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  • Name: Vera Glagoleva ( Vera Glagoleva )
  • Date of birth: 31 January 1956
  • Age: 60 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow, Russia
  • Height: 163
  • Activities: actress, Director, screenwriter, actress, people’s artist of Russia
  • Marital status: married to Kirill Shubsky

    Vera Glagoleva: biography

    Some consider it lucky, while others complain of its capricious, sometimes unbearable nature, but also those, and others implicitly recognize his acting and directorial talent.

    Vera Glagoleva – Muscovite, born 31 Jan 1956 in a family of teachers. She has an older brother. To six years, the family Glagoleva lived in an apartment in the heart of the capital, but then moved to Izmailovo. With the move has changed and the social circle girls. Four years they lived in Izmailovo, and then the parents are sent on a business trip to Germany: abroad family lived at the school. Five years Glagoleva returned to Moscow.

    Faith was fond of archery, though it is more masculine sport. During the year it performed the standard of master of sports and played for the Moscow team. In one shot she had to raise the bow weight of 16 pounds.

    Father Glagoleva wanted she took gymnastics, but she chose to fight with his brother and playing «cops and robbers». And archery Faith was chosen because all the athletes wore a white form: on the background of green onion uniform looked touching and romantic.


    Vera Glagoleva is one of the few Actresses that has become popular without any acting education. In the movies she started right after high school. She accidentally entered the film Studio «Mosfilm» in 1974. The pavilion was a preparation for shootings of the picture «On the edge» – one of the band members saw the Faith and asked her to audition for Sims. Her character is a girl who is desperately fighting for his feelings.

    In 1977 the famous Soviet Director Anatoly Efros started shooting the film «on Thursday and never again». Glagoleva was offered the role of Varya. Her performance so impressed Efros, he invited her into the troupe of the theater on Malaya Bronnaya, but Faith refused, what then repeatedly regretted.

    80’s was the Prime of her acting career. Glagoleva played different roles in dozens of films. The audience saw her in the image of the teacher in the film «do Not shoot in white swans», Eugene in «Starfall», Shura in «Torpedo». But fame came to the Vera Glagoleva in 1983, after the premiere of the film «to marry the captain». In this melodrama, the audience saw her in the title role of the journalist Helena. The film was conceived as a story in which the border guard is looking for a wife. Heroines are supposed to be four, but in the end, the script was rewritten, leaving only journalist Elena. For this role, the authoritative magazine «Soviet screen» called Glagoleva best actress of the year.

    In the ‘ 90s, Faith was shot often. Her role as a strong and independent woman. All of the heroines Glagoleva – positive. Negative characters do not propose to her, because her appearance does not fit the image of a bitch.

    Since the 2000s Glagoleva invite, mostly in TV series. She starred in «Maroseyka,12», «engagement ring», «a Woman wants to know,» and others. The portfolio actress over 40 roles.

    In 1996, Vera Glagoleva was awarded the title of Honored artist of the Russian Federation, and in 2011 she became a people’s artist of the Russian Federation.

    Since 1990, Vera Glagoleva working and as a Director. She took four pictures. Her latest work – a film «One war», which Glagoleva considers his most serious work. The plot tells about the difficult fate of women during the war.

    Personal life

    With Director Rodion by Nahapetavan she met at «Mosfilm» in 1974, and a year later married him. Nahapetov older Glagoleva for 12 years.

    Faith and Rodion have two daughters – Anna and Maria. Anna was a ballerina of the Bolshoi theatre, and the youngest daughter Mary after her marriage moved to live in America. There she completed a course of computer graphics. The past ten years, Maria lives in Moscow with her first husband she divorced and remarried.

    Glagoleva and Nahapetov lived together for 14 years — in 1989, their marriage fell apart. Rodion moved to the United States, and Faith with her daughters remained in Russia.

    In 1991, the actress met with the shipbuilder Kirill Shubsky, it happened at the festival «Golden Duke». Soon the couple got married, in 1993 was born the daughter Nastya, Vera gave birth to her in Switzerland. Cyril under Faith eight years, but the age difference did not prevent their strong Union. She says she is happily married, and is completely enclosed from life.

    In 2005, media reported that gymnast Svetlana Khorkina gave birth to a son from Subsky. Vera Glagoleva did not respond to it. Their marriage has stood and the test.


    • «On Thursday and never again»
    • «On the edge»
    • Starfall
    • «Enemies»
    • «Going after»
    • «The waiting room»
    • «Umbrella for newlyweds»
    • «Engagement ring»
    • «The short game»
    • «A woman wants to know»


    Vera Glagoleva

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