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  • Name: Victoria Fisher ( Victoria Fischer )
  • Date of birth: 13 August 1977
  • Age: 39 years
  • Place of birth: Togliatti
  • Height: 170
  • Activities: Russian actress
  • Marital status: married

    Victoria Fisher : biography

    Victoria Fisher was born in August 1977. In her family there were no actors. And Victoria herself was not originally planned to connect the life with the actor’s craft. The girl grew very vigorous and mobile. To direct the extra energy in a useful direction, parents encouraged daughters classes sports. Even so, his «masculine» appearance as kickboxing. Later Vic got carried away and other sports, but she managed well to learn and keep up with their classmates.

    At what stage Victoria Fisher became interested in theater and film, history is silent. We only know that some time after graduating from secondary school she went to drama school named Shchukin did. In 1997 she received a diploma of «Pike».


    After graduating high school theater Vic Fisher was accepted into the troupe of the famous Samara theatre «Wheel». Here the young artist were able to discover their talents and conquer the theater is a brilliant play on stage. But fame and popularity, the actress received only after appear on the TV screen.

    Since the late 1990s, she regularly starred in various television projects. In his student years, Victoria first played in the movie. She made her debut in the crime film «Girls from penal colony». American Thriller, filmed by Tom Desimone that was released in 1986. Then there were a few roles in American TV shows. The actress starred in the tape «Seinfeld», the iconic «Beverly hills 90210» and «Agency models.»

    But not for foreign projects and domestic popularity has brought to Victoria. In 2001 she starred in the action film «the Sword» Rustam Urazaeva and Victor Konisevich. The actress appeared in the image of the heroine Olga, Stepanenko.

    In 2005, a cinematic biography of Victoria Fisher continues to move up. This is the year Gleb Panfilov suggested for the artist to star in the film adaptation of the famous novel by Alexander Solzhenitsyn «the first circle». The same film was released at the end of the year and received huge success among critics and audiences. Victoria appeared in the image of the heroine of luska. This role was played brilliantly.

    Since 2005, Fisher every year there are several new projects that appear on the screen. The most famous of these series and films — «witch doctor», «Wide river», «Court column.»

    In parallel with the acting job Victoria Fisher does voice-overs. In 2008, she voiced the character of Marina Maiko in the movie «Sand rain». At the same time, the actress will debut as a producer.

    At the moment, Victoria Fisher is a pretty solid filmography. On account of its 3 dozen feature films and TV series. Among the latter the most popular designs, which starred actress, TV serial tape «Ex-wife» Darya Poltoratskaya. Victoria played the head of the bailiff service.

    Personal life

    Personal life Victoria Fisher is off the table. It is known that the actress is married. All that concerns private life, Victoria securely hide from prying eyes.


    • «Girls from penal colony»
    • «Seinfeld»
    • «Beverly Hills 90210»
    • «Agency models»
    • «The first circle»
    • «Insomnia»
    • «Invasion»
    • «Legal doping»
    • «Man without a gun»
    • «Sword»


    Victoria Fisher

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