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  • Name: Victoria Fyodorova ( Victoria Fyodorova )
  • Date of birth: 18 January 1946.
  • Age: 66 years
  • Date of death: September 5, 2012
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activities: actress, writer, screenwriter
  • Marital status: was married

    Victoria Fedorova: biography

    In early 1946, was born the girl who had to endure a lot. Called her Victoria Yakovlevna Fyodorova, her mother was the famous actress of the Soviet cinema Zoya Fyodorova, and the father of Jackson Rogers Tate, later Admiral of the Air Force of the United States. At the time of the novel Zoe was 37 years old, and Jack — 47. Both were lonely.

    In the lives of these amazing people in the novel, intertwined things: the breathtaking success, forbidden love, separation, link, long-awaited meetings, flights across the ocean, the persecution of the KGB.

    Victoria Fyodorova with her mother
    Victoria Fedorova mother | BrezhnevNews

    After a dizzying novel at the end of the war with the American attache, a representative of the Union troops, Zoe felt pregnant. Suddenly her lover is deported, without even giving to communicate with her. Written in the letter of Jackson to intercept the KGB, and she did not reach the addressee. After these events, sensing something was wrong, Fedorova decided on a fake marriage with her fan, musician Alexander Ryazanov. This step saved her from prosecution, but has helped to protect the daughter.

    A year later the actress was arrested as a spy, and as her once-revered father, too, was in a freak accident is declared an enemy of the people and exiled to camps, and the whole family fedorovyh now subject to Expatriation.

    Zoya Fedorova
    Zoya Fedorova | Cultural Studies

    Barely having time to give his baby Victoria in the care of sister Alexandra, who had two of his children, Zoe goes on a long link. She was sentenced 25 years in labor camps. And her sister’s family was sent to Kazakhstan to the settlement.

    Moved the output of the actress Zoya Fedorova very scary. She had to undergo unimaginable torment and torture of that time. Her daughter was growing up in a poor environment, often fasting. The family of Alexandra, on the rights of the exiled relatives of an enemy of the people, endured the spitting and harassment from the local population.

    Victoria Fedorova in his youth
    Victoria Fedorova in youth | the Express newspaper

    Jack Tate, being in far away America, never ceased to write letters to the USSR, his beloved. He didn’t know anything about what’s going on, and when I got a response from KGB stating that Zoe was married and happy, I believed it and decided to stop trying to contact her.

    The death of Stalin brought about changes in the lives of many Soviet citizens. No exception and Fedorov. Alexander children were moved to Petropavlovsk, and Zoe finally got a release. During his stay in prison she met another artist of the time, which was also the conclusion of Lydia Ruslanova. The singer largely helped the actress during incarceration, and after release sheltered Zoya Fedorova on Moscow apartment.

    Victoria Fedorova in his youth
    Victoria Fedorova in youth | Bigsvadba

    In 1955, the sister Fedorov managed to arrange a meeting and reunion of the mother with her daughter. Remember this moment forever for both, although at that time, wick did not know his real mother. After that, Zoya Fedorova did not leave with her daughter, endowing her with various gifts, pouring on it all my unspent love.

    Gradually, the mother let the truth girl: who was her father, and where he is now, where she was for so long. It made a lasting impression on Victoria, and she decided whatever was to find his father.

    Victoria Fedorova in his youth
    Victoria Fedorova in my youth | Truth of the Urals Federal district

    Family life his gradually began to improve. After school spectacular brown-haired with expressive eyes enters VGIK. Victoria went to the actress not only for the sake of fame and success. She dreamed that one day the Soviet film with her participation will show on the other side of the world, and the father, accidentally saw the tape, he learns his daughter. So well as a student at the course of Boris Bibikov and Olga Pyzhova, then she began to actively act.

    Film career

    In his first important work, «goodbye, boys!» Victoria played a cameo role in the team, which starred the young Evgeny Steblov, Mikhail Kononov, Nikolai Dostal. But even then, its special style and expressiveness noticed filmmakers.

