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  • Name: Victoria Chernysheva ( Viktoriya Chernysheva )
  • Date of birth: 18 October 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 160
  • Activities: Russian theater and film actress, model, singer
  • Marital status: married

    Victoria Chernysheva : biography

    Actress and singer Victoria Chernysheva – Muscovite. She was born in the fall of 1988. Since childhood, she began to demonstrate outstanding artistry. It was observed at the time, and 4-year-old girl made her debut in the popular show for young viewers «Abvgdeyka.»

    The debut was successful. The girl was completely uninhibited and not afraid to her chambers. Therefore, soon followed by a sequel: the Age was taken as the leading series for children «Multi-pulti-mechanism», which was broadcasted on TVC.

    To be an artist young Victoria Chernysheva very much. But she had another passion – music. To him she gave all free time. Therefore, after graduating from secondary and music schools, she enrolled in music school. Having left with honors, she went to continue her education in jazz school at the famous «gnesinka».

    But «Gnesinka» did not satisfy the requirements Chernysheva. All these years, she remembered this other dream: to become a real actress. So Victoria has entered GITIS, selecting the faculty of variety.


    In 2008, Adam received the diploma of GITIS. It is noteworthy that the two careers – music and acting – develop in parallel. For admission to College theater Vic met their future colleagues Maksim Amelchenko and Dmitry Tikhonov. However, the guys have created a musical group «Alabama», which were successful.

    Because of the huge employment in GITIS Victoria Chernysheva refused she received proposals to act in films. It seemed to her that she has time to catch up after graduation. But training in high school theater was left behind, and roles in movies no one offered. Helped a friend. She invited Chernyshov in Armenian theater, which was in need of a teacher of acting.

    During this period Victoria for the first time enters the stage as an actress. She was involved in the theatrical project «Events». Soon she participated in a music show Velvet Boogie Show».

    A cinematic biography of Victoria Chernysheva started in 2008. On the screens were rating youth series «Ranetki», which is one of the main characters were beloved girl – Dmitry Tikhonov. He helped Her to get into a popular project. The audience saw an unknown actress in the image of a charming but bitchy Joan. The heroine Chernysheva very soon became a favorite character fans of the series. Victoria her duties in the project’s liking, because she had to play a girl with musical and vocal abilities.

    This remarkable debut on the screen was the consequence. Today filmography Chernysheva is a dozen films. In addition to «Ranetok» it projects «the Last chord», «Homicide», the Comedy «Men Ho». There is melodrama! «the Mistress of my fate», «Katina love», «Women’s day» and «Friendship of peoples».

    Develops musical career, Victoria Chernysheva. After the game, «Ranetki», she recorded her first solo album. In mid-2011, singer and actress gave their debut concert in the famous club «Gusyatnikoff». Most of the songs written by the Victoria.

    Bright appearance and the growing popularity of the actress was noticed by the editors of men’s glossy Maxim, which soon appeared candid photoshoot Chernysheva.

    Personal life

    The novel of Dmitry Tikhonov began in the first years students at GITIS. Since the personal life of Victoria Chernysheva associated with this charming actor and musician. He not only helped his girlfriend to get in the TV series «Ranetki», but also made efforts to organize the recording of the debut music album. Many fans Patriotic pop music Tikhonov familiar with the band’s «Mayakovsky» in which he is soloist.

    In 2015, the couple legalized their relationship. The wedding took place in one of the best Moscow restaurants. A wedding gift from my parents was the apartment in Fili, which the couple had long dreamed of.


    • «Detectives»
    • Ranetki
    • «The last chord»
    • «Sledak»
    • «People Ho»
    • «The mistress of my fate»
    • «Katina love»
    • «Women’s day»
    • «Friendship of peoples»
    • «My sister, my Love»


    Victoria Chernysheva

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