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  • Name: Veronica Plyashkevich ( Veronika Plyashkevich )
  • Date of birth: 22 November 1984.
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Babruysk, Belarus
  • Height: 169
  • Activities: Belarusian actress of cinema and theatre
  • Marital status: married

    Veronica plyashkevich : biography

    Belarusian actress Veronica plyashkevich boldly broke into the space of the national cinema not so long ago. Lightweight, attractive and popular, she is steadily moving up the career ladder.

    The actress was born in November 1984 in a small Belarusian town of Zhodino. None of the relatives of Veronica plyashkevich is not associated with the world of theatre and cinema. She grew up in an ordinary family and went to public school. But the creative spark began to glow girl in early childhood. Veronica was a good voice and perfect pitch. First, it demonstrated their musical abilities in the school performances, but soon she was noticed and was invited to sing in the Studio, which was led by talented teachers Sergey Zhdanovich and Nelly Hambardzumyan.

    The success of the young singer were such that she seriously thought about a career in this direction. But all things considered, she preferred the acting profession. She entered the Belarusian state Academy of arts, where he chose the drama Department. Successfully graduated in 2006.


    In the same year the young artist was accepted to the Minsk drama theatre named after N. Gorky. Here we started bright creative biography of Veronica plyashkevich. At this stage she made a successful debut. For the role of Catherine in the play «the taming of the shrew» she was awarded the prestigious professional award «Castalina Kvetka» and diploma of the XIII Minsk festival «Listapad».

    Since then, the actress often trust the main roles in theatrical productions. In Minsk theatergoers love to visit the theatre with plyashkevich «Threepenny Opera», «Valentines day», «Scattered nest» and many others, which starred the actress.

    In 2007 the artist made his debut in the cinema. The first was the role in the film «Shield of the Fatherland». It was played so skillfully that Directors, and not only Belarusian, but also Russian, Veronica noticed and began to invite her to your project.

    In 2011, plyashkevich starred in two films – «the Kiss of Socrates» and «At the crossroads». In the last romance, the actress played her first starring role of Catherine. This job was a real breakthrough. It’s amazing how a city girl was able to organically grow into the image of rural women. Since the release of the pictures on the screens of the cinematic biography of Veronica plyashkevich, that is, with great strides went up.

    In 2012, plyashkevich starred in a record number of films: she appeared in 10 projects. While in 4 of them – in the lead roles. The melodrama «the snow whirls…» and «Healer», mystical adventure film «traces of the Apostles» and the military «Death to spies. Lisya Nora» brought Veronica downloads. In the last project, she played at the same venue with Paul Trubiner and Anatoly Rudenko.

    For a short time on account of a Belarusian actress three played dozens of roles. Recent projects as the most striking may be noted the «Stay forever» and «we can’t Run away to die.» All Veronica plyashkevich starred in the star roles. But the admirers of this great artist mark action-Packed military picture of the year 2013 «don’t leave me», where she starred alongside real star of Russian cinema Alexei Guskov. The script of the film, he was the father of the heroine Veronica.

    Despite the huge employment in the film, plyashkevich not quit the stage. Previously, she’s a regular on the stage of the Minsk drama theatre.

    Personal life

    Belarusian artist very easy and pleasant to talk to. She willingly goes on contact with journalists and is completely open. But it has topic-taboo. Private life of Veronica plyashkevich not discussed in any of the numerous interviews. She doesn’t like undue attention to everything that considers the private sphere.

    From the scattered information that was in the social network, it is known that Veronica was married. Her husband is a colleague at the theatre Andrey Senkin. The pair often appears together not only on stage but also on the set.

    Fans of the actress say that Veronica and Andrew are remarkably similar and very complementary. Their family life is going well. Children in pairs, it seems, not yet.


    • «Countryman»
    • «Half-sister»
    • «Shield of the Fatherland»
    • «At the crossroads»
    • «Whistle and I’ll come»
    • «Beauty and the beast»
    • «Instead,»
    • «Barista»
    • «Stay forever»
    • «We can’t run away die»


    Veronica Plyashkevich

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