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  • Name: Vasily Utkin ( Vasiliy Utkin )
  • Date of birth: 6 March 1972
  • Age: 44 years
  • Place of birth: Balashikha, Russia
  • Height: 200
  • Activities: sports journalist, TV commentator, showman, actor, TV and radio presenter
  • Marital status: not married

    Vasily Utkin: a biography

    Sports commentator and showman Vasily Utkin was born March 6, 1972, Balashikha. He is the second child in the family, the eldest sister’s name is Anna. Parents Utkina – representatives of the Moscow intelligentsia. His father was a scientist-a physicist, a mother, a doctor, a grandfather, a teacher.

    Parent genes are not passed on to Vasily – school physics was given to him with difficulty. The teacher set his «Troika» only out of respect for the profession of his father. At home the boy often had to listen to parents ‘ instructions. Vasily Utkin did not play football like most boys, he was attracted by the languages and literature. He had Basil since childhood, had good diction, competent speech, the teachers admired his erudition.

    Utkin followed in the footsteps of his grandfather and after school he entered the Moscow pedagogical University. He was going to become a teacher of Russian language and work in school, but it did not happen. Higher education was in the period of perestroika, when rapidly changing country priorities. Utkin studied for four years and the fifth course took the documents — do not pass the final exam and did not prepare a thesis. He today is unable to explain the reason for his action.


    Vasily Utkin’s media career began in 1992 when he was invited to become the editor of the program «Politburo». Author Alexander Politkovskaya, one of the founders of «the VIEW,» managed to gather a team of professionals. Two years later the program was closed.

    In 1994 Utkin began working as the host of the program «Football club» on NTV. His stories and commentaries have been a lot of criticism and conflict, he questioned the professionalism of coaches and players. As a result of sports elite of Russia together and beginning to ignore the program. Soon the program was closed broadcasting resumed only in 2000. During this period, Utkin’s career went up. He worked as the editor of Department of sports in the tabloid «Newspaper», a commentator in the European and world Championships, has collaborated with the publishing house «Soviet sport».

    Two years — 2004-2005 — Vasily Utkin was awarded the prize «TEFI» as the best commentator. In parallel, he mastered the genre of entertainment, has broadcast «wall to Wall», «Earth-air», the reality show «Hunger».

    In the program «Football club» he has appeared as leading only during the matches of the UEFA Champions League. In 2006, the leadership of NTV have closed it completely, and next year Utkin has appeared on television as an actor. He played the role in the Comedy «election Day».

    In 2010 a new role in the Comedy film «what men talk About». In the autumn of the same year, NTV has invited him to the post of editor-in-chief of sports channels. It constantly appears in new TV shows on different channels: among them-the program «the History of Russian humor», «Ankle show», «Our football», «the Big question»

    Vasily Utkin considers sports a unique genre and admits that this is his favorite direction of journalism. Provocative remarks and foul language, which he allows himself, are perceived negatively in society. But the controversial journalist makes to talk about themselves constantly, albeit unflattering.

    Personal life

    Vasily Utkin’s not married, he does not have children. In 2003, the journalist was able to arrange a personal life. On the set of «School for scandal» he met a girl. The couple had a relationship, though not for long. They parted at the initiative of the fair sex. In one interview, a sports journalist said painfully experienced the gap.

    Basil lives in an apartment with their cats.


    Vasily Utkin

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