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  • Name: Vasily Shukshin ( Vasiliy Shukshin )
  • Date of birth: 25 July 1959.
  • Age: 57 years
  • Place of birth: Aggregates
  • Activity: film Director, actor, writer, artist
  • Marital status: was married to Lydia Fedoseeva-Shukshina

    Vasily Shukshin: a biography

    Vasily Shukshin was born in the village of Srostki Biysk district of the Altai territory. The native of a simple family of self-employed farmers or «average», Basil lost his father early in the era of collectivization and repressions of the 30-ies of Makar Leontievich Shukshin, was arrested and executed. All the concerns of the family took mom. Marrying again, she continued raising children together with her new husband. In the future, Vasily Shukshin will fondly remember his stepfather as a man of great kindness.

    After graduating seven years in his native village, Vasily Shukshin moves in nearby Biysk to continue their education in automotive technical school. After studying there for two and a half years, but I have not received the diploma, the future great Director was forced to leave school to go home and start working to be able to support a family. Not long after working on the farm of his native village, Basil is again changing the kind of activity and gets fitter. Since starting in 1946 and at the time of his conscription into the Navy in 1949, young mechanic Shukshin manages to travel around many cities and businesses.

    It was during military service in the black sea fleet Vasily Shukshin first became interested in literary work. In his leisure hours he wrote his first stories and read them. But to serve to the end he never had first identified the symptoms of gastric ulcer. The attack was so severe that the medical Commission found him unfit for further service on the same day.

    On his return home, Vasily Shukshin passed his final exams as an external student of high school and began work as a teacher of the Russian language. He was later invited for the position of Director of the school of labor youth in his native village Srostki. However, according to the memoirs of Shukshin, he was a teacher «bad». Teaching did not appeal to him as your life’s work. The future Director was experiencing a great desire to conquer the capital.

    In 1955, the year Vasily Shukshin went to Moscow to enter the scriptwriting faculty of VGIK. To give him the opportunity to get to the capital and use your chance, my mother sold the cow and all the money given to his son. Subsequently, the distinguished Director recalled that due to the textured appearance, but also because of the ambiguous impression which he made on the admissions office, Shukshin offered to enter acting. But fate turned out differently, and Vasily Shukshin has chosen the directing Department. At the same time have literary debut — on the advice of his mentor, Mikhail Romm, Shukshin send your literary works of the Metropolitan publishers. Here the first success was the publication in the journal «Change» his story «Two on a cart».

    Vasily Shukshin movies

    At the same time start shooting a movie. The first work of Shukshin was episodic. In the film «the Quiet don» , he got very small role of the sailor. But it was a good early acting career, and already the following Shukshin in the film «Two Fedor» was in charge. Further proposals do not have to wait long, and soon Shukshin-actor was much better Shukshin-Director. However, the main vocation of the master felt something more. He was attracted by the idea of creating a full story line, careful study of each character and further translating on the screen.

    The first independent work «is made Of Swan’s report» realized all the ambitions of the author — Vasily Shukshin, acted as writer, Director and actor. Yes, this picture has not received due attention by critics, who considered it somewhat boring, but the Foundation’s own ambitious projects were laid. His next feature film, «Lives a guy» was shot on the motives of the previously published stories «a good driver» and «Grinko malugin». The main role was invited by a classmate of Basil VGIK Leonid Kuravlev. This work received major success. Shukshin was noticed by the audience and critics. In this period fully developed his creative manner.

    The characters that were portrayed in his works Shukshin, are ordinary workers with complex characters that find themselves in a difficult situation. The theme of the common man is very close to the Director, visited farmers, and workers, deeply feels those people about whom he writes. Shukshin-actor, for reviews critics, had the ability to see the world through the eyes of his hero, deeply live in all the complexities of his character. When Shukshin remembered by the audience by some external simple-minded and discreet narrative manner.

    Vasily Shukshin: literature

    In parallel, Vasily Shukshin successfully combines the cinematic with the literary work. His book «Rural residents» was released in 1963, the year the publishing house «Young guard». Just the creative legacy she has two full-fledged novel, with the main issues of creativity fully disclosed in numerous stories and novels, which served as a basis for future cinematic plans.

    In 1974, the year on the screens out the famous film Shukshin «Kalina Krasnaya», the last work of authorship. The film received prestigious awards and critical acclaim. Giving himself entirely to the shooting process, the Director did not spare health, and frequent severe attacks of ulcerative disease did not affect the work schedule.

    The next film, where Shukshin was an actor, was his last. Vasily Shukshin died suddenly during the final stages of the filming of the beloved movie «They fought for the Motherland».

    Many film and not narrowed true: didn’t wait for permission to shoot the two-part tape dedicated to the life of Stepan Razin and the peasant uprising. Vasily Shukshin was very passionate about this topic — summarized primary sources, studied the customs of the era, he worked on the script and shooting schedule. For the sake of this idea, he even refused to take part in other movies, making a major bet on «Stepan Razin». But at that time the leadership of the state Committee for cinematography considered a great historical film untimely and very expensive, making it clear that the shooting is postponed for an indefinite period.

    Vasily Shukshin: personal life

    The first and only official wife of the Director was Maria Shumskaya, with whom Basil had met in his youth. Unfortunately, their lives took different paths on the wedding day due to the failure of Maria Ivanovna to go with Basil to conquer Moscow. The young wife was frightened at the disorder of the future of city life. Leaving Mary in his native village, Shukshin went to Moscow myself and a few years back to ask for a divorce, as he loved another.

    At that time he already lived a long time with Victoria Sofronova, the daughter of writer Anatoly Safronov. But Mary did not give her husband a divorce, the rest of your life remaining the only wife. To get out of this situation, Vasily Shukshin was even forced to «lose» your passport. In 1965, Anastasia Sofronova was born from his daughter Catherine Shukshin.

    In 1964 Shukshin married actress Lydia Alexandrova, who performed the role in the movie «Lives a guy». Their marriage did not last long. According to the memoirs Alexandrova, the reason for this was the affair of the great Director and alcohol abuse.

    In the movie «What is the sea» Vasily Shukshin meets with actress Lidia Fedoseeva. For a long time he could not give preference to one woman and has relations with two women. Lydia Fedoseyev bore him two daughters, Maria and Olga, staying beside her husband to the last days of his life.

    Vasily Shukshin: filmography

    • Quiet Flows The Don
    • Two Of Fyodor
    • Swan of misleading
    • When the trees were big
    • What is the sea?
    • If you want to be happy
    • I ask
    • They fought for the Motherland
    • There is such a lad
    • Your son and brother
    • Strange people
    • Pechki-Lavochki
    • Kalina Krasnaya

    Vasily Shukshin: photo

    Vasily Shukshin

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