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  • Name: Vera Alentova’s ( Vera Bykova )
  • Date of birth: 21 February 1942
  • Age: 74 years
  • Place of birth: Kotlas
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress, people’s artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: Married Vladimir Menshov

    Vera Alentova biography

    The fate of the legendary Soviet actress Vera Alentova is closely intertwined with the life and works of not less famous actor and Director Vladimir Menshov, who have her husband. Together they created the iconic painting «Moscow does not believe in tears» who glorified their names all over the world.

    Vera was born on 21 February 1942 in the small town of Kotlas. In fact, it appeared in this dynasty of actors: mother Irina and grandmother were Actresses of the theater. Father Valentin Mikhailovich Bykov was also an actor but died when young Faith was only four years old, so she almost doesn’t remember him. After her husband’s death, her mother decided to move to Ukraine, in the city of Krivoy Rog, where the future actress went to school.

    Childhood of the artist took place in poverty. My mother worked a lot, but money for high-quality toys is still not enough, and she had to make puppets out of cardboard. Faith spent a lot of time alone, inventing funny stories to pass the time. Soon she began to attach to him his friends from the yard. Alentova secretly dreamed of becoming an actress, but mother was categorically against such profession.

    Valentovich family moved frequently. From Ukraine, they moved to Uzbekistan and then to the Altai, Barnaul. There the future actress at the insistence of his mother trying to get into medical school, but lacked the knowledge to pass the exams. However, Faith has not abandoned his dream and using his stepfather was in the troupe of local theater. On hearing this, Irina threw a fit, because daughter had to get an education in Moscow, and then to try to become an actress. Alentova was forced to go to work, but to take a minor girl nobody wanted. She was refused at the post office, then to the pharmacy, and the only place where it took the artist, was the melange complex, where she worked for a year.

    In 1961, Faith traveled to Moscow. She applied to all the capital’s theatre school and was accepted into the School-Studio of the Moscow art theatre in the course of Vasily Markov. There fate brought her with Vladimir Menshov. By the way, while future Oscar-winning Director was considered unpromising student, and his wife prepared a bleak future with such an artist.

    After graduation in 1965, the actress was invited to the troupe of the Moscow theatre named after Pushkin. There Faith was immediately appointed to leading roles, and she soon became one of the leading Actresses. But life in the theater was not a simple, naive and gullible artist surrounded by intrigue and deceit. Other members of the troupe had come up with incredible stories about Alentova to take away her coveted role.

    Directors are offered participation in his productions, but there were periods of stagnation, when the actress was stuck in the theatre. The most fruitful was a creative Union of Faith and Director Roman Kozak. Together they put seven premieres in just nine years. It was at this period, the peak theatrical career as an actress.

    In 2009 Alentova became a lecturer in the Department of acting of the all-Russian state University of cinematography named after S. A. Gerasimov, where to this day teaches students.

    Vera Alentova movies

    If the theater Faith almost immediately began to receive leading roles in productions, the movie was waiting for her, quite the opposite situation. Her debut was the role of a school teacher in the film about pilots «Days of flight». Then followed another invisible role in the movie, and by as much as 10 years, the actress has forgotten about the filming, focusing on a theatrical career.

    In 1977 she played in the film «Birth», and two years later became the star of the Soviet cinema. And all thanks to the cult film «

  • Moscow does not believe in tears», filmed by her husband Vladimir Menshov. Strange, but to invite to the role of Cathy his wife the Director decided only after the failure of two other candidates. Actress Irina Kupchenko don’t like the script, and Margarita Terekhova at the time, went to shooting in Odessa. Then Menchov was offered the role Alentova approved by the Council. Their relationship was of little help filming, on the contrary, Vladimir with the utmost rigor applied to the work of the actress. The film «Moscow does not believe in tears» waited an incredible success, crossed the Soviet border and came to America. In 1981 he was awarded the «
  • Oscar», but the Director could not leave the country, so the border went Alentova. She traveled around the world and together with people of different nationalities watched their work. Came to it girls and thanks for an incredibly emotional and believable story. For this role, Vera Alentova awarded the state prize of the USSR and was recognized as best actress by the magazine «Soviet screen». After such a resounding success, the actress was invited to major film roles. In 1982 he released the film «Time for reflection» where she played together with Vladimir Menshov. No less successful was the film «Time of desires» directed by Julia Reisman. In 1986, the artist was awarded the State prize named after Vasilyev brothers.

    With Menshov actress and works to this day. In 1995, she starred in the film «Shirli-myrli», where he played multiple roles, and five years later appeared in the film «Envy of gods». In the past she even worked in the scenes with famous French actor Gerard Depardieu. In 2014, screens released tape «Road without end», where Vladimir V. acted as producer. As you might guess, the main role is played by Vera Alentova.

    Vera Alentova: personal life

    Fate is closely connected Alentova, Vladimir Menshov, whom she met in School-Studio of MKHAT. Wedding couple played by students, after which it was an ordeal life and family life. For some time they lived separately, and after graduation, even moved to different cities: Vera remained in Moscow, and Vladimir was determined to Stavropol.

    In 1969, a daughter Yuliya Menshova. But the weary couple decided to leave. They continued to write each other letters, and Menchov every weekend visited her daughter.

    When the girl went to first grade, parents to get back together. Since then they never parted, despite the differences and conflicts that invariably arise in such creative families.

    Vera Alentova: plastic

    The name of the actress often POPs up in the news in connection with numerous plastic surgery. In the pursuit of youth Vera Alentova often resorted to the services of surgery. My first surgery for face lift she spent in 1998. But these interventions have strongly influenced her appearance.

    After another braces the actress contorted facial features: right eye began to seem more and the left one remained in a semi-enclosed condition. Alentova was in shock from the effects of surgery and wanted to sue the clinic. However, the scandal was resolved without trial and excessive noise in the press.

    Vera Alentova: filmography

    • Days of flight
    • Moscow does not believe in tears
    • A time for reflection
    • Time of desires
    • Birth
    • Shirley myrli
    • Envy of the gods
    • And all-taki I love…
    • Road without end

    Vera Alentova: photo

    Vera Alentova

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