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  • Name: Victor Verzhbitsky ( Victor Verzhbitskiy )
  • Date of birth: 21 September 1959.
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Tashkent
  • Height: 178
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian theatre and cinema actor, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Verzhbitsky: biography

    Viktor Verzhbitsky, born in the hot Tashkent in late September 1959. It flows Russian and Polish blood. Surname wierzbicki inherited from his great-grandfather, the indigenous inhabitants of Krakow. Who was the boy’s father – history is silent. Victor never speaks and remembers. My mother worked as a nurse, so was gone for work for days. Victor remained «hands on» grandmother. In fact, it was raised, as most of the time the grandson was with her. Including on the grandmother’s work. She worked as a wardrobe mistress at the theatre, so the concept of «smell the scenes» Viktor Verzhbitsky familiar to you. He breathed it in since early childhood.

    Festive and colorful world of the theater is the first childhood memories of a boy. Could it be something else besides an actor? Viktor Alexandrovich Verzhbitsky says no. He had no doubt or hesitation, what to become. Yes, and there was no choice.

    So at the end of the school Verzhbitsky without any hesitation, took the documents to the theatrical Institute of Tashkent native. Chose from all faculties participated. The same was found for life became friends with the future master of directing

  • By Timur Bekmambetov. Then Verzhbitsky were not even aware that Timur will provide in the near future, a decisive influence on his life.

    Victor Verzhbitsky: theatre

    After studying at the theater, wierzbicki takes a job at a local drama theatre. Here, on the stage of the Tashkent theatre, and began his artistic career of Victor Verzhbitsky. Several years has helped the theoretical basis obtained in the University, test in practice. Verzhbitsky enthusiastically played in productions of «the Seagull», «Caligula», «Zoyka’s apartment» and many others. His skill is acquired and begins to Shine with new faces and flowers. The young talented actor all the more stop look eminent Directors, including the capital. Suggestions received from them Viktor Verzhbitsky repeatedly, but he still did not dare, was waiting for something. And waited. It was then that the artist could not refuse. Victor was invited to work in the New drama, which was ruled by Lvov-Anokhin. At the end of 1996 in Tashkent, the actor finally moved to Moscow. In the drama it offers a very visible and challenging role, which Verzhbitsky cope brilliantly. «Revenge Queen», «Jourdan», «Assembly» – the list of productions, which appeared Viktor, is very large.

    But two years later, the artist goes to another theater, which was directed by legendary

  • Alexander Kalyagin. The aura of this theater, his wonderful team and the personality of the head of the long been interested Verzhbitsky. Therefore, the transition went without any hesitation. First kashirskom «Et cetera», the artist was really comfortable. Creative atmosphere, excellent directing and interesting roles – all this inspires Verzhbitsky. But what was his surprise when, in 2005, Kalyagin brought the actor of his troupe. Explanations and surprised and puzzled Viktor Verzhbitsky. The wording was: the artist too much time to the cinema. Recently Verzhbitsky and really removed a lot and is becoming more popular in the movies. But in the close to theatre life backstage sources claim another reason is that the art Director does not like «stars» in their own backyards and rather jealously watching the glory of his theatre company.

    Since then, Victor Verzhbitsky plays in the theater Kalyagin only as a guest artist.

    Today Verzhbitsky is in the capital drama theatre named after Pushkin, where he’s still popular and in demand.

    Viktor Verzhbitsky movies

    The year 1994 became a turning point Viktor Verzhbitsky. It was during this period on the horizon, the artist appears in Tashkent friend and classmate Timur Bekmambetov. Now he is known and very popular. Utilizing Verzhbitsky in his film «Peshawar waltz», Bekmambetov really opens up for the artist movie. Since then, offers to appear in movies and TV shows coming to Viktor Aleksandrovich regularly. He plays in the popular TV series «Poor Nastya» and «One night of love». Verzhbitsky recognized on the street.

    Fruitful cooperation with Bekmambetov continued to Verzhbitsky in movies Gladiatrix and two «Patrols». The last tape is a breakthrough to fame. I wonder what talented artist is appreciated even by the author of the original «Watch» Lukyanenko, noting that the screen image though much different from the book, but the artist manages not to spoil it. In this picture, along with Verzhbickiy play such recognised stars of the film, Vladimir Menshov, Konstantin Khabensky, Maria Poroshina, and many others.

    The following paintings have brought Viktor Verzhbitsky even more popularity and recognition. Sumie notable of them – «Admiral», «Diva», «she-Wolf». But the most talented recognize the work Verzhbitsky in the movie «Turkish gambit».

    Recently, well-known actor appears on screens in many paintings. In 2014 out of the film «the Viking» and «Moscow never sleeps» in which admirers of Victor Verzhbitsky gladly watch the actor.

    In the Treasury of the merits of the artist makes a contribution and his work as host of a fascinating transmission of «Mystical stories with Victor Verzhbitskiy».

    From mid-June 2015 Viktor is conducting talk show called «Judge people», which is one of the Central TV channels.

    Victor Verzhbitsky: personal life

    Personal life of Victor Verzhbitsky mysterious as the artist himself. Anyway, Victor Alexandrovich is very little to say on this subject, but because a certain aura of secrecy gives the actor more charm.

    First wife Verzhbitsky son and I live in Israel. The artist, though divorced, but maintains with his ex-wife and son relationships, and even staying with them.

    Now Verzhbitsky has a second wife. They are officially painted. But the name of the wife of the artist no one knows. We only know that she’s a former actress.

    Victor Verzhbitsky: filmography

    • Peshawar waltz
    • The Barber of Siberia
    • Request stop
    • Poor Nastya
    • Night watch
    • Casarosa
    • Wolf
    • Diva
    • Day watch
    • Admiral
    • Moscow never sleeps

    Victor Verzhbitsky: photo

    Victor Verzhbitsky

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