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  • Name: Vera Vasilieva ( Vera Vasilyeva )
  • Date of birth: 30 September 1925
  • Age: 91
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: widow

    Vera Vasilieva: biography

    People’s artist of USSR, people’s artist of the Russian Federation, the darling of the spectators Vera Vasilyeva was born in a remote village, Kalinin oblast 30 September 1925. Her parents are ordinary people but with different personalities and views on life. Father of Vera was quiet and gentle man, did not require much. The mother of the future actress, on the contrary, the hardships of rural life and tried to improve it. Faith went to her mother.

    Soon Vasilyev moved to Moscow and settled in a communal apartment. Faith grew up in a large family, she had three older sisters, and before the war brother was born. Parents worked at the plant in shifts, older sisters were doing their thing, and the girl read a lot and dreamed.

    A friend of mother took Faith to the Bolshoi theater where they showed «the Tsar’s bride». Since then, the girl became ill on the scene, eagerly absorbed any information about the theatrical life.

    The war scattered the family across the Soviet Union. Vera remained in Moscow with his father. He worked as a driver, she was on duty on the roof of high-rise buildings, as adults were carrying boxes of sand to extinguish incendiary bombs.

    After school Vasiliev wanted to go to circus school, but failed the exam for physical training. The girl wasn’t upset. In 1943 she enrolled in theatre school.


    Debut Vera Kuzminichna in the movie took place when she was still in theatre. In 1945, the actress starred in an episode in the Comedy «Twins». Two years later, Ivan pyrev invited her for the lead role in the movie «Legend of the Siberian land». On the set of Vassiliev behaved modestly, kept away from the famous actors. The picture is a success – for the role of Anastasia gusenkova the artist was awarded the Stalin prize.

    After the debut of Vera Vasilyeva woke up famous. During her life, she played over 50 roles in movies, but most of them remained unobtrusive.


    In 1948 a graduate of the theatre school came to work in the Theater of Satire. She made her debut in the title role in the play «the lion Gurych Sinichkin». Two years later, the actress became a prima ballerina.

    In the early 50-ies of Vera Vasilyeva has played Olga in «the Wedding with dowry». The Director predicted the success of this play and he was right — the piece played 900 times. Vasilyeva received for this role, his second Stalin prize.

    In the creative biography of the actress — a lot of character roles. She played Anna Akhmatova in the «inspector», the blast Furnace Platonovna in «Warrior», Anna Pavlovna in «plum» – more than 60 roles.

    Sometimes Faith Kuzminichna was invited to the performances of other theatres. Her talent is confirmed by numerous awards and prizes. 25 Sep 2010 the actress was awarded the order «For merits before Fatherland» of 3 degrees.

    Personal life

    With her future husband Vladimir Ushakov Vera met in the theater. Three years later, he sought her attention, until she finally agreed to marry him.

    The wedding was celebrated modestly, without the lush costumes, feasts and rings in the dormitory. The actress recalls that for the first time wearing a wedding dress and wedding ring just for the «Golden wedding».

    The couple was happily married for 56 years. The couple tried to leave, the rest went together on tour, too, were together. It beautifully looked after and always proved his love to his wife. Immediately after the wedding, Vladimir Ushakov hired an AU pair, although the couple lived in a six-meter Dorm room. Vasiliev didn’t know how to cook and run the household, and Ushakov did not want to burden these problems. In the future all domestic issues, down to the choice and purchase of furniture, he was engaged in. Children the couple never had.

    Heart condition Ushakov increasingly made itself felt — two heart attacks, the installation of the pacemaker in the last years of his life he hardly saw. But they were happy, no matter what.

    In July 2011 the acting couple had a rest in sanatorium on the Klyazma. Suddenly Vladimir Ushakov grabbed the heart, he began to choke. Vasilyeva called «ambulance». An hour later, the doctor told her that her husband did not. It happened July 17, 2011.

    The actress was very upset by the death of her husband. Today, it is with love and warm memories of the years spent together, and says that men like her husband, no longer meet.


    • «Chuk and GEK»
    • «That we do not pass»
    • «Screen star»
    • «Dandelion wine»
    • «The matchmaker»
    • «Believe»
    • «Beauty salon»
    • «Mask and soul»
    • «The chase»
    • «The times did not choose»


    Vera Vasilieva

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