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  • Name: Vera Sotnikova ( Vera Sotnikova )
  • Date of birth: 19 July 1960
  • Age: 56 years
  • Place of birth: Volgograd
  • Growth: 158
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian actress of theater and cinema, TV presenter
  • Marital status: divorced

    Vera Sotnikova biography

    Vera Mikhailovna Sotnikova was born in July 1960 in Stalingrad. A year later, the city was renamed Volgograd. At first glance, her family is the most common. Father – laborer in a factory. My mother worked as a telephone operator. But Faith grew in a family the eldest daughter Galina. But the parents of Vera Sotnikova managed to instill in the children a love of art. They regularly drove the girls to exhibitions, museums and theatres. Mom wrote poetry, recited in the family circle. My father wrote a military memoir.

    In school, Vera Sotnikova was an active participant in the initiative. She has performed at all the parties and special events, recited poems and played in school plays. After school Sotnikova visited half of the available groups and sections.

    After school, Faith went to Saratov to go to drama school, which at that time had already graduated older sister Galina. She advised Junior to do it here, providing Faith an excerpt from V. Henry. But to go to drama school failed. Sotnikova decided that, as fate decreed, returned to his hometown and began to learn French. She was planning to enter the Moscow state University.

    A year later the girl went to the capital. And again failure. The College Sotnikova did not have the required medical certificates. Documents at it was not accepted. The train in Volgograd had a lot of time, and she decided to pass, having tried his hand at drama school named Shchukin. The success of the Faith is not particularly expected, so do not worry. The audition was attended by actor Andrey Myagkov. He immediately recognized the girl acting talent and allowed for exams. Sotnikova them passed and, after a considerable contest, entered the Studio of the Honored artist of Russia Vasily Markov.

    Vera Sotnikova theater

    In 1982, Vera Sotnikova graduated from the Shchukin theater. Her graduation performance was the»Three sisters» by Chekhov, where she played Mary.

    Since 1984, the artist is in the Theater on Malaya Bronnaya. At this time, she occasionally appeared in films, mainly because he considers himself a theatre. Then for several years the fate Sotnikov with the theatre of Anatoly Vasiliev. I must say, these stages were not the last working place of Vera Mikhailovna. In this list are the Mossovet theatre, Moscow art theatre, theatre of the Month and of the Roman Viktyuk.

    The most vivid theatrical works of this period is the performance of «Wounded animal», «Dog waltz», «Doctor Zhivago», «Travel Amateurs», «Hoffman» and others.

    Vera Sotnikova movies

    The first role in the movie Vera Sotnikova played in the film «the convict», which was released in 1983. The debut was a success, the actress was noticed by the Directors, and this time she appears regularly in the new movies. The first three years – mostly in episodes. Further, roles become more prominent, it can be seen in the films «the Courier», «the Right to the past», «Ten years of incommunicado» and others. But the artist becomes recognizable after working in historical film such as «Byron,» «the Battle of the three kings,» «Queen Margot». Particularly good for Sotnikova becomes the role of «Byron». The tape is marked at the international film festival in Thessaloniki, and Vera M. was awarded «Best actress».

    A breakthrough for the artist becomes a drama «GU-GA» about the great Patriotic war, which was released in 1989. After this role Sotnikova starred in several significant films. This crime drama «the Hunt for the pimp,» and the melodrama «I Want to – will love.»

    Since 2000, the actress was often invited to popular TV shows. She appears in «the Fifth corner» and «Dasha Vasilyeva». In 2004, Vera Sotnikova has played a major role in the remake of the painting by French Director Eli Shurakov «Words and music». The actress is very convincing and psychologically deep played last love middle-aged women.

    One of the recent bright work actress becomes loud autobiographical series «Lyudmila» about the life and fate of Lyudmila Zykina. Sotnikova played the main character.

    In recent years, the artist often appears as a leader on different projects of the channel TNT. Most of all spectators liked her work in the «Club ex-wives» and «the Battle of Psychics.»

    Vera Sotnikova’s personal life

    Married Vera Sotnikova was only once. Her first husband, from whom the actress gave birth to a son, Jan, was the restorer Yuri Nikolsky. Romance and understanding disappeared from the relationship as soon as it became aware of the pregnancy of the Faith. Good husband knew how to squander his wife’s money, but to make it not work. Life has become a continuous scandals. When Ian was 8 months old, Nicholas left his family.

    Soon Sotnikova met German entrepreneur Ernest Pintura. The difference in their age was 16 years. But the affair dragged on for many years, though not developed into a full marriage. After several years of wandering and searching of the earnings the actress finally felt prosperity and security. Ernest took off for a beloved apartment in the capital and provided her family. But the businessman lived in Germany and did not agree to move to Russia. Couldn’t do and Sotnikov, because in Moscow was her favorite job.

    The separation did the trick. Faith had met a new love – artist Vlad Vetrov. But brilliant affair did not last long. Soon in life Sotnikova appeared singer Vladimir Kuzmin. Since 1993, they lived in a civil marriage, and it seemed that, finally, the personal life of Faith Sotnikovoy arranged and established. But the couple broke up after 7 years of living together.

    Last known Sotnikova affair with a well-known producer Renat by Davletyarova. But freedom-loving nature of the artist came into conflict with the understanding of family life Eastern men, who used that he’s the last word. After another showdown, they broke up.

    Vera Sotnikova is the grandson of Maxim.

    Vera Sotnikova: filmography

    • GU-GA
    • Hunting for a pimp
    • Want – love
    • The battle of the three kings
    • Byron
    • Roman Emperor
    • Queen Margot
    • Romance
    • Words and music
    • Lyudmila

    Vera Sotnikova: photo

    Vera Sotnikova

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