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  • Name: Vasiliy Brovko ( Vasiliy Brovko )
  • Date of birth: 6 February 1987.
  • Age: 29 years
  • Place of birth: Zhukovsky, Moscow oblast
  • Activity: entrepreneur, producer, media Manager
  • Family: married to Tina Kandelaki

    Vasily Brovko: biography

    Vasily Brovko, a Russian businessman, founder of the Center for strategic communications «Apostle» and communications Director, Analytics and strategic research Corporation «rostec».

    He was born February 6, 1987 in the suburban town of Zhukovsky. Basil grew up a street boy, he loved to chase the ball and even on a serious level, played football. Through the power of sport boy realized concepts such as collective responsibility, and cultivate their leadership qualities.

    Brovko studied at the Lyceum with a mathematical bent, after which he submitted documents to the Moscow state University named after M. V. Lomonosov. He originally planned to enroll in economic faculty, but the choice of specialty was influenced by the atmosphere in the family. The fact that Basil’s parents always discussed political issues in the country and abroad. Yes, and the guy enjoyed reading a lot of literature in which the characters were spin doctors and PR people.

    That is why Vasily Brovko graduated from the Department of political science of the philosophical faculty. By the way, in the second year he created his first project — a youth online magazine But after high school the young man plunged into the field of television.


    Vasily Brovko became a producer of political and entertainment programs, for example, «Conversation rules», «Black and white», «Political League». Later he headed the Prime time broadcast radio GRK «Mayak», and then created a Center for strategic communications «Apostle Media», which is promoting various projects in the domestic and international market.

    Pretty quickly you realize that the Internet cannot be ignored. So they launched the channel, Post TV and such TV shows as «the Unreal policy» with Tina Kandelaki, «to Old men here not a place» with the male by Prilepine, «Fantastic Breakfast» with Dmitry Glukhovsky, « the video version» with Irena Ponaroshku «Real sports» with Victoria Lopyreva, «Men’s games» with Oleg Taktarov and many others. In addition, Brovkin engaged in the promotion of the well-known video channel «+100500» blogger Maxim golopolosov.

    It is the Basil idea is gaining momentum national educational project «Smart school», which is based on the format of school Park.

    At the end of 2013, the businessman had entered the Directorate of the Corporation «rostec» and has managed to achieve in this position great results. As an indicator of success it is possible to recall contact the organization in the top three in Russia, according to independent company «Medialogia». In addition to Rostec young entrepreneur is on the Board of Directors of group «» and several other quite successful businesses, including «electronics», «RT-inform» and others.

    Personal life

    With his wife Tina Kandelaki and Vasily Brovko met through work, because they have for several years worked together on joint projects. Their romance stars long concealed from the public. Even information about the wedding, which took place in 2015, has been extended until June 2016. Together with Tina and Vasily Kandelaki living children from his first marriage – daughter Melania and son Leonty.

    Brovko stayed true childhood favorite game – football. He is an ardent fan of the St. Petersburg «Zenith» and Russian national team. As a professional PR expert Vasily worked on the «Concept of development of youth football in Dagestan», designed for the football club «Anji». Also a young entrepreneur engaged in the organization of the presentation of one of the star players of the Makhachkala team of Samuel Eto’o.


    Vasily Brovko

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