

    But the young artist had always dreamed of working in the capital, which opened a completely different, broader opportunities and horizons. She went to Moscow.


    Not to say that capital took Gerasimov with open arms. First, the Kaliningrad artist for a long time appeared in advertising and worked as a presenter of programmes on various TV channels. On NTV she was «Television Ladies ‘Club». On REN-TV entertainment program «Cheerful dollars». In 2005, Victoria Gerasimova became the co-host of the Lion Was on his project «Question. Another question». But after a year the transmission was closed.

    As for the work in advertising, the artist here has achieved success, starring in memorable commercials chewing gum «Dirol». In 2005 for this work, Victoria was awarded the prize for «Best female character» at the advertising festival. But this success had a downside of the coin. Directors are reluctant to take actors with «overexposed» is by others.

    A cinematic biography of Victoria Gerasimova started only 3 years after his arrival in the capital. She was invited to a small role or episodes of Russian and Ukrainian serials. Flashy images she began to offer when commercials has become somewhat blurred in the memory of viewers. Gerasimov played Marina in the film Lotus Strike-4″, investigator Alice Tomilino in «pulp games, stickman World in the «Formula zero». Then she entrusted the key of the heroines in the melodramas «My General» and «angel».

    Then there was the sitcom «Three from above» and the rating series «General medicine», «cold case» and «Grouse» in which Victoria Gerasimova remembered by the audience as the girlfriend of the main character, brilliantly played by Maxim Averin. But the crime series «Pyatnitsky» actress went to the prominent role of the inspector on Affairs of minors Catherine Rusakova.

    Of her latest work can be noted as the most brilliant TV series «Women’s advice», «Ghost in a distorting mirror» and «Family detective».

    Victoria Gerasimova a small business. She opened her own Studio where sew quality, but affordable clothing.

    Personal life

    The actress married. The wedding took place in December 2010. Her beloved man has nothing to do with the world of cinema. He is a lawyer. It seems that the personal life of Victoria Gerasimova has developed quite happily. About its half it responds very nice. Says that her husband is a real support for her. He’s smart and shrewd, an excellent judge of character. He hails from Siberia, which made his character strong.

    Victoria admits that she is glad the fact that a loved one does not belong to the artistic Bohemia, because the male actors often suffer from mood swings and have a shattered nervous system.

    Children, the actress yet.


    • «Lotus Strike-4»
    • «Criminal game»
    • «Formula Zero»
    • «My General»
    • «The guardian angel»
    • «Urban romance»
    • «Three of the top»
    • General medicine
    • «Visyaki»
    • «At the depth»
    • «Pyatnitskiy»


    Victoria Gerasimova

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