    A year Victoria Fedorov invites the Director Mikhail Bogin in the film «Two», where the actress played the main character, a deaf-mute dancer who falls in love with a musician. The partner on the set she was young Valentin Smirnitsky. The film received an award at the Moscow film festival in 1965 as best short film.

    Victoria Fyodorova in movie
    Victoria Fedorova in «Two» | Movie-Theater

    In his short acting life in Soviet cinema (from 1964 to 1974) Victoria Fedorova has played in 17 films, six of which she performed the main role. The most memorable movies with the actress is a tragicomedy «literature Lesson», the classic film adaptation of the novel by Fyodor Dostoyevsky «Crime and punishment», the melodrama «About love», a psychological drama «Payback».

    Victoria Fyodorova in movie
    Victoria Fedorova in the movie «About love» | full Movie

    Especially remember the role of the actress in the second the famous film by Mikhail Bogin «About love», where she played Victoria lonely girl Galina who falls in love with the hero of Oleg Yankovsky. In the picture was also attended by Valentin Gaft, Sergey dreyden, Eleonora Shashkova. The final scene familiar to the music of a composer Evgeny Krylatov, which perfectly played Victoria Fedorova.

    Life in the United States

    In the US, Fedorov emigrated in 1975. In America her due to the language barrier, could not be realized fully in the cinema. There she starred in a few small roles, the largest of which was the work in the film «Secret agent MacGyver». But she managed to succeed in the modeling business. Victoria Yakovlevna became the face of American brand «Beauty Image», a cosmetics manufacturer.

    Victoria Fedorova
    Victoria Fedorova | BrezhnevNews

    In 1978, inspired by only meeting his parents, wrote a novel «the Admiral’s Daughter», which is in the form of art presented a love story between the two of superpowers. But this plot is not interesting recognized in Hollywood, and the book has not received proper resonance.

    In the 80 years after the first personal computers, she mastered the basics of web design and began to make the creation of websites. Her latest passion began manufacture of ceramic goods and of painting.

    Personal life

    The personal life of the actress have not been easy. In the Soviet Union she was married three times. Her husband was the son of a Director of documentary films George Asatiani, Irakli Asatiani, the future head of the First channel Sergey Blagovolin, scriptwriter Valentin Yezhov.

    Victoria Fedorova and Frederick Richard
    Victoria Fedorova and Frederick Richard | To remember

    Fourth husband of Victoria was the American pilot Frederick Richard PoE. With him, the artist met when he managed at last to fly to the United States to meet with his father. Victoria immediately felt in his native America and loved this country: the roots reasserted themselves. Almost immediately she got married for the fourth time in a year the happy couple had a son, Christopher. Victoria Fyodorova was no more children.

    Frederick and they lived 15 years, after which, due to frequent quarrels and scandals decided to leave. Victoria is very worried, sorry, in this moment she showed her craving for alcohol, because of what the father was able to sue his son. The actress fought with passion and even joined alcoholics anonymous.

    Victoria Fyodorova with the family
    Victoria Fyodorova with family | Movie Theater

    The last husband of actress became the head of the fire station, John P. Dwyer, with whom she lived till his last days. The couple bought a house in the Pocono mountains, the resort town of Pennsylvania, where she was involved in a new hobby is the creation of designer vases. She very successfully sold them via the Internet.


    The cause of death of 66-year-old actress was cancer of the respiratory system. It was discovered in 2005. And, despite the fact that Victoria had the surgery and was conducted full-scale treatment, she was unable to cope with the disease. Moreover, before his death was diagnosed a brain tumor.

    Victoria Fedorova
    Victoria Fedorova | BrezhnevNews

    In 2012, the actress Fedorov died in the arms of a loving husband, who in recent years devoted to patient care. The ashes of Victoria by will he scattered over the mountains.


    • Goodbye, boys! — (1964) Two (1965)
    • They live side by side (1967)
    • Strong spirit (1967)
    • The lesson of literature (1968)
    • Crime and punishment (1969)
    • Payback (1970)
    • Of love (1970)
    • Residence (1972)
    • Anger (1974)
    • Those who remember and love (1975)
    • Secret agent MacGyver — (1985-1992)


    Victoria Fedorova

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