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  • Name: Victoria Bonia ( Viktoriya Bonya )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1979
  • Age: 37 years
  • Place of birth: Krasnokamensk, Russia
  • Height: 172
  • Activity: Radio host, TV presenter, actress
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Alexander Michael Servicom

    Victoria Bonia: the biography

    Victoria Bonya — the successor of the Moldavian kind, a corresponding mark that is marked in the column «nationality». Father — Anatoly — last miner, the watchman, he lives in Irkutsk. Mother — Galina Ivanovna-was left without a husband, when Victoria was only two years old. The father of the family had gone, leaving the daughter and ex-wife themselves. When She was 16 years old, he and his mother went to Moscow.

    There Bonia began working as a waitress at the Old Arbat, after a cashier in «Bingo Bingo» on Tsvetnoy Boulevard, then Secretary in company plastic Windows. To obtain a higher education Vika Bonya decided in Moscow state University of food production, where he enrolled in the faculty of Economics. In 2003 she received the diploma and has gained a valuable acquaintance, which has learned to deal with finances, and as a bonus, a piece of business to boot. Then Victoria Bonia saw the continuation of his biography in the vast show-business.

    Striking appearance and model parameters advanced Boni in a beauty contest

  • «Miss Earth» in the Philippines, but due to the lack of experience the girl didn’t even get to the finals. Going to America, Victoria has developed together with the friend small, but profitable business, which allowed her to travel. At that time Victoria Bonia learned excellent English spoken and nice to learn Spanish. Nostalgia for the homeland Boni forced to return to Russia, but she immediately decided not to waste our time and enrolled at the Higher school of cinema and television «Ostankino». In 2004, she received specialty television and radio journalist.

    Victoria Bonya: «The House-2»

    In may 2009, Victoria Bonya accidentally became a member of the scandalous project «Dom-2». She never watched the TV show and not the perceived «lack of development». The reason was a friend who missed the radio broadcast and at the announcement of the casting dragged along Victoria. On the same day, Bonnie has offered to step on the ground of «Home». It all happened so fast that if she had time to think and to come «tomorrow», Victoria would not agree.

    In the broadcast, the audience often watched Them did the cleaning. The reason for the fanatical cleanliness was the physical condition of the girl: she could not breathe the dust, so often removed in their benefit. Almost a year Victoria was under the watchful eye of millions of viewers and build relationships.

    Design a pair of Victoria Bonya and Stepan Menshikov became the darlings of the fans of the reality show, they often scandals than incredibly fascinated viewers and provided the producer of the project an excellent rating. After a while Victoria Bonia left scale project and destroyed the relationship with her boyfriend.

    Even then, being «House-2» Victoria Bonya became a star of television and viewers love for the natural beauty, the expressive nature, ease, and sociability. The recognition of the viewers and acquire fame was marked by far-reaching proposals.

    Victoria Bonia: career

    Her career Bonnie went up after the reality show «Dom-2» in April 2007 she has held the position of presenter of the program «Family radio», and in September started a weekly program

  • «COSMOPOLITAN. The video version» paired Stas Peha. This tandem were broadcast more than 3.5 years. In September 2007 took part in a photo shoot for the Russian format
  • «Penthouse,» and in December a photo of Victoria Boni graced the glossy cover
  • «Maxim».

    After Bonia played the role in the film Maksim Voronkov – «the beauty of love». In the early spring of 2008 became the face of the collection of Antonina Shapovalova – «Russian nesting dolls go», which is Russian designer presented to the public at the Moscow «fashion Week».

    In 2008, Victoria Bonya became the heroine of the clip

  • Timothy «don’t be crazy», and the following year accepted the invitation of Dima Bilan starred in a romantic video for the song
  • The «Lady».

    In September 2010 premiere of the film «mom is better!» which debuted Victoria Bonia. Played is not of noble the girl in the clip «You’re such a» rocker GeKap. In the same year joined filmography: Pauline has performed in the youth series –

  • «Univer». After the closing of the video version of «Cosmopolitan» Bonia went to work for MTV in the television show
  • «Love machine». Appeared in several music videos, in particular, for the singer Maksim and Mitya Fomin.

    In 2013, the Vic has become the leading controversial reality show «

  • Vacation in Mexico-2″ through the use of external data, the charisma and knowledge of several languages. A year later, once again Bonia became the heroine of a clip. This time the girl accepted the invitation Yegor Kreeda in the production of a video for the song»
  • It is necessary».

    Victoria Bonia: personal life

    In the personal life of Victoria Boni was a place few long-term relationships that could turn into marriage. After parting with the participant «House-2», she met with Brazilian football player

  • Vellitona, but then it never came. Bonia is able to make decisions wisely and not be guided by emotional outbursts. Drastic changes happened after meeting with the billionaire. Once at the party, Victoria saw for the first time
  • Alex Smerfit, he attempted to make love to her. Then everywhere there were rumours about loving him. Victoria decided to teach guy, and a joint dinner was fiddling with his phone and texted in the network. This attitude to the person, the billionaire did not expect that caused him an overwhelming desire to win and conquer the capricious schemer. In fact, it turned out that Bonia saw the irritated Alex, but he wanted to annoy, aware of his fame of a womanizer. Enterprising ploy was successful, and smerfit get on the phone to Victoria who was in no hurry to rush to a whirlpool with a head. Eventually Bonia gave up and went with her Prince of Monaco. Alex’s father, sir Michael Smurfit was not thrilled with the news of daughter-in-law, but attempts to thwart the marriage did not.

    In mid-March 2012 Bonya gave birth to a daughter

  • Angelina Letizia Smurfit. Victoria is not fundamentally wants to arrange a marriage, as it believes that after the stamp in the passport of the relationship will certainly deteriorate. After moving to Monaco, Bonia has started dressing differently, not without a moralistic husband. When Alex suggested to my wife to completely change the closet, she was outraged. In another situation, when Bonn was the leopard coat, the man asked why Russian women dress like a desperate, last effort attempt to attract attention.

    After these words, Victoria didn’t want to wear revealing outfits. Then she realized that in Europe people of high financial situation do not try someone to prove something to his outfit. Her closet filled original gourmet things that you liked Bonnie more than ever.

    Victoria Bonia: filmography

    • «My favorite witch»
    • «Women»
    • «Mom better!»
    • «Univer»
    • «Theatre Mr. Face»
    • «Great expectations»
    • «All the sorrowful»
    • Gold
    • «The Mexican trip stepanych»

    Victoria Bonia: photo

    Victoria Bonia

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