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  • Name: Victoria Beckham ( Victoria Beckham )
  • Date of birth: 17 April 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Harlow, Essex, England
  • Height: 163
  • Activity: singer, actress, model, fashion designer, writer
  • Marital status: married to David Beckham

    Victoria Beckham: the biography

    Heather Beckham, who became famous under her maiden name as Victoria Adams, is a British singer, dancer, actress, fashion designer and writer. She was one of the vocalists of the legendary maiden pop group «Spice Girls» and then had a successful solo career. It is also worth noting that Victoria Beckham until 2016 fans of modern fashion associated as a businesswoman who has developed several collections of denim clothing, sunglasses, and bags, Victoria Beckham is all the rage in many countries.

    Victoria Beckham in childhood
    Child photos of Victoria Beckham

    Victoria Adams was born in the town of Harlow is located in Essex County, but her childhood and youth were spent in the vicinity of Broxson in Hertfordshire. The future star was one of three children more than a successful electronics engineer, Anthony Adams and his wife Jacqueline. Victoria’s brother Christian and sister Louise. Father had his own business which was very profitable, and the family needed. But the downside of wealth was the complete absence of Victoria’s friends among peers. As a child she was an object of ridicule and bullying, felt like an outsider and even every morning and asked dad to drop her off with their very expensive «rolls-Royce» just before reaching the school gates, to classmates had an additional reason for pressure.

    Victoria Beckham
    A future star in 18 years | Today

    As a teenager Victoria Beckham looked in the theatre musical «Glory» and she wanted to become famous and popular. She persuaded her parents to send her to high school not in a normal secondary school, and in drama school, «Jason», where he first learned the basics of stage technique, and is trained in pop singing. Then in College, the girl studied dance and choreography and competed in polulyubitelsky the group of «Persuasion». And in the spring of 1994, biography Victoria Beckham really bursts into glory. She successfully passes the audition and joins the female pop group «Spice Girls», which she will be famous all over the world.


    Of course, the group «Spice Girls» singer appears under the name Victoria Adams, because she has not been married. By the way, originally the band was called «Touch», but the new name was more representative of the scope of future popularity. Incidentally, each member of the group has received from fans personal nickname. Fans Victoria was named «Posh Spice», that is «Posh spice», as the image of the girl was bright short dresses and colorful, attractive makeup.

    Their first single «Wannabe» became number one on both sides of the Atlantic and set a record in rotation on radio stations: in the first week it was used more than 500 times. Three songs from the debut album «Spice» was reached the first singles chart: «Say you’ll Be There» «2 Become 1» and «Who Do You Think You Are». Later was very popular «Spice Up Your Life» and especially the ballad «Viva Forever,» the third album «Spice Girls», which was called «Forever». But in 2000, the band practically falling apart.

    Victoria Beckham starts her solo career and releases his debut single «Out of Your Mind», which, as time will show, will be its most popular song in individual creativity. The composition took second place in the UK charts, and the following songs «Not Such An Innocent Girl and A Mind of Its Own» were the best «top ten». The only officially released album of the singer «Victoria Beckham» has proved to be commercially unprofitable venture. To rectify the situation was called the new record «Open Your Eyes», but because of the pregnancy of Victoria Adams-Beckham cancels its release as a promotional single, «My Love Is For Real» and finally terminates his musical career.

    The Style Of Victoria Beckham

    Today, the star is better known as a style icon. She had a distinguished career in the fashion industry: produces own brand Victoria Beckham bags, dresses, sunglasses, jewelry and even a line of perfume «Intimately Beckham». Specifically for the Japanese market developed a cosmetics line V-Sculpt», and in cooperation with the car company Land Rover and Victoria have created their own model of the car «Evoque Victoria Beckham Special Edition». By the way, along with her husband David Beckham, they have developed and released a collection of denim casual wear, which was in great demand all over the world.

    Victoria Beckham
    Style icon Victoria Beckham in 2016 | Group VK

    In addition, Beckham has written and published two printed bestseller. The first book called «learn to fly», published in 2001, is her autobiography and is intended primarily for fans of the British pop group Spice Girls. The second large-scale work called «Another half-inch of impeccable style: hair, heels and everything in between» is a tremendous guide to the world of fashion. The book was presented in 2006 at the same time in a couple dozen countries, and in Lithuania the sale broke the record recently released detective «da Vinci Code» writer Dan brown.

    Personal life

    Singer and designer Victoria Beckham’s personal life is linked forever with the British footballer David Beckham, the star of clubs «Manchester United» «real Madrid» and «Los Angeles galaxy». Their wedding took place on 4 July 1999 in an Irish castle Luttrelstown. The couple lived together in England, then in the Spanish capital and for a long period, his American Villa with a wonderful panoramic view. But in 2013, the family of all the staff moved to London.

    Victoria Beckham and David Beckham
    With her husband David Beckham | The Press Room

    The decision was made for the education of children. Victoria and David Beckham think that their sons Brooklyn Joseph, Romeo James and Cruz David and little daughter Harper seven to learn better in their home country and absorb the traditions of great Britain. By the way, Brooklyn has already shown himself as a talented photographer, Romeo in demand as a fashion model and the youngest of the boys, Cruz, subdued Internet users in the performance of the song «Cups» to the accompaniment of a plastic Cup.

    Victoria Becham family
    With David Beckham and children | Okezone Celebrity

    Mrs Beckham on the body there are several tattoos. But it’s not just a fad, and the embodiment of love to her husband and family. On the back of eight-pointed stars adorn the stars, each of which symbolizes her husband and children. Wrist woman has the initials of David Beckham, and her husband in the same place bears the name Victoria. Another fresh tattoo the couple is on the right hand.


    • 1996 — Spice
    • 1997 — Spiceworld
    • 2000 — Forever
    • 2001 — Victoria Beckham
    • 2004 — Open Your Eyes (Unreleased)

    Photo Victoria Becham

    Victoria Beckham

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