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  • Name: Castro Veronica ( Veronica Castro )
  • Date of birth: 19 October 1952
  • Age: 64 years
  • Place of birth: Mexico city, Mexico
  • Height: 156
  • Activity: Mexican actress, singer and TV presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Veronica Castro: a biography

    The existence of Veronica Castro in the mud at the Soviet Union learned in the early 1990s, when appeared on the screens of the first series. Mexican soap Opera «the Rich also cry», then, with admiration not only Housewives, and entire families, discussing the events of each new episode as their home. Little actress with huge green eyes and lush hair then captured millions of citizens of the former Soviet Union. And not only them. After all, the series was broadcast in Latin America, France, Spain, Italy, the Philippines and even in China.

    Veronica Castro in his youth
    Veronica Castro in his youth |

    Veronica Castro was born in October 1952 in Mexico city. Her childhood years were marred by humiliating poverty. Parents separated, when the family already had four children. On the shoulders of mothers fell all the hardships of parenting Veronica, two of her brothers and sisters. The woman worked as a Secretary and received a salary that was barely enough for food. Veronica recalls his more than modest outfits and taunts of peers. Teased the girl not only poor clothes, but for a small growth, in which the tendency to gain weight was especially evident.

    Probably, ridicule, and a troubled childhood and was raised in Castro is a solid character and an incredible will to overcome difficulties. She took up sports and turned into a petite slender girl. In 12 years, Veronica has managed to become a beauty Queen at one of the local competitions. And she learned to fight back their oppressors and became famous prickly personality, which manifested itself every time the girl tried to offend.

    Veronica Castro
    Veronica Castro |

    Veronica Castro realized that success and happiness will not fall on her. To rely on the help of her parents she is also not accounted for. So she had made herself. To overcome shyness and learn to present yourself in the best possible way, she came on the school scene. Soon the girl turned into an activist initiative. Castro was waiting for the chance that once in a lifetime for everyone. And it is not lost.

    Near her house was the headquarters of one of the most influential parties. Here Veronica Castro and met with the influential Deputy, who conquered wide and naive eyes of a young girl from a poor family. And he helped her by introducing Andres Soler, the Director of the Theatre Academy. Castro realized that this is the only chance he gave her fate. The girl threw shyness and asked Solera to be her godfather. And asked about scholarships. Official surprise could not refuse the energetic girl.

    Veronica Castro
    Veronica Castro |

    Veronica Castro was enrolled in drama Academy, and a scholarship received not only she, but her sister.

    But it was small money, and the family needed help. So 16-year-old student decided to act that it is not like native. She posed Nude for one of a Mexican tabloid. Relatives were in shock, but Castro knew that this forced move is needed to progress through the ranks. She felt no shame, no remorse. Just promised my mother that she’ll never see daughter like this, never.

    Television career

    To earn money for decent clothes, which, as you know, meet, Veronica Castro took up any job. At that time in Mexico were popular novellas, the little pamphlets, the pages of which housed the photos and short texts. For the same job took Rogelio Guerra, the young actor needed days. So Veronica Castro met her future partner on the series «the Rich also cry», play Luis Alberto.

    Veronica Castro and Rogelio Guerra
    Veronica Castro and Rogelio Guerra |

    Soon the student was lucky to get on the TV show «ha Ha», which was led by popular comedian Manuel valdés. He drew attention to a bright girl and helped in career advancement. Veronica worked tirelessly on the technique of speech, studied singing and voice training. Success was not long in coming: Castro awarded the diploma of the speaker. She began to broadcast on radio.

    Activity and the desire not to miss a single chance on the road to success has led to the fact that in 1970, the girl won the contest «Person of the year». Offers poured in for the artist, as from a cornucopia. She appeared on the TV screens. From this moment life has to whirl Veronica Castro in a furious maelstrom. The girl tossed and turned, barely make, with Academy at the television station where she had her own show and then on the radio. And as the artist sang it beautifully, and soon she was entrusted to the popular musical project «night after Night», «Music magazine» and «With great gratitude».

    Veronica Castro
    Veronica Castro |

    In 1975, Castro managed to graduate and finish College. And this despite her incredible workload at the TV, at Institute, at home and in the theater, on the stage that she started out in the early 1970s. to catch all the sleep she had no more than 5 hours a day.

    After a year, Veronica Castro presented the award for best actress of the play «Coquette». The star equally successfully built a music career – her concerts were sold out. And she started acting in movies.


