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  • Name: Vera Smolina ( Vera Smolina )
  • Date of birth: 30 September 1988
  • Age: 28 years
  • Place of birth: Saint Petersburg
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: theater and film actress
  • Marital status:

    Vera Smolina: biography

    The young actress Vera Smolina known to fans of the national cinema to participate in the TV series «Broken destiny», «the fern Flower» and «Chesnochnitsy». In addition, she performs regularly on the stage and sometimes participates in the dubbing of foreign films. The actress was born in the Northern capital, but part of the biography of Vera Smolina tied to the small town of Tosno in the Leningrad region. There she was in middle school, there still lives her grandmother, which she tries to visit more often.

    Faith Smolin
    Photos of actress | VK

    After graduating from secondary school, Faith decides to apply for one of the actor’s faculties. To Moscow to go she did not, and have passed the entrance creative tests in Saint-Petersburg state Academy of theatre arts, where until 2010 he perfected facets of his talent in the field of acting under the direction of Nicholas Hare.

    Faith Smolin
    Photo of Vera Smolina | VK

    By the time of graduation from Smolina, already had about half a dozen important roles on the stage. Later, the young actress moved to Moscow, starts a lot and often to act in films, and together with Nikolay Fomenko and Leonid Yarmolnik plays a private performance of «And again «merry Christmas!» directed by Rodion Ovchinnikov.


    The actress debuted on the screen while still a schoolgirl in the military-adventure film «officers». Then in the filmography of Vera Smolina appeared in the series «the Thief with the bike» crime series «Streets of broken lamps», action «Relative» adventure detective «Pure sample», the Comedy «Afroditi». In addition, she had a trio of roles of nurses in the melodrama «Zemsky doctor» and «give me a Sunday», as well as in action movie «Breakaway».

    Vera Smolina in the film
    As Marina Zubova in the film «COP» | Movie-Theater

    The first and the popularity went to the Faith after the image of the saleswomen commercial store Marina Zubova in the historical detective «COP» with Eduard Flerov in the title role. It was noted by the audience and her maid from the film adaptation of «the Pit» by Alexander Kuprin. Again Smolina was wearing a medical robe in the melodrama «Broken lives,» and the biographical film «Lyudmila» about the life of the legendary singer Lyudmila Zykina. By the way, the actress was involved in another biographical film «Lyudmila Gurchenko».

    Vera Smolina in the film
    In the role of Lena in the movie «Chesnochnitsy» | Movie-Theater

    Also worth noting is a rural melodrama «the fern Flower», a social drama «the Guard» and a film about the life turning in 90-e years «Chesnochnitsy». In this picture the scenario of Vera Smolina pregnant, and when photos from the television series have become available, some fans decided that the actress is in an interesting position. Already captured and waiting for the release of such films Faith Smolina as the TV series «Indian summer», a mystical drama «belovode. The mystery of the lost country» and the fifth season of the medical melodrama «Sklifosovsky».

    Personal life

    Unfortunately fans of the actress, her personal life Vera Smolin tries not to say anything. According to information from social networking we can conclude that she is not officially married, although the girl and recalled that he had met a soulmate.

    A Picture Of Vera Smolina
    Hobbies actress — to create such amazing works of art | VK

    Smolin likes to do crafts. She creates amazingly beautiful handmade items: knitted pads, paintings of shells and sand, a spectacular rainbow of sweetness «Cakepops» and more. Furthermore, Faith is very active loves spending time, highlights riding with many friends on bikes in the beautiful parks of Moscow.


    • 2011 — a country doctor
    • 2011 — Love
    • 2012 — Afrodity
    • 2012-2014 — COP
    • 2013 — Broken lives
    • 2015 — the Fighters: the Last battle
    • 2015 — the fern Flower
    • 2015 — Security
    • 2016 — Chesnochnitsy
    • 2017 — Belovodye. The mystery of the lost country


    Faith Smolin

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