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  • Name: Vera Kholodnaya ( Vera Kholodnaya )
  • Date of birth: 5 August 1893
  • Age: 25 years
  • Date of death: 16 Feb 1919.
  • Place of birth: Poltava
  • Height: 162
  • Activities: actress of silent movies
  • Marital status: was married

    Vera Kholodnaya biography

    Vera Holodnaya Russian silent film actress. In just 5 years of career she managed to become the most famous actress of her time. With dramatic roles in black-and-white silent film called the Cold the «Queen of the screen».

    Vera was born in Poltava in the family of intellectuals. Her father Vasily Levchenko worked as a teacher of literature, mother-Ekaterina Sleptsova was a graduate of the Institute for noble maidens. Faith was the eldest daughter, after which were born the Hope and Sophia. The family lived in Poltava for long, and when the older girl turned two, he moved to Moscow. And after 8 years, cholera had claimed the head of the family. Was very ill and the mother, so the care of the sisters fell on the shoulders of little Faith.

    In Moscow, the future actress began to attend a private school Perepelkinoy, but after a year managed to pass a difficult exam and enroll in the ballet school of the Bolshoi theatre. New school Vera loved, and the choreography was given to her quite easily. But power girl’s grandmother insisted that the granddaughter had returned to science, on that Cold then repeatedly regretted.

    Teen Faith showed their talents in creativity, and in sports. In high school, she first acted in a school play, where he played the main role in «Bride» by A. N. Ostrovsky. After graduating from high school the girl began to frequent a circle of young artists of the Moscow art theatre, where he met with the actors. Interest in the cinema at that time was Cold, but more like spectators. And the main reason that pushed her to the path of the actress, has become a heavy financial situation of the family.


    Debut of Vera Kholodnaya film was in 1914. Director Vladimir Gardin was attracted by the striking appearance of the girl, and he took her in the role of an Italian-nurse in his film «Anna Karenina». It is noteworthy that after working together Gardin stated that the Bullpen won’t be an actress because besides looks she has nothing.

    However, after a year career of Faith went up the hill. Another Director made her in the melodrama «the Song of triumphant love» based on Turgenev’s work, which caused a furor. According to Alexander Vertinsky, this film is the pinnacle of success as an actress. Then the Cold has starred in several tapes, and played not only young beauties. For example, in «Lunar beauty» she’s in the white wig appears as an elderly lady.

    All Vera Cold starred in more than 40 films in 5 years. But notable for two other aspects. First, the time to announce a movie was unpleasant, but to hide even the names of the removed paintings that competitors are not intercepted the idea and plot. But participation in the filming of Vera Kholodnaya turned this practice on its head. The audience was on it, so we can say that it is Faith that has become the first domestic movie star.

    Second, with Vitold Polonsky and Vladimir Maximov Cold formed permanent trio assigned to them on-screen images, again, being the first Russian actress with strictly delineated roles. The first joint tape three popular artists became the film «the fireplace», which was based on a love triangle. Movie were a huge hit, and soon followed by a sequel «Forget about the fireplace, it lights went out…».

    The film career of Vera Kholodnaya continued during the First world war, and even the October revolution was forced to stop its activities. Moreover, in Odessa, where in recent years the actress starred in the strictest of energy saving of the new government allowed the Studio to use the tape and electricity in unlimited quantities, but only if Faith is Cold.» In Odessa, the actress managed to play in four scenes: «Princess Tarakanova», «Woman who invented love,» «Last tango» and «Azra».

    Personal life

    At the prom in high school, Vera met a young lawyer Vladimir Cold, which soon got married. The couple have a daughter Eugenia, and they took care of the girl nonnu, which remained without parents.

    Vladimir took part in the first world war, was awarded the title of hero, but, like his wife, he left this life. In fact, he experienced Faith only a few months of Cold was arrested and killed by the KGB, which gave rise to much speculation about the death of the actress.

    Daughters of Vera Kholodnaya took care of her younger sister and together they emigrated from Russia. It is known that Nonna was an Opera singer, lived in France and America, and Eugene has traveled the world with her husband a master’s degree in sociology. Both daughters repeatedly gave interviews in which spoke warmly about his parents.


    In February 1919 Vera Cold fell from the sled into the snow, caught a cold and was ill with the heavy form of influenza with pulmonary complications. This disease is popularly called «Spanish flu». Was the actress in his mother’s house on the Cathedral square. After spending a couple of days, a legend of silent cinema died on the evening of 16 February 1919.

    The funeral of Vera Kholodnaya gathered literally all of Odessa. Unfortunately, the cemetery where were buried the actress, during the Stalinist repression was destroyed, so the tomb of the Faith to the present day have not survived.


    It is impossible not to recall that Vera Cold devoted to the many works of art. During her lifetime, a family friend and entertainer Alexander Vertinsky wrote about her a number of songs, including the famous «Your fingers smell of incense» and «Little krolczyk». A composer Boris Prozorovsky created the song «Jasmine» which was sung by the Faith itself Cold.

    In Soviet times, Nikita Mikhalkov about the actress for the film «Slave of love» where the main character was played by Yelena Solovey.

    And in Odessa, directly opposite the house in which the dead Cold Faith, a beautiful bronze monument and one of the squares is the name of a legend of silent cinema.


    • 1914 — Anna Karenina
    • 1915 — children of the century
    • 1915 — the Song of triumphant love
    • 1916 — a life for a life
    • 1917 — In the fireplace
    • 1917 — Forget about the fireplace, it lights went out…
    • 1918 — the Tale of love dear
    • 1918 — the Last tango
    • 1918 — the Living corpse
    • 1919 — Princess Tarakanova


    Vera Cold

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