    I must say that the actress had refused to work in soap operas, considering them low genre. But under the onslaught of the suggestions she gave up. A cinematic biography of Veronica Castro has stepped into a new stage after the emergence of the actress in the popular TV series «the Rich also cry». It was her first major role. About Marianne learned in all countries and continents. Castro was traveling with the tour almost around the globe. And in his native Mexico she was a star No. 1.

    Veronica Castro in the series
    Veronica Castro in a serial «Rich too cry» |

    On the crest of this huge success Veronica gave birth to her second son. And again without a husband. Journalists choked with guesses, who is the father of the second child. The star itself kept about this mysterious silence.

    No interruption artist does not allow. She was afraid that the luck will turn away from her. Therefore, labored tirelessly.

    Veronica Castro in the series
    Veronica Castro in a serial «the wild rose» | Veop.Gee

    Another star role went to Castro in 1987, when the screens out the new melodrama, «wild rose,» in which viewers saw the actress in the role of the main character Rose Garcia.

    With no less success Veronica has appeared on Mexican screens as a presenter of the popular designs and night shows. I think she almost never left the television station, day or night. In 1992 Veronica Castro saw in Russia. She arrived in Ostankino for the recording of «Meet Rose» and made the Premier of the song «Macumba.» Once again, the Mexican star visited the country in 2010 took part in the program «Minute of Fame» as a member of the jury.

    In the same year, he released the latest series featuring Castro «Successful señorita pérez.» Here the actress appeared only in the episode.

    Personal life

    Although the actress never married, men still played in his life a considerable role. Castro claims that she never shared a bed with a man for a career or role in the movie. However, throughout the chain of her career appeared influential and popular men.

    In 1974, the biography of Veronica Castro added new page: the artist was born the son of Christian. Since that time, Veronica was already star status, this event is not discussed just lazy. Because Castro gave birth to a son without a husband. Journalists speculated who the baby’s father, but official data have not had one.

    As it turned out, the personal life of Veronica Castro at the dawn of her career was associated with the most popular comedian Manuel valdés from the show «ha Ha». He was the father of the first son, Christian. Admitted the guy when I become a popular singer.

    Veronica Castro with his sons
    Veronica Castro’s sons |

    7 years, the actress lived in a civil marriage with a famous colleague Enrique Niembro. But he cheated on Veronica, and she was unable to forgive. Therefore, second son she gave birth. Although it is not known whether his father Enrique windy.

    Men have not just occurred in the life of Castro. For two years she dated actor Omar Fierro. The whole country was expecting that this affair is about to end a marriage. But this did not happen.

    Then flashed a brief affair with the singer Adolfo angel has changed a fervent relationship with the Argentine actor and handsome Jorge Martinez. Their breakup was almost a national tragedy.

    Veronica Castro and Kristian
    Veronica Castro and Kristian |

    During the filming of «Hell in a small town» personal life Veronica Castro re-entered the top news stories. She began a romantic relationship with a partner, Juan Soler. But here, before the bonds of marriage is not reached.

    Not so long ago, Veronica Castro became a grandmother. But it looks great, and seems not to have lost hope to build my personal life.

    Veronica Castro today

    The darling of the viewers found the secret of youth. And the reason for her blooming appearance is not only the work of a plastic surgeon-magician Jose Khoury, but constant exercise. Castro has a strict diet due to which for many years her weight is kept at around 48 pounds. More to add this tiny woman, whose height just above 1.5 meters, does not allow it. She actively goes in for sports – Jogging, aerobics, tennis.

    Veronica Castro with her granddaughter
    Veronica Castro with her granddaughter |

    Today Veronica Castro creative lull. She enjoys the arrangement of the hearth and the development of their own business: the actress has a network of stores and beauty salons. And yet – a personalized line of cosmetics «Veronica Castro», which is in demand.

    Castro continues to sing and record new albums. But most importantly, she can now devote time to his family – mother, children and grandchildren.


    • 1971 — «love — a woman’s face»
    • 973 — «My waitress»
    • 1979 — «the Rich also cry»
    • 1983 — «face to Face»
    • 1986 — «Forbidden love»
    • 1987 — wild rose
    • 1990 — «My little Soledad»
    • 1997 — «Hell in a small town»
    • 2007 — «Love without makeup»
    • 2009 — «Successful señorita pérez»


    Veronica Castro

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