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  • Name: Vasya Oblomov ( Vasily Goncharov )
  • Date of birth: 21 March 1984
  • Age: 32 years
  • Place of birth: Rostov-na-Donu
  • Activity: singer, musician, poet, composer
  • Marital status: married

    Vasya Oblomov: a biography

    Vasily Goncharov, better known under the nickname «Vasya Oblomov», a Russian musician, poet and composer, founder and leader of the group «Cabasa». He became famous in mid-2010, when he wrote the satirical song «going to Magadan», which has become his trademark.

    Basil was born and raised in Rostov-on-don in the family of intellectuals. His father is a candidate of technical Sciences, and later founded his own quite a profitable enterprise. Mom is a philologist. She was the one who helped the son in his first poetic experiments. Parents sought to give Bob a good upbringing and education, so the boy was taken in high school with profound study of English, and also in musical school, piano class. However, in 15 years the young man was capable of playing not only keyboards, but also guitar, drums and some wind instruments.

    In the 9th grade Goncharov founds his first musical band called «Cabasa». Along with classmates he plays sentimental songs in the style of British pop music and is popular at school dances.

    After receiving the matriculation Vasily Goncharov, who had long been dreaming of becoming a famous singer, comes to… history faculty of Rostov state University. Totally unexpected choice, as he and the young man and his parents understand that this profession will not be his life path. Even more surprising, that Bob gets a second degree in a completely different field – almost at the same time with world history he was studying law.

    And only received two diplomas of higher education, the potters went to St. Petersburg and begins to do what his soul was lying from the beginning.


    In St. Petersburg he met with a countryman, who helps him to penetrate the dense ranks of the workers of show business. Vasily Goncharov is producing the new album «Model for assembling» the legendary rock musician Vyacheslav Butusov, and a year later the song «All empty», which Viktor Reznik wrote specifically for Mikhail Boyarsky. Bob collaborated with other artists, and in different qualities. For example, he took part in the filming of the clip «Such a feeling» of group «the Caste» and has also composed music for actor Mikhail Efremov, who in one episode of «Citizen poet» I read it to the REP.

    In the same year Basil takes the pseudonym Vasya Oblomov, who brought in the end he Grand downloads. The new name is natural, since the most famous character of the Russian writer Ivan Goncharov, is the namesake of musician, call it calving. First performing experience was a definite success. Song-parody of «Cornflowers» was, in fact, a re-recording of the famous hit «Stan» by rapper Eminem.

    But in may 2010, the success has been stunning. The song «going to Magadan» appeared on the Internet as drawing video and it was rather stiff parody of modern Russian chanson. The song became so famous that on TV showed a story about it and about its author. In addition, «Magadan» won in the musical program «Videobite» becomes the soundtrack for the Comedy Timur Bekmambetov’s «Christmas Tree» and included in «top 20 songs of the year» according to channel one.

    Soon be new compositions performed by Vasya Oblomov «Who wants to be a policeman?», «From where the Motherland begins» and «From the heart». The last song, and released a little later, «Truth», Bob sings along with Sergei Shnurov, the frontman of the band «Leningrad». As «Magadan», these hits again ridiculed the tastes national citizens.

    In 2011, Oblomov finally presents a full-length album, «Novels and stories». After him, the fans will not have long to wait for new creations: since Bob fans happy with another record year.

    It is worth noting the importance of creativity Vasya Oblomov for modern cinema. In addition to paintings of «Tree» mentioned above, several of the filmmakers took of the musician’s work in their projects. In the film adaptations of the novels of Sergei Minaev, which, by the way, Basil is friends, heard the song «the Champions» and «Memento Mori». Oblomov and wrote the title song to the new film by Alexander Voitinskii «Ghost», and performed by Fyodor Bondarchuk and Semyon Treskunov, who played the main characters.

    Despite the somewhat unorthodox genre of his work, Vasya Oblomov has repeatedly won honorary awards. For example, the magazine «Maxim» awarded him the prize «Golden Joker» as the best musician, and in 2013 Bob was awarded the prize «Made in Russia», ahead in this category are not someone, and the very Zemfira.

    Personal life

    The first great feeling you felt back in high school. His beloved’s name was Katya Berezina, and she studied in a parallel class. You guys dated for a few years, but when she went to study at the actress in another city, their relationship ended.

    At the University of the potters began to meet with Olesya Serbina. She not only studied with him in the same group, but was a classmate of the previous girls, so familiar to Bob and Olesya was a very long time. By the way, the father of the Sebino – a famous painter, whose paintings are exhibited not only in Russia but also in Europe.

    In the last year of high school Vasily Goncharov and Olesya Serbina got married, but with any circumstances, try to hide this fact and even on vacation they are photographed separately.


    • 2011 — Novels and stories
    • 2012 — Stability
    • 2013 — Breaking
    • 2014 — Mnogohodovochka!
    • 2015 — very much alive


    Vasya Oblomov

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