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  • Name: Vasily Sigarev ( Vasili Sigaev )
  • Date of birth: 1 January 1977
  • Age: 40 years
  • Place of birth: Verkhnyaya Salda, Sverdlovsk oblast
  • Activity: the Russian film Director, screenwriter, producer, cinematographer, editor and playwright
  • Marital status: civil marriage with Yana Troyanova

    Vasily Sigarev : biography

    Vassily Vladimirovich Sigarev was born in January 1977 in a small village in Sverdlovsk region. In Sochi he spent his childhood and teenage years. Unfortunately, Sigarev tells very little about this important period of his life, though in the years there have been its formation and development as a person.

    After graduation, Vasily Sigarev went to Nizhny Tagil, where he entered the pedagogical Institute. But studied there only up to the 3rd course. Obviously, that’s when the future Director and playwright realized that is his way.

    In 1997 Vasily Sigarev became a student of the Yekaterinburg theatre Institute, which selects the specialty «dramatic art». Sigarev got on course to the famous actor, screenwriter and playwright Nikolai Kolyada.


    Bright creative biography of Vasily sigareva began in high school theater. During these years he wrote his first scripts and plays that are published in the journals «Modern drama», «Ural» and various publications that are published not only in Russia but also abroad. A Testament to the talent of the young dramatist is the fact that his works were immediately translated into many languages. Plays sigareva out in English, German, French, Serbian, Polish. It is noteworthy that for the scenarios and plays the rising star of Russian drama, foreign Directors immediately put on plays.

    Finds Vasily Sigarev recognition and at home. In 2000, when the writer was studying in my last year of high school theater, he was awarded the Debut prize for his play called «Plasticine». In the same rich on the events of the year, «Plasticine» was staged at the Festival «Lyubimovka.» The Director of the show was Kirill Serebrennikov.

    At the end of 2000, the production has received several national literary awards, including the biggest «Antibuker» in the category «Three sisters.» And after 2 years the «Clay» sigareva was awarded the Russian prize «Eureka» and «New style» and British theatrical award «the Evening Standard». The latter award was presented as the most promising playwright.»

    In the UK, the name of Vasily sigareva becomes better known. His play is delivered in English directed by Alan Rickman, is on the stage of the famous London theater «Royal Court Theatre» and is a huge success.

    Almost simultaneously, the «Clay» is placed in France, in the framework of the project «East-West».

    In 25 years, Vasily Sigarev, a widely recognized Ural genius. The play «Plasticine» was a lucky ticket to the world of success and global celebrity. Few of the domestic playwrights were able to start with such sky-high positions and prestigious awards.

    After the release of the first play by the young playwright doesn’t stop. From under its feather there are two dozen wonderful and popular works, among which the most famous play «Family ghoul», «the Pit» and «Keyhole». These works of Directors around the world – from Ekaterinburg to the Broadway stage plays. Sigareva literally showered with prestigious awards.

    In 2013 made a new play based on the work of Vasily Vladimirovich called «Black milk». Statement immediately received the prize «Hope» at the 7th International festival of modern dramaturgy «Kolyada-Plays».


    It so happened that Vasily sigareva’s creative career began in the theater, although true love playwright considers the cinema. Moreover, Sigarev argues that the theater failed to catch it in their nets. He says that his plays look more like the scripts ready for the cinema, not theatre. Yes, and «Clay» was conceived for the cinema, but accidentally hit the theater.

    Vasily Sigarev, won extremely prestigious awards for theatre performances, shocking some of her fans when openly admits that in the theater it is almost always boring. This feeling had visited him, even when he came to the premiere of his own play.

    The pleasure of the creativity of the Ural playwright has received, when the screens began to leave the film on his scripts. Debut of Basil sigareva in the cinema, not only as writer but also Director, held in 2009. His painting «the grinder», where the main role was a talented actress Yana Troyanova, brought Sigareva not less popular than a few years before the play «Plasticine».

    The film and its Creator was immediately showered with numerous awards, both domestic and international. In 2009 in Russia, «Top» was awarded the prize of film critics «White elephant», as well as the first prize named after Grigory Gorin for the best scenario at «Kinotavr».

    As for international recognition, and here a resounding success. The painting «the grinder» won FICC special mention at the 44th International film festival in Karlovy vary, and was also awarded at festivals in Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, France, Georgia and Poland. The film received an award from the International Federation of film critics.

    Encouraged by the first success in the movie, Vasily Sigarev in 2012, presented the audience his second picture – drama called «Live». And again acted as writer and Director, believing that only the one who wrote the script, can better understand how to remove it for the film.

    Premiere of «to Live» was held in January 2012 in Rotterdam, where he held an international festival. Auditorium after watching the movie by Russian Director burst into long applause. Tape again received numerous awards, including the top prize of the national festival «Kinotavr».

    Stories to their scenarios Sigarev draws from life, both your own and loved ones. It is noteworthy that the paintings of Vasily Vladimirovich always have a deep meaning, critical and dramatic in nature. For example, «Insight» about a girl abandoned by her mother, and the film «to Live» on how to survive the death of those closest to you.

    In 2015, Vasily Sigarev has pleased admirers of his talent a new creation – the movie «Country 03». The premiere took place in the summer of that year at the 26th festival «Kinotavr». And again the prize for best screenplay and the award of Guild of film critics «Elephant». On wide screens the film was released in December of 2015. In centuriona version it showed the channel «TNT». In the starring Yana Troyanova and Gosha Kutsenko.

    Despite the fact that Vasily Sigarev is just beginning his directorial journey, he has become famous as one of the most talented Directors of contemporary Russian cinema. Criticism specifically for creations sigareva coined the term «new folk realism.»

    Personal life

    Meeting with actress Yana Troyanova turned to playwright and Director crucial. Ian was not only the wife of Vasily sigareva, but also his Muse. She starred in all his films.

    Wife is the second «I» Ural genius. It is indispensable in his life. It, Jan told her husband the plot of «Top». Her childhood memories included in the script. Besides Troyanova made her film debut in the film the husband. They are really two halves of an inseparable whole. Although to my luck they did not come immediately. For Yana and Basil this second marriage. First-each of them older children: Yana has a son, daughter of Basil.

    Personal life of Vasily sigareva’s favourite wife Jana and their joint projects. The couple live in Yekaterinburg and are not going to move to Moscow. They have a civil marriage. Says Jan, «to seal» their relationship is they fear: the fear of a failed legal marriages. The main thing that binds a couple, it is love.

    Filmography (Director)

    • «Spinning top»
    • «Live»
    • «Country 03»


    Vasily Sigarev

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