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  • Name: Viktor Fayzulin ( Victor Fayzulin )
  • Date of birth: 22 April 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Nakhodka
  • Activities: soccer
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Fayzulin: biography

    Viktor Fayzulin was born in Nakhodka, on 22 April 1986. His father was a sailor of high rank and was in a long voyage, so Victor was eagerly waiting for the return of his father. Apparently, due to the lack of a firm male hand as a child, Danny had the reputation of a lazy and a quitter. Mom was allowed to walk him to school only when he wants it, and all his spare time he enjoys playing soccer on the nearby beach. However, it is the mother of Victor, drawing attention to the passion of his son, insisted that he became seriously involved in football.

  • Club career of Viktor Faizulin
  • The first coach was Faizulin GN Adili. It was under his leadership Victor achieved the first serious results and since 2004 started to play for local club «Ocean», where he was noticed and invited to the national Junior team of Russia. In 2005 he was invited to Khabarovsk «Ska-Energy» and in 2007 he started to play for «Spartak-Nalchik» under the leadership of Yuri Krasnozhan.

    The season was more than successful, having played 28 matches, Viktor Fayzulin scored three goals, was voted the best young player in the championship and in November of the same year signed a three-year contract with Zenit. According to various sources, the transition midfielder cost the club 2 million euros.

    The debut of Viktor Faizulin in the «Zenith» was held in February 2008 in the match of 1/16 finals of the UEFA Cup against «Villarreal» from Spain, and in the second semi-final match against Bayern Viktor Fayzulin scored a goal against the legendary Oliver Kahn.

    Victor Fayzulin is an honored master of sports of Russia, the double champion of Russia in structure «Zenith». The list of his achievements is impressive:

    • The winner of the UEFA Cup in 2008
    • The Cup of Russia in 2008 and in 2011
    • The winner of the UEFA super Cup in 2008
    • Bronze medalist of the championship of Russia in 2009
    • The Russian Cup Winner: 2010
    • Silver medalist of the championship of Russia 2012/2013, 2013/2014
    • Russian champion: 2010, 2011/2012

    No wonder dick Advocaat back in 2008 called Faizulin incredibly talented guy who sees the field well and reads the game.

  • Victor Fayzulin in the Russian team
  • The national team of Russia Viktor Fayzulin debuted in August 2012 in a match against the national team of côte d’ivoire. Well, his first goal for the national team, he scored in the qualifying stage of the world Cup 2014 against Northern Ireland. Assist by Alexander Kerzhakov. A few days in the match against the team of Israel Victor Fayzulin scored the second goal and gave a scoring pass to Kerzhakov, repaying the «old debt».

  • Personal life of Viktor Faizulin
  • In April 2009, Victor Faizulin and his wife Veronica was born. The boy was named Sebastian was. Victor was so happy with the birth of a son that got a tattoo with his name. 31 Oct 2013, Victor and Veronica had a daughter who they named Mirra.

    Victor Fayzulin loves to travel. According to him, in every country where he visited, there is something interesting and memorable. For example, in the last journey, he remembered the Amazon river. While in his home town of Nakhodka Victor happens only once a year during a break in their work schedule. Previously, there lived a family of Viktor Faizulin, but now he moved them to St. Petersburg.

  • Victor Fayzulin on the 2014 world Cup
  • June 18, Viktor Fayzulin in the national team of Russia played against South Korea in the first match of the group stage of the world Cup in Brazil. After the game the midfielder said: «I Remember that in the friendly match against Russia national team South Korea has made me a very good impression. Especially like the way they move on the field, as well as their sharpness. They are very disciplined team and hard to play against them. They are very quick, small and sharp«.

    In the next match, Russia will meet with the team of Belgium, and will finish the group stage of the 2014 world Cup game with Algeria. Fans are hoping that the talent of Viktor Faizulin will help the Russian team to reach the playoffs for the football world Cup.

  • Victor Fayzulin: video
  • Goal by Viktor Faizulin in the match Russia — Northern Ireland

    Master class Victor Faizulin

    Goal by Viktor Faizulin in the match Russia — Israel

  • Victor Fayzulin: photo
  • Victor Fayzulin

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