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  • Name: Vasily Lanovoy ( Lanovoy Vasiliy )
  • Date of birth: 16 January 1934
  • Age: 83 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 177
  • Activities: Soviet and Russian film and theater actor, people’s artist of the USSR
  • Marital status: married to Irina Kupchenko

    Vasily Lanovoy biography

    Future people’s artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoy was born in Moscow in January 1934. His parents – immigrants from Ukraine. In the capital they appeared in 1931. They left their native village of Strymba in the Odessa region, to be saved from starvation. In Moscow at that time lived the brother of the father.

    When Vasily Lanovoi was 6 years old, his family was struck by a new terrible ordeal. The Great Patriotic war for a long time separated parents and children. In June 1941, Vasily Lanovoy, along with two older sisters rested in the village Strymba, where lived the grandmother with the grandfather. Parents remain in the capital. Almost 3 years since the start of the war, they knew nothing about children. Connection with the German-occupied Ukraine was not. All these difficult years Semyon Petrovich and Agafya Ivanovna Lanovia worked for the defense of the country. They worked at a chemical plant, in the shop where hand poured «Molotov cocktails» and anti-tank fluid. In doing so, they lost health, received a disability and could barely move. But after hearing about the release of the district where there were children, mother of Vasily Lanovoy went on the road. Few weeks Vasily together with the sisters returned to the capital.

    Once Vasily Lanovoy with a friend, walking around Moscow, I saw a poster announcing the performance of «Tom Sawyer», which treated participants in the drama of the House of culture at the factory Likhachev. The boys went on a performance that made a lasting impression. After watching the boys could not resist and asked to be accepted in a circle.

    The first production, which debuted Vasily Lanovoy, called «my Dear boys». The premiere took place on the stage of culture of the Likhachev plant in 1948. Soon Vasily Lanovoi was already recognized as one of the most talented students of the theatre Studio and even played a major role in the play «matriculation». The role of Valentina Liszt brought the young artist his first award – the main prize of the all-Union competition of Amateur theaters. It happened in 1951, when Lanovoi was 17 years old.

    By the time Vasily graduated from high school, received a «gold medal». Inspired by the theatrical success, he went to enroll in a school named after Boris Shchukin. Of the 150 applicants for places in a prestigious acting school, was selected only two. Among the lucky ones – Vasily Lanovoy. Apparently, the victory seemed the future of the artist is too easy. So he took the documents to the Moscow state University, where easily entered a prestigious journalism Department.

    In the first year Lanovoi received an offer to star in the film «matriculation», and in the same role he has recently performed in the eponymous play. The picture was released and received many rave reviews from critics and huge success with the audience. It was then that Vasily Lanovoy has finally realized that his future profession – actor. The young man left school at MSU and returned to the Shchukin theatre, where he continued to learn from a great acting teacher named Cecilia Mansurova.


    A cinematic biography of Vasily Lanovoy was continued in 1954. The young actor got the offer to play the main character of the film «Pavel Korchagin». After the release of the tape brought to its creators and the actors numerous awards and a huge success. Lanovoy woke up famous.

    Just at this time Vasily graduated from the Shchukin school. He was immediately accepted into the troupe of the Vakhtangov Theatre. But yesterday the student with such vivid record is not immediately offered significant roles. Chief Director Ruben Simonov long kept an eye on him before trusting him a major role. Lanovoy began to think, not to change the place of work. At that time he received two proposals to go into the other theatres – Mossovet and «Contemporary». Only then Simon, to keep a talented artist, gave him a starring role in one of the productions. So theatergoers saw Vasily Semenovich in performances of «Princess Turandot» and «cavalry». Then there was the brilliant production of «Antony and Cleopatra», «Maria Tudor» and «Prince Andrew». Lanovoy soon becomes the leading actor of the troupe.

    At the same time developing and film career of the artist. He starred in the wonderful film «Scarlet sails» in the episode «Striped flight». Then was noticeable roles in the films «War and peace» and «Anna Karenina» the works of Leo Tolstoy. The resounding success has brought «Days Rubinich» and «Anna and the Commodore». The movie «Petrovka 38,» which also played Lanovoy, brought another wave of glory. Each of these paintings successful and entered the Golden Fund of Russian cinema.

    But the greatest glory of the actor brought the work in the epic film «Officers». It came out in 1971. Vasily Semenovich has played a noble and brave officer Ivan Barabbas. This tape is now loved by many viewers of the older and middle generations, and at the time of release it was immediately recognized as a masterpiece of Patriotic cinema. The magazine «Soviet screen» proclaimed the painting film of the year, and most Lanovoy – best actor of 1971.

    The theme of the great Patriotic war came up repeatedly in the filmography of the actor. In 1979, the screens out the famous documentary Roman Karmen «Great Patriotic war», voiced by Vasily Lanovoy. This work the artist was awarded the prestigious prize of the period – Leninist.

    In the early 1980s, Vasily Lanovoy acted a little. Most of the time he taught at the native theatre school named Shchukin. During this period, the actor appeared only in new projects at the theater. Production of «Dear liar», «Dedication to eve» and «the lion in winter» with his participation was a great success.

    In his career Vasily Lanovoy in the first place puts the work in the theater, which is a very loyal and today.

    Social activities

    In 1985, the admirers of Basil Lanovoy learned the beloved actor and as a writer. He published his book of memoirs under the title «Happy meeting». Later appeared another work – a memoir, «Flying for days days…».

    In 1995 Lanovoy was elected Chairman of the public Foundation «Army and culture». Under the guidance of eminent «officers of Russia» was held over 800 benefit concerts. Some of them – «hot spots», such as Abkhazia, Chechnya, Tajikistan. More than 10 years Vasily was the head of the International children’s film festival «Artek». In addition to the title of people’s artist of the USSR he has the title of Academician of the Russian Academy «Nika».

    The artist is known for his political stance on Ukraine. In 2014 he signed an appeal to the then President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych «to apply all the power to restore order in the country.» And in March of the same year spoke in support of the policy of the President of Russia in the Crimea.

    And Vasily Semenovich Lanovoy, the head of the Board of Trustees of the action «Immortal regiment» was held on may 9 covered hundreds of cities in the country. For several years he personally together with his wife on the Day of Victory bears the portraits of his parents, who forged great Victory.

    Personal life

    Vasily Lanovoy was married three times. For the first time the actor got married at a fairly early student age. His first wife was the famous actress Tatiana Samoilova. They lived together for only 3 years.

    The second wife of Vasily Semenovich – actress Tamara zyablova. They married in 1961 and lived happily until 1971. A tragic end to this marriage put wife’s death in a car accident.

    Since 1972 and at the present time, the artist’s wife is a well-known actress Irina Kupchenko. To this marriage were born two sons, Alexander and Sergey. In 2013, Sergei did not – he died of heart disease.


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    Vasil Lanovi

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