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  • Name: Vera Brezhneva ( Vera Galushka )
  • Date of birth: 3 February 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Dniprodzerzhynsk, Ukraine
  • Height: 171
  • Activity: Singer, actress, TV presenter
  • Marital status: married to Konstantin Meladze

    Vera Brezhnev: biography

    Vera Brezhneva, a famous singer and actress, the standard of femininity and beauty. She was born 3 Feb 1982 in one of the cozy towns of Ukraine – Kyiv. But Faith in the family, raised three more children: sister Galina, and twins Victoria and Anastasia. The parents of the girls worked in the industrial sector at Pridneprovsk chemical plant, all the forces trying to provide a decent life for their children.

    Native name of Faith dumplings and Brezhnev – stage name. The girl’s family was not wealthy, which is reflected in her relationships with classmates. In school, the future actress could be seen always in the same clothes. However, she had a rather discreet appearance and could not boast of a particularly beautiful compared to other girls.

    Vera Brezhnev in childhood

    While the artistry of the young Faith was not to occupy – even in kindergarten she began to perform his first role in the matinees she always was easy and simple. Despite the fact that Brezhnev was not possible to visit the vocal, theatrical and dance clubs, she managed to get to the center of attention.

    In school, Vera Brezhnev continued to develop her artistic talent – she actively participated in all performances, especially she was able to play Baba Yaga, a role which the future artist made such a good recklessness.

    Even in his youth, Vera Brezhneva had grandiose plans for a star of the future. And strangely enough, the girl stubbornly went to his goal, despite the fact that the parents had the possibility of something to help her. She was fond of karate, handball, rhythmic gymnastics, basketball. Training combined with courses in administrative assistant and English language. Faith took courses computer science and graduated from the school of the motorist, then successfully got a driver’s license. The additional education money the girl earned free time in the summer weeding the flower beds in the «Zelenstroy» and in the evening moonlighting as a nanny.

    Vera Brezhnev in his youth
    Vera Brezhnev in his youth |

    After school Vera Brezhnev wanted to become a lawyer, but because of expensive education was forced to abandon the desired direction and entered the correspondence Department of the Dnepropetrovsk Institute of engineers of railway transport. After graduation received the diploma of the economist.

    June 2002 was crucial in the biography of Vera Brezhneva. On the occasion of Midsummer in the city of Dnepropetrovsk welcomed the group with a concert. That day on the Monastic island came, and Faith. Then on stage, invited everyone to sing along with the girls song «Attempt № 5». Beautiful figure, rhythmic movement and good hearing Brezhnev noted producer Dmitry Kostyuk.

    Vera Brezhnev in the composition
    Vera Brezhnev in the «VIA Gra» | ivona

    When he took the phone number of Vera Galushka-the invitation to the casting in Kiev, she did not even expect to continue Dating. When I received a call with an appropriate invitation, Faith is not believe, even the mother did not say what is sent to the capital.

    The group «VIA Gra»

    After numerous exercises, it was decided that Faith would sing in «VIA GRE» instead of Alena Vinnytsia. However, the name dumpling is clearly not consistent with the scenic image of sexy group. When Dmitry Kostyuk asked where I came from future team member, immediately got the idea to replace the name with the nickname «Brezhneva», because the former Secretary-General Leonid Brezhnev was born in Dniprodzerzhynsk. From that moment the fate of Vera Brezhnev is the finest hour.

    Vera Brezhnev in
    Vera Brezhnev in «VIA GRE» |

    About the new «white» the soloist «VIA Gry» learned everything. The press eagerly unearthed the secrets of the singer and loudly commented on every step of newly participating. At first Vera Brezhnev remains in the shadow of vociferous followers, but with each passing day its popularity is increasing. Updated the group first came on the scene in January 2003.

    The composition of the group «VIA Gra» 2003 called gold, because the tandem of Anna Sedokova, Nadia Granovsky and Vera Brezhneva is still considered the most fruitful. In February of that year, aired the song «don’t leave me, beloved», and then the clip that 7 months did not leave the first position of the charts. According to audience voting RU.TV the video for the song was recognized as the best in the last decade. Photo of Vera Brezhnev and the group headed for the cover of Russian and Ukrainian gloss.

    In April 2003 he released the album «Stop! Cut!». Full-scale planned edition ordered even a month before the planned presentation of the album. April 24 in Moscow came out with a new album of group «VIA Gra». In six months it sold over 500,000 copies. The album was awarded «Golden disc». This was another breakthrough in the career of Vera Brezhneva and «VIA gra» in General.

