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  • Name: Vera Fischer ( Vera Lúcia Fischer )
  • Date of birth: 27 November 1951
  • Age: 65 years
  • Place of birth: Blumenau, Brazil
  • Activity: Brazilian actress and model
  • Marital status: not married

    Vera Fisher: biography

    Vera lúcia Fischer born November 27 1951 in the Brazilian town of Blumenau. Her family many years ago emigrated from Germany, father Emil Fischer started businesses and kept them in the city a small shop of fabrics and garments, mother Hildegard Berndt played in the theater, but with the birth of children she devoted herself to education. Vera had a brother Werner, who died tragically at the age of 19, after which the mother was the only daughter surrounded by love and care. Hildegard’s lifelong dream of becoming an actress, but never achieved much success in this field, I decided whatever did not make Faith a star of the theatre. Parents Fisher got exotic for Brazil appearance: green eyes, blonde hair, making the girl it was hard not to notice. In seven years she has danced in a ballet at the theater Carlos Gomes, in são Paulo.

    Vera studied at the College of the city of Blumenau, teachers and classmates remember her as being studious and diligent student. However, to study the future actress was not very fond of. In 15 years, Fisher got into a modeling Agency. A year later, she took part in the regional beauty contest «Miss Santa Catalina», where it easily won victory. The girl began to learn in his native town, in the parent store fabric and clothing, where he earned a young artist, began to come to her supporters, ready to spend any money, just a few minutes to be around a celebrity. But the real success was waiting for Faith in 1969, when she went to represent his native Santa Catalina at the state beauty contest «

  • Miss Brazil». The beauty and artistry of Fisher helped the girl to win a prestigious contest and bring her up the whole country. However, glory did not prevent the beauty to enter the historical-philosophical faculty of the University of Santa Catalina. As the winner of the title «Miss Brazil», Vera Fisher was obliged to attend social events, charity events and often to be on television.

    Career of Faith is not limited to only one movie. She posed Nude for a photo shoot of the Brazilian «Playboy» magazine and I became interested in the theatre. In 1998, Fisher has put and has played a major role in the play «Cat on a hot tin roof». In 2007 he published an autobiography, a popular Brazilian actress and new theatrical production based on the script of her first husband Perry Sallee «Secret».

    Vera Fischer: TV shows

    For a long time, filmmakers did not pay attention to the talented model. However, in 1972, she finally was offered a role in a movie in the style of «pornochanchadas» erotic Comedy «Sinal Vermelho — As Fêmeas». The girl longed to tie his career with the movie, agreed and for three years starred in such projects. In 1973, the screens out the film «Superwoman», which Vera was awarded the title of the main sex symbols of Brazil.

    In 1977 she made her debut on Brazilian TV in the series «Magic mirror». The girl won the audience not only for its beauty but also impressive acting. The actress has signed a contact with the largest television Studio in the country «

  • Globo». Fisher’s career has peaked, she participated in the filming of the TV series «Too stupid», «Sweet Creek» and many others. In 1995, the popular actress began
  • the problem with drugs. It is increasingly noticed in unacceptable condition on the set. Come down to the fact that the channel «Globo» broke the contract, and for a time Vera Fischer disappeared from the TV screens. The artist found the strength to fight the addiction and three years later returned to the Studio «Globo» which gave the girl a modest secondary role in the film «Mad money.» Fisher went all out in this role, justifying the trust given to it. «Globo» is largely helped by the recovery career. actress: after a difficult period Faith seriously recovered. It involved personal trainers hired by the Studio, the artist has also done some plastic surgery to regain their former appeal.

    In 2000, Fisher has played the mega popular Russian TV series «

  • Family ties». Screenwriter Carlos Manuel wrote the image of the heroine Helena especially for an actress. The part in the novel has returned the Faith to its former glory and ensured the signing of a new contract with the «Globo» for a period of ten years. The next project, Fisher became the series «
  • Clone», released in 2001. The telenovela has become one of the most successful television projects in Brazil, receiving numerous awards. The actress for the role was awarded «Best actress» from the «quality Award of Brazil» in 2002. Vera Fisher still acts in TV series, being one of the highest paid Actresses in Brazilian cinema.

    Vera Fischer: personal life

    When Vera Fisher was just 20 years old, she married a young Brazilian actor

  • Perry Sallee. They lived together for almost sixteen years, acting in the same series. In 1979 the couple of Fisher-Salesa daughter, Rafaela. However, their marriage fell apart because the actress has fallen in love with another colleague on filming, actor
  • Felipe Camargue, with whom he played in the series «Mandala». Felipe was younger Faith at nine years old, but the age difference did not become an obstacle to their romance. Perry and actress broke up in good terms, without scandals and quarrels.

    In 1989, Fisher was again married to her beloved, the Camargue. Four years later they had a son Gabriel. This marriage ended very tragically. Soon the actress was having problems with drug addiction and alcohol. Studio «Globo» broke the contract, the actress became a regular at club and bars, Newspapers were filled with scandalous headlines about her antics. She practically engaged in education of children, leaving them to a nanny. The husband of actress filed for divorce in 1997

  • the court denied the Faith parental rights to Gabriel. Vera was three years and support ex-husband Perry Sallee to recover and cope with their addiction. After treatment in the clinic and return to TV it with new forces began to fight for custody of their young son. According to the court, the artist had the right to see my son eight days a month. With Gabriel, the artist tried to spend all his weekends, he also spent the night mother once a week. Fisher paid child support her ex-husband who paid for all the FILIAL passions: swimming, soccer and judo. In 2005 alone, the actress managed to defend their right to freely communicate with his son.

    In 1998, the Faith began an affair with the partner of her theatrical production «Cat on a hot tin roof»

  • Florian Peixoto. Their relationship lasted about two years, after which Pachot left actress. Faith is very upset by this gap, feeling rejected and humiliated. Later went short novels with other young people: the actor Murilo Rosa, and then a football player and a model Alexandre Monteiro. In 2004, Vera Fisher started Dating young actor
  • Paulo Serra, who was younger than the actress on for twenty-six years. The lovers met at the carnival, which the actress has arranged on his Hacienda. The guy won the heart of the Brazilian star and soon moved in with her. However, this novel was short, five months later, the couple broke up.

    Vera Fischer filmography

    • Sinal Vermelho — As Fêmeas
    • Superwoman
    • Magic mirror
    • Too stupid
    • Sweet Creek
    • Fatal inheritance
    • Mad money
    • Family ties
    • Clone
    • The mistress of fate
    • Road India
    • George

    Vera Fisher: photos

    Vera Fischer and Paulo Serra

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