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(biography, photo, video) Viktor Nizovoy

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  • Name: Victor Grassroots ( Viktor Nizovoy )
  • Date of birth: 23 September 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Activity: film and theater actor, honored artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Grassroots: a biography

    Victor Grassroots Russian actor who plays mainly on the stage. In 2005 he received the title of honored artist of Russia. The General public, he is known for his role of a policeman Anatoly Schepkin in the detective-crime series «Return of Mukhtar».

    Victor was born in Moscow in the family of a military surgeon. His mother worked as a teacher of the deaf and a speech therapist in a kindergarten for deaf children. Father, a military doctor, was promoted to the rank of Colonel and fought in the war in Afghanistan, he taught at the Military medical Academy. Victor has an older sister, Mary, who became a teacher.

    Early childhood and the teenage years of Victor Grassroots held in the Black sea, then the family returned to Moscow. The boy was fond of sports, especially handball, and later football. Also loved academic singing and frequented Opera house. When it came time to decide on their future profession, the Grassroots did not listen to advice of his father, who wanted his son to follow in his footsteps and became a doctor. Instead, Victor decided to take a chance and applied to drama school Shchepkin, where he entered the first time in the course of Yuri Solomin. Interestingly, the entrance exams teachers saw the applicant, the makings of a great artist, and even compared it with the famous Soviet actor Boris Andreyev, which strengthened the young man’s faith in himself.

    After graduating high school theater Grassroots almost immediately falls into the troupe of the Maly theater. First he got a small role. The first was almost wordless scene in the play «the Feast of winners» based on the work of Solzhenitsyn, then he played in robbers and guards, but perseverance and determination did the trick. Already at 21, he was entrusted with a major role Mitrofanushka in the play Fonvizina «Ignoramus», and then Victor Grassroots hit as a regular cast member, and later became a leading artist of the Maly theater. Today he plays more than 20 performances in a month.

    Honored artist of Russia decided to share their knowledge with the younger generation and in 2011 at his Alma mater teaches «the skill of the actor.» Together with his students, Grassroots staged «the Marriage of Belugina».


    The debut of Viktor Grassroots in the movie was one of the first Russian TV-series specifically targeted at young people, Comedy TV series «Simple truth», in which the actor played 2 years of physical education teacher Sergey E. Avdeeva. Interestingly, the grass-roots to how to get into the series, never passed the audition and had her own agent, which would advertise it to Directors and film producers. The candidacy of Victor was approved in absentia, after watching his theatrical roles in various performances.

    After 2 years, the screens out the acclaimed crime series «Return of Mukhtar» about the everyday life of the operatives. The highlight of the serial movie was a dog Mukhtar breed German shepherd who helps the police in their difficult work. Victor Grassroots for 4 seasons, played senior Lieutenant Anatoly Schepkin, subsequently rose to the rank of police captain. Grass-roots hero, a loyal friend and a great professional, has a Comedy line – he’s constantly dissatisfied with routine work and pretty funny arguing with colleagues. When the actor refused to continue the cooperation, the writers had to introduce changes to the story and send Schepkin into exile. However, in this image of the Victor appeared on the screens about 4 years, not counting the numerous iterations of the series, and won a great love of the viewers.

    Again to try on police uniform Victor Grassroots had in 2014 when he starred as officer Moore kolodyazhnogo in the historical detective drama «gentlemen, comrades». 16-a serial film consisted of 8 parts, each of which is under investigation of any crime, and events based on real historical facts.

    Last kinorabotoy Grassroots today is a Comedy-a farce «election Day 2» filmed by the troupe of comic theatre «the Quartet And» and is the sequel to the acclaimed 2007 film, in which Victor the Grassroots did not participate.

    Personal life

    With his first wife Catherine Victor met at the Maly theatre, where she got a job as a cook. Says the actor himself, the first time he noticed the girl, since she was incredibly similar to his mother. After some time, the couple separated but remained on friendly terms, and regularly congratulate each other on holidays.

    The second wife of the Grassroots was a graduate of high school theater Olga Jebacina, which later became also play at the Maly theater. Victor and Olga is not only a loving wife but also a true duet, which receives a large part in the creative life of each other.

    In his spare time Victor plays for Grassroots mini-soccer team of the Maly theater. He enters the field as goalkeeper, and also is the captain of the Amateur club. He also likes to visit the Opera house and various museums, especially the art gallery, where you stare at the work of marine painter Ivan Aivazovsky.


    • 1999-2000 — the Simple truth
    • 2002 — Woe from wit
    • 2004-2008 — The Return Of Mukhtar
    • 2004 — don’t forget
    • 2004 — Only you
    • 2005 — the Truth — good and happiness is better
    • 2006 — Breakthrough
    • 2012 — always say «Always»
    • 2014 — gentlemen, comrades
    • 2016 — election Day 2


    Victor Grassroots

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