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  • Name: Victor Komarov ( Komarov Viktor )
  • Date of birth: 9 may 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: comedian, resident of the project «Stand Up»
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Komarov: biography

    Victor Komarov, a Russian comedian, member of the TV show «Stand Up» from the day of its Foundation. He was born and raised in Moscow. From early childhood, Victor liked to play tricks on friends and family, often staged rallies and staged a situation that was unexpected for others.

    Mosquitoes at school studied very well, and since his class was in-depth study of Economics and mathematics, and after receiving the Ged, the young man decided to stay in the exact Sciences. His choice fell on the faculty of «Computing machines and systems» at the Moscow Institute of Radioengineering, electronics and automation.

    Victor Komarov in his youth
    Victor Komarov in youth | VK

    In the end graduate for a while I even worked as a systems engineer security engineer digital cinema at «Mosfilm». But still students of Viktor Komarov began to attract the scene. He dabbled in the famous Club of Cheerful and Resourceful, trying to gain a foothold as a humorist, acting out comical skits with a partner, but it was useless.

    One day a young man saw on a web page, a video presentation, British stand-up comedian Eddie Izzard. Victor decided to try to write something on my own and realized that I had found my genre! In the end, Komarov throws a profitable but unloved the work of the engineer and immersed in a vague and dubious prospects of domestic humor.

    Stand Up

    To speak with the author offer Viktor Komarov became immediately, as soon as Moscow began to appear «open MICS». Was 2010 and initially it was not about television shows, and on live performances, where the aspiring actor quickly learned to interact with the audience.

    And the next year it was already possible to see on the TV show «Battle for ether» on MUZ-TV. The first experience of filming gave Komarov a lot of confidence and he goes into a kind of competition in the «Comedy battle», where it reaches the final. Win show Victor failed, but he was convinced that really does his job. Around the same time comedian paired with Marat Cecevim organized a specialized project «Funny for Money», and together with Oleg Yesenin toured many cities of Russia.

    Victor Komarov
    Victor Komarov | Big rate

    And when on the channel TNT has launched a new Comedy show «StandUp Viktor Komarov near Ruslan White, Slava Komissarenko, Karginova Timur and Yulia Akhmedova became one of its first residents. By the way, he’s one of the few participants who did not have a clear role and narrow the subject of the jokes. Victor writes skits on various topics, talking about actually experienced events, and in a very comical, but incredibly positive way, energizes the audience with optimism.

    Personal life

    In the TV show «Stand Up» Victor Komarov is often presented as «positive loser who constantly throw the girls». But in fact Moscow humorist for quite a long time met with his beloved, and in 2015 married her officially. After a while in the family the child was born, so now the comedian is not only a happy husband, but a loving father.


    Victor Komarov

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