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  • Name: Vera Voronkova ( Vera Voronkova )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1965
  • Age: 51 years
  • Place of birth: Nizhny Novgorod
  • Height: 168
  • Activities: actress
  • Marital status: married

    Vera Voronkova: biography

    Voronkova Vera – talented theater and film actress. In 1994 she was awarded the Prize for best actress at the Paris film festival for the film «October».

    Vera A. was born 21 March 1965 in Nizhny Novgorod. She was the only child in the family. Father’s Faith did not know, but mother surrounded her with enough love and care, so the girl did not feel the loneliness and inferiority and never asked who her father was. The future actress lived with her mother in the village Barybino, located in the suburbs. From childhood, Vera Voronkova was a very strong willed character, she was never afraid of difficulties.

    Girl engaged in children’s music ensembles performed at various events. Mother was sure that her daughter will become an actress. Voronkov tried several times to go to drama school, but every time the entrance exams were failed. She got a job as a cleaner in the Mossovet Theatre, it soon became the assistant administrator. Faith did not give up and tried hard to succeed, and finally the dream has come true – she was able to enroll in the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the course of Alexander Kalyagin.


    Vera Voronkova is one of those Actresses that love working in the theatre. While studying at the Moscow art Theater, she played in several student productions: «the Pit», where she played the role Manechka, «Woe from wit» — the role of Lisa, Ondine, where she was the Countess Bertha. Quite successful was the role in the production of «Stars in the morning sky», which was her diploma work. Voronkova believes that in its formation as an actress were an important folk artist of the RSFSR, and Professor Alla Pokrovskaya.

    In 1990, the actress graduated from the Moscow art theatre and continued to work there, despite the fact that he received invitations from different Moscow theatres. In this scene, Vera worked for ten years and managed to play in twenty productions. Among them — the production of «a Lesson to husbands,» in which Faith played Leonora, in the play «the Storm» where her character’s name was Feklusha, «most importantly», where she got a way Cool lady, she also played Clara in the play «the Last night of Otto Weininger».

    In 1997, the actress received a proposal from a Theatre named after A. P. Chekhov, and she took it. In this theater Voronkova performed the following roles: Marlene in the play «Dinner with a fool» Esther in the play «the Price is» Grown «There, then». In 1998 she was invited to the show «Stripped» of the band «Weasels», she also played the role of gala («Next») on the stage of the Universal theatre.

    Since 2000, Voronkova is an actress of the Pushkin Theatre, where he played in productions of «the Black Prince, or the Festival of love», «pupil», «Borrow the tenor», «Locust», «Judith» and the «Mirror carp».


    The debut of Vera Voronkova in the film took place in 1990. Her first works were inconspicuous, unpopular films (for example, «Puppy from the constellation Canes venatici»). Popularity came to the actress in 1997 with the film «time of the dancer» Vadim abdrashitova, where she played the role of Tamara. This tape brought her the award «Golden Aries» in the nomination «Hope» and «Baltic pearl» for promising female debut.

    Real success in the film production sector came to Faith Alexandrovna in 2002, after the release of the TV series «Code of honor», «the Diary of a killer», «Right to protection» in which the actress played the main role. Viewers interested in the movie «Lover» with her. Bright work Voronkova role beauty Inga, who was trying to find a wealthy man, in the mystical film «Premonition». The actress brilliantly showed her character, which has a very strong character.

    Vera Voronkova participated in the filming of the television series «I, detective», the movie «Contact», the Comedy «Virtual romance», romance, «Without men,» the drama «infant», etc. On account of the actress more than thirty roles.

    Personal life

    First, the personal life of Vera Voronkova was not. Her first husband she first saw on one of the performances. He also studied at the Moscow art Theater and was a year younger than her. Their relationship began to develop when they are approved into one movie. It so happened that Vera has long cared for him, and they soon married, but their marriage did not last — the couple divorced.

    The actress was trying to establish his personal life, but, unfortunately, the second husband of her relationships were short-lived. He admitted Vera Voronkova, he was jealous of her work.

    Now the actress is married and has a son named Vanya. Sometimes he plays small roles in children’s films, and also played in the play, which was attended by Vera.


    • «Without men»
    • «Diary of a killer»
    • «Premonition»
    • «Lover»
    • «This never happens»
    • «Burnt by the sun 2: Citadel»
    • «The claw of Mauritania»
    • «Zhurov»
    • «Foreigners»
    • Pennsylvania


    Vera Voronkova

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