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  • Name: Victor Pelevin ( Victor Pelevin )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: writer
  • Marital status: not married

    Victor Pelevin: a biography

    Victor Pelevin, born 22 November 1962 in Moscow. Father Oleg Pelevin taught at the military Department in MSTU. Bauman. The writer’s mother, Zinaida Semenovna Efremova, an English language teacher in the school. Childhood of Victor Pelevin took place in Moscow. At first his family lived on Tverskoy Boulevard, and after a while moved in Chertanovo southern district of the capital. Victor Pelevin was educated at the prestigious school №31 with profound studying of English language, which was located in the center of Moscow. Today, the school has changed the format and became a grammar school №1520 to them. Kapovich. At that time, together with the future writer studied the children of the representatives of high society and the party nomenclature of the USSR.

    According to the memoirs of journalist Andrey Trushina, was friends with the future writer, at the time, Viktor was described as a man «touching». He paid much attention to his own appearance — his clothes always conformed to the fashion, and while walking, the future writer was improvising entire stories where the absurd, reality and fantasy intertwined in a single artwork, which expresses the relationship Pelevin to schools and teachers.

    In 1979, Pelevin arrives at the energy Institute, where he studied at the faculty of electronic automation equipment of industry and transport. After a successful graduation it take the engineer to the Department of transport. In 1987 Victor Pelevin enrolled in graduate school, Moscow power engineering Institute, where he wrote a thesis on the topic of electric drive of the trolleybus with asynchronous motor. Protection of this work did not take place because Victor decides to radically change the scope of its activities. In 1989 he entered the correspondence course at the Literary Institute. Bitter on the course of prose under the leadership of Mikhail Lobanov. Two years later, Victor Pelevin was expelled from the literary Institute. Later in an interview the writer say that spent on the Institute for years was in vain. According to him, the only aim of the students while learning in the University, it was a relationship that Victor never took.

    At the Institute Victor Pelevin meets albert by Egiazarova, a young writer who in his spare time, dealt extremely rare in the Moscow of that era computers. Some episodes of his biography Pelevin weaves his own biography and the story lines of his characters. For example, in a biographical note that Victor filled in the journal «Banner» on the eve of the publication of the novel «OMON RA,» the writer indicates in the column «occupation — computer speculator».

    The money raised from the sale of computers, albert decides to open his own publishing house. At the same time to join the full-time student, the eccentric Secretary of the Komsomol organization Victor Colla, who later became a famous literary critic. He agreed with the rector of the Institute to provide the room for future publishing in return for an annual publication of works written by students. Thus was created the publishing house «Myth», whose Chairman was albert Egazarov, and its editors and deputies on matters of prose and poetry became Pelevin and Colle. In this position, Pelevin has prepared for publication three volumes of the collected works of Carlos Castaneda, the translation of which became much easier to read after editorial revisions Victor.

    Victor Pelevin: books

    In the early 90-ies of Victor Pelevin begins to be published in serious literary publishing houses. In the winter of 1991, Victor came to the editorial office of the magazine «the Banner» manuscript «

  • OMON RA». The editorial Board work very much and was approved for publication. And in March 1992 there goes the novel»
  • The life of insects». A year later, a collection of short stories «the Blue lantern» previously invisible critics Pelevin Small nominated for the Pulitzer prize.

    In 1993, the writer was admitted to the Union of journalists. Then comes his essay

  • «John Fowles and the tragedy of Russian liberalism», published in «Novaya Gazeta». This work was a worthy reaction of the writer to critical reviews of his work, Victor Pelevin was stung. At the same time originates the myth that the writer Pelevin does not exist, and there is only a chain of messages on the screen. Wrote about him, Alexander Vyaltsev, speaking with a devastating critique of Pelevin’s works in the article «Zarathustra and Messerschmidt». In 1996, the magazine «Banner» publishes the work, later described as the first Zen-Buddhist novel called
  • «Chapaev and emptiness». The book received a literary award «the wanderer», and in 2001 joined the list of prestigious Dublin literary award. In 1999, a legendary novel by Victor Pelevin
  • «Generation P», which became a cult and brought its author a special status in Russian literature. The plot of the novel tells the story of a generation of men whose formation had at the time of the turn of the eras, a time when the Soviet Union ceased to exist, and the old values collapsed. This work can be attributed to the literature of postmodernism where reality meets fantastic images, mingling in the Grand theater of the absurd. A special place in the lives of the characters in the novel take drugs, which act as a driving force of the plot. In 2011, the novel «Generation P» was successfully filmed. Following the novel Pelevin
  • «Empire V», also known as «the story of a real Superman», was released in 2006. It is noteworthy that in the novel there is a character from «Generation P». The establishment of such cross-lines typical of the style of Pelevin. In 2009 the publishing house «Eksmo» publishes the novel»
  • t» that mixes Russian history and Eastern mysticism where the journey count
  • «t» (an allusion to Tolstoy) in the Optina Hermitage is equivalent to finding Shambhala. In 2011 he published a post-apocalyptic novel Pelevin
  • «S. N. U. F. F». The work was awarded the prize «E-book».

    Victor Pelevin: love life

    The writer has successfully created around his personality a lot of rumors and hoaxes, the most famous of which is the hypothesis that under the pseudonym «Victor Pelevin» there is a group of people. The life of this myth is promoted all the factors, ranging from the subjects of creativity and ending with the fact that the writer is extremely private life, does not give interviews and does not appear in the society. Therefore, information on personal life, Pelevin successfully stored them in secret. We only know that the writer is not married.

    Victor Pelevin: a bibliography

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    • The sacred book of the werewolf
    • The helmet of horror: Kreatiff on Theseus and the Minotaur
    • Empire V
    • t
    • S. N. U. F. F.
    • Batman Apollo
    • The love for three zuckermann

    Victor Pelevin: photo

    Victor Pelevin

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