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  • Name: Victor Drobysh ( Victor Drobysh )
  • Date of birth: 27 June 1966
  • Age: 50 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Activity: composer, musical producer
  • Marital status: married

    Victor Drobysh: biography

    Victor Drobysh was born 27 Jun 1966 in Saint Petersburg. The family of the future producer was middle class, special Finance parents had, but not in poverty: father Yakov Yakovlevich was a specialist in the lathe business, and her mother Nadezhda Nikolaevna worked as a doctor.

    The boy from childhood grew purposeful and dreamy. When at the age of five he wanted to play the piano, all relatives, except his father, was against it. The piano then was worth as a complete car, but Yakov Yakovlevich took a loan and bought his son an expensive tool. In six years, Victor Drobysh yourself enrolled in a music school to improve their skills. However, like many children, over time, the young musician wanted to play in the football team «Zenit», to become a pilot or aircraft designer. But here his father insisted on continuing his music career.

    Victor Drobysh
    Victor Drobysh | SHOUBIZ

    After graduating high school in 1981, Drobysh he entered the Leningrad Conservatory named after Rimsky-Korsakov.


    His musical career Victor Drobysh began as a keyboardist of the group «Earthlings», where he was invited by guitarist Igor Romanov. Together with the popular orchestra with which he toured throughout the country. The band soon broke up.

    Igor Romanov decided to create a new team, where again he called for Victor and some of the guys from the former group. A new project called «the Union», the first album was called «Igor Romanov and his band» due to problems with the Soviet censorship. The musicians gave concerts not only in his native country, but also visited West Germany.

    In 1990 Drobysh became the participant of the project «Pushking», which was founded by the vocalist Konstantin Shustarev. After recording a demo album of the participants noticed the German producers, who invited them to Germany to record a full album. It was then Drobysh tied useful contacts with foreign producers and owners of the studios.

    Victor Drobysh
    Victor Drobysh | VK


    In 1996 together with musician friends moved from Russia to Germany, where he started working as a producer. In order to found their own business, they had to sell cars. Victor became the producer of the German band «Culture Beat» and pop group «No Angels». But the greatest popularity he has achieved thanks to the project «BG The Prince Of Rap», whose songs have long led European hit-parades. However, business in Germany from a producer didn’t work out and he moved again to Finland, where lived relatives of his wife.

    In Finland Drobysh worked for the Finnish-Russian radio station «Sputnik», becoming later its Vice-President. He also continued producing and working as a composer, founding the group «Pets». Written Drobysh the song «Dam Da Di» became a hit in Finland and some other European countries, particularly Germany. For this song the composer was awarded the German award «Golden disc».

    In 2002, Victor Drobysh, he returned to Russia and decided to try himself as a producer of the domestic stars. He started to work with Valeria and Christina Aguilera, writing songs for them, which instantly became hits. Valery performed the song «Clock», and Christina Orbakajte sang a cover of Russian song «Da Di Dam», so the song has gained popularity on the territory of CIS countries.

    Such a successful start enabled Victor to become a very popular composer among the stars of Russian show-business. He cooperated with Stas Piekha, Natalya Podolskaya, Prokhor Chaliapin and other prominent musicians.

    Popularity opened the Drobysh way on TV. In 2004, the composer Igor Krutoy, invited the producer of the project «Star Factory-4» on «the First channel». Work with talented young people pushed Victor to the creation of «Producer Center of Viktor Drobysh», whose main purpose was the promotion and promotion of young talents, among which were numerous alumni of the show «Star Factory-3».

    In 2006 Drobysh head of the musical show «Star Factory-6», as its General producer. He also founded the «National Musical Corporation», where in 2010 took the position of General Director.

    In 2012 Drobysh wrote the song «Party for Everybody» for the group «Buranovskie grandmother», represented Russia at the «Eurovision». This song helped the ensemble to take second place in the famous European competition.

    Personal life

    Victor Drobysh first married at the age of 20 on the Finnish poet Helena stjuf’s word. In 1987 they had a son Valery. When the couple lived in the homeland of the poet, Elena was helping Victor bout and his career. In 1999, the couple had a second son, Ivan. When Drobysh was invited to Moscow, stjuf’s word with children decided to stay in Finland. In the end, long distance played a role, and in 2004 the couple filed for divorce. Nevertheless, the composer managed to maintain good relations with his ex-wife, they continued their musical collaboration.

    In September 2007, Victor met his future second wife Tatyana Osinovoe. Fateful meeting took place thanks to common friends. Few weeks after meeting the producer fell in love and called Nusinova married, the wedding was held in June 2008. Two years ago they had a daughter Lydia, and in 2011 joined the family with the birth of Daniel. Tatiana has a son Anton from a previous marriage.

    Victor and Tatyana Drobysh
    Victor and Tatyana Drobysh | FB

    Victor tries to spend with his family as much as possible. The sons of the composer is also interested in music: the eldest son of Valery co-wrote several songs of his father, and Ivan is learning to play drums.


    Victor Drobysh

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