    Sony Music guide called the band the most successful project and decided to record a debut album. In may the girls went to Israel, where he presented his debut release for the label Sony Music Russia, was made in the local TV show «Yatzpan show» and performed the single «Good morning, dad!».

    5 June 2003 the choir with this song made in «Olympic», after which the TV channel Muz-TV aired the hit several times a day until the end of the year. On the background of this success Vera Brezhneva with other members of the team became famous all over the CIS, but this was only the beginning.

    In 2007, the press leaked irrefutable and shocking fans with information that Vera Brezhnev is leaving the legendary group «VIA Gra» for his solo career.

    Songs and clips

    After the departure of «VIA gra» Vera Brezhnev took a sabbatical and decided on their plans for the future. In 2008 she returned to TV as a presenter. Then viewers saw the ex-vocalist of the popular musical group in the role of leading the show «Magic ten» on the First channel. After a few months of Brezhnev released the video of the song «I’m not playing» and «Nirvana», and in parallel with the music becomes the participant of «Ice age 2», where she was a pair skater Armenian Vazgen Azroyan.

    Vera Brezhnev - solo songs
    Vera Brezhnev — solo songs |

    In 2010, Vera Brezhnev presented his new song «Love will save the world», for which six months later received his first Golden gramophone, and then recorded his first album with the same name. 2011 solo career Brezhnev was marked by the release of the song «Real life».

    In 2015, the world saw the second solo album of Vera Brezhneva «Ververa». In support of it was released which became a popular single, «Momma», producer of which was the future husband of the singer Konstantin Meladze.


    The acting career of Vera Brezhneva started in 2005. On television the actress first appeared in the role of look in the musical «Sorochinskaya fair», which along with Brezhnev played Sofia Rotaru, Yuri Galtsev and George Tails.

    Vera Brezhnev - movies
    Vera Brezhnev — movies |

    In 2009, Vera Brezhneva, first played in «full meter». She was invited for the role of Cathy in the film by Marius Weisberg «Love in the city», where her partner was Alexei Chadov. In addition to acting in this film Brezhnev took part in the soundtrack and released on his motives the third clip.

    Vera Brezhnev - the role
    Vera Brezhnev — roles |

    In 2011, the actress starred in the Comedy «Christmas Tree», and in 2012 played the main role in the movie «the Jungle.» Among the latest films Vera Brezhneva worth noting her role in the film «8 dates» in the series «C-2», in which the appearance of the actress was a complete surprise for the audience.

    Personal life

    Personal life of Vera Brezhneva eventful not less than her career. His eldest daughter Sonya artist gave birth at age 18 from Vitaliy Voychenko, whom the singer lived in a civil marriage. But the relationship Brezhneva and Voichenko went wrong, and young people left.

    Vera Brezhnev with the eldest daughter Sonia
    Vera Brezhnev with the eldest daughter Sonia |

    In 2006, the singer became the wife of Ukrainian businessman Mikhail Kiperman, which inherited the old name. In 2009, Brezhnev gave birth to a second daughter Sarah, the child has not contributed to the preservation of the family, and in 2012, the couple divorced.

    Vera Brezhneva with her first husband Mikhail Kiperman and daughter Sarah

    In 2014, the press said about the novel Brezhneva and producer Konstantin Meladze. Almost from the start, the journalists were credited with a pair of loving relationships. In the Internet leaked photo of Brezhnev and Meladze of Jurmala, and the paparazzi several times «caught» the famous producer at the house of the singer. Their mutual friends were divided into two camps: some were denied the information, saying that Constantine is family-oriented, while others explicitly said that their relationship has long been for anybody not a secret.

    Wedding of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze photos
    Wedding of Vera Brezhneva and Konstantin Meladze photos

    But in October 2015, the media reported about the secret wedding of stars. The ceremony Konstantin Meladze and Vera Brezhneva was held in Italy.

    In this turbulent personal life and marriage with Konstantin Meladze did not prevent Brezhnev to continue his solo career — the singer is currently one of the most popular singers in Russia and Ukraine.


    • •»Stop! Cut!»
    • •»Biology»
    • •»Stop! Stop! Stop!»
    • •»L. M. L.»
    • •»Love will save the world»
    • •»Ververa»


    • •»Sorochinskaya fair»
    • •»Love in the city»
    • •»Christmas tree»
    • •»Yolki 2″
    • •»The jungle»
    • •»Rockland»
    • •»8 dates»
    • •»C-2″


    Vera Brezhneva

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