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  • Name: Viktor Petlyura ( Petlyura Viktor )
  • Date of birth: 30 October 1975
  • Age: 41
  • Place of birth: Simferopol
  • Height: 178
  • Activity: the author and performer of songs in the style of Russian chanson
  • Marital status: married to Natalia Petliura

    Victor Petlyura : biography

    Viktor Petliura was born in the Crimea, in southern Simferopol on 30 October 1975. In his family there was nobody who would sing, or was associated with the world of music. But the Victor from an early age was drawn to music and singing. He taught himself to play guitar at 11 years old already copes with this tool. He wrote lyrical songs and he played them. His new compositions were consistently popular and talented teenager quickly noticed.

    At the age of 13 Victor Petlyura has created his own musical group, which a year later received an invitation to perform in one of the Simferopol factory clubs. After the performance the group Petlyura invited to stay at the club. Thus, musicians had the opportunity to rehearse on a good basis and prepare for the next performances and tours. It was during this period of creative biography of Viktor Petlyura went up. The professionalism of the artist and his team gradually grew. Clearly delineated the style and direction of the singer.

    In 1990 Viktor Petlyura I finished the music, and a year of secondary school. The decision to link their future life with music and creativity come from.


    In 1991 Victor Petlyura entered the Simferopol music College, where he studied with some of the musicians in his old band. The school Petlyura organized a new group, which included both old and new members. All his spare time Victor with like-minded people devoted to rehearsals. The team participated in various competitions and festivals. The musician has time to give lessons on playing the acoustic guitar at the town club. To earn a living Victor Petlyura acts as vocalist and guitarist in one of the restaurants of Simferopol.

    The genre of the songs performed by Viktor Petlyura’s Russian chanson or street songs. In 1999, the Petliura writes in «zodiac records» his debut CD entitled «blue-Eyed». After a year they released the album «You are not to return». Record chanson Studio, where most recorded rock and pop musicians, is quite difficult. So Petljura decides to create its own recording Studio.

    This period is chosen for the backbone of the team with whom Simferopol performer working today. In addition to the Victor the texts of performed songs says Ilya Tanch. The arrangement involved Konstantin Atamanov and Rolland of Mumji. There are in the team and two backing singers Irina Malinova and Kateryna Peretyatko. But most of the work all yourself Victor Petlyura.

    Victor Petlyura working very fruitfully. Almost every year on the new disk. And in 2001 he released two albums, «Light» and «Brother.» In 2002, again two new drives. First year came the album called «Destiny», but in the end, the collection is «Son of the Prosecutor».

    Just creative piggy Bank petlyury 10 albums. Since 2002 he released the CDs «Gray», «Date» and «hat Guy». Later, there were collections of «Black crow» and «Sentence». Victor performs some songs from the repertoire of Yuri Barabash, who spoke under the pseudonym Petlyura.

    Of the last songs that he sang Victor Petlyura, his fans make of the song «Evening», «somewhere» and «I will be the wind.»

    Personal life

    Personal life of Viktor Petlyura shrouded in mystery and legends. His fans tell the tragic story of the beloved Victor, whose name was Elena. Young people are not only getting married, but planned joint work. But shortly before the wedding Elena tragically died. She was killed by a bullet during a gang shooting in front of Victor. At the time of death the couple was at a table in one of the cafes. The tragic death of his beloved for a long time immersed Petlyura in depression, out of which helped creativity.

    The veracity of this story or created to surround the name of the artist a certain romantic aura, is not known. But now Victor Petlyura married. His current wife Natalia – the second wife. First, in marriage, with whom was born a son, Eugene, was also named Natalya. The current wife has a son from his first marriage. His name is Nikita. The two boys found a common language with each other, because they are the same age. Joint child Victor and Natalia there.

    Wife Petlyura Natalia is a financier by education and works in concert with Director husband. She perfectly speaks French, as a second degree – Institute of foreign languages.


    • You do not return
    • Pigeons fly over our zone
    • The son of a Prosecutor
    • You’re married
    • Quietly the snow falls
    • Branch of cherry
    • The most favorite woman in the world
    • The evening
    • Two poles
    • I’ll be the wind


    Victor Petlyura

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