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  • Name: Verka Serduchka ( Andrey Danilko )
  • Date of birth: 2 October 1973
  • Age: 43 years
  • Place of birth: Poltava
  • Activity: musician, entertainer, presenter, actor, drag Queen artist
  • Marital status: not married

    Verka Serduchka: biography

    Andrey Danilko, better known by his pseudonym Verka Serduchka was born on 2 October 1973 in Poltava. The boy grew up in a rather poor family: his father Mikhail Semenovich worked as a driver and her mother Svetlana is a painter. Money in the family were few, and after his father’s death from lung cancer in 1980, Svetlana was forced to work in three shifts to support the family. At this time, the boy looked after his older sister Galina Grishko.

    In childhood He showed inclination to drawing and music. Mother encouraged his creativity and gave his son to art school. Talents appeared in other areas: he played in the school’s Studio-theatre «Grotesque» and was the captain of KVN team. However, Andrew grew quite modest and shy guy, really only revealing on stage.

    In 1991, Andrew wanted to go to music school, however, the introductory Commission considered that the guy looks good enough on stage. He applied to the pedagogical Institute, but was not able to go there and prevented a bad rating on Ukrainian literature. Then the next pop star filed papers in a vocational school for the specialty of the cashier-seller. The guy also wanted to try to enter the Kharkov theatre Institute, but missed the train and gave up his dreams.

    In 1995, the guy is again trying to continue their education, passing exams in the variety-circus College in Kiev. Training was given to the artist is not easy, he often argued with teachers. Not having found common language with teachers, a year and a half Danilko was expelled as a hopeless student. The artist entered the Kiev national University of art and culture, and graduated.

    Verka Serduchka: the history of the project

    His character Verka Serduchka Andrey created, while still a student, in 1990. The name of the heroine has appeared thanks to a classmate-the valedictorian, Anya Serdyuk, which the guy promised to glorify all over the country, the name inherited from the colourful school cleaners of Faith. In 1992 Danilko introduced the first two pictures, «Dining room» and «Conductor» through which he was invited on tour in the Stavropol territory.

    In 1993, guy first appeared in the notorious image of Verka Serduchka on the «Humorina» festival in his hometown. His number «Conductor» and the image of Serduchka literally immediately fell in love with, while he also played the role of policeman, soldier, teacher and dancer.

    The artist founded the «Theatre Danilko», and together with him took part in various comic festivals in CIS countries, where he achieved considerable success. The popularity of Verka Serduchka grew, and in 1994 about it, the first article was published in the regional newspaper.

    Television debut of Andrey Danilko in the image of Verka Serduchka took place on the regional channel of the city of Kharkov «Privat TV». Participation in the program «Cheese» was his first step to popularity on television. The character is becoming more recognizable over time, darkening the very identity of Andrew, and a year later the artist was invited to the shooting of advertising of the Ukrainian Bank «Privat-Bank».

    But the real popularity came to the woman after starring in humorous talk show «SV-show» on TV channel «1+1». The first edition took place in 1997, where on the screens, the audience beheld a colorful train conductor Verka Serduchka, which is in the compartment of the car spent a leisurely and entertaining interviews with the stars of Ukrainian show-business. Her first guest was presenter and journalist Mykola Veresen. The programme has had incredible success with viewers, and Andrew finally became perceived only as conductors Verka Serduchka.

    In 2002, Vera participates in the filming of the musical film «Evenings on a farm near Dikanka», songs from which are in great demand among the audience, as the movie itself. Caught a successful trend Serduchka also starred in other musicals: «Cinderella,» «snow Queen», etc. All paintings are regularly shown on television on the eve of new year holidays from year to year.

    In 2015 Verka Serduchka with his dance group appeared in the Hollywood film «Spy».

    Verka Serduchka: music

    In 1996 Andrei became acquainted with the music producer Yuri Nikitin, who was impressed by the creativity of the artist and, in particular, from the stage image of Verka Serduchka. Then he invited the entertainer to record a song on behalf of her character, which appeared on radio in 1997 and was called «Just Faith». Since that time the artist begins to combine the stage musical numbers.

    In 1998 Serduchka makes his first official album titled «I was born to love.» The album includes five songs, which due to its non-Intrusive implementation and humorous text instantly found its audience.

    But the real popularity as a pop singer Verka brought the second album «Pie», published in 2001. There came the infamous song «GOP-GOP» and «All is well», which instantly became the popular songs of Ukrainian and Russian radio stations. Without these songs there was not a single wedding and celebration. The idol of millions of students have successfully toured the cities of the CIS, collecting full halls.

    Since 2001 Verka almost every year gives new albums, which enjoyed great success among the audience. Individual songs from the records are hits that don’t even know the fans of the performer. She receives two awards «Golden gramophone» for the song «Chita-Drita» and «Groom wanted». Continue tour to cities in Russia and Ukraine, and in 2003 the artist was awarded the title of Honored artist of Ukraine.

    Since 2004 Serdyuchka goes on tour in the United States, where he visited more than seventeen cities with a solo program.

    Verka Serduchka: «Eurovision-2007»

    The incredible success of Verka Serduchka pushes Andrew to quite extraordinary step — he offers himself as a participant on «the Eurovision» in 2007. Ukraine supports the Executive, and he is sent to Helsinki to represent the country with the song «

  • Lasha Tumbai». The name of the song caused a scandal in Russia, as some of the representatives of show business clearly heard insulting words «Russia goodbye». The media immediately picked up this information, thereby reducing the popularity of artist of Russia. The scandal did not stop the song to take second place.

    The composition was very warmly received by European audiences for a long time and was at the top all of the charts and the British newspaper «The Guardian» called it «the best song that won Eurovision».

    Verka Serduchka: personal life

    About my personal life Danilko doesn’t like to talk, because almost all of his free time he devotes to creativity. According to him, the actor has no plans of a relationship and in all that concerns Affairs of the heart, relies on fate.

    In 2014 due to the difficult political situation in Ukraine Andrei considered it inappropriate to give exciting concerts, which does not correspond to the current mood in the country, and temporarily moved to Berlin.

    Verka Serduchka discography

    • I was born to love
    • Pie
    • Ha-RA-sho!
    • Chita Drita
    • The groom wanted. Unreleased
    • Tralee Wali
    • Dancing Europe

    Verka Serduchka: photo

    Verka Serduchka

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