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  • Name: Vasiliy Stepanov ( Vasilii Stepanov )
  • Date of birth: 14 January 1986
  • Age: 31 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 192
  • Activities: actor
  • Marital status: not married

    Vasily Stepanov biography

    Vasily Stepanov, the famous young actor, born January 14, 1986 in Moscow. Basil – comes from a simple family. His mother worked as a seller after being a regular teacher. The father of the young talent, born in a small village Krupenia Smolensk region, worked as a policeman. Basil is also mother’s younger brother. As a little boy every summer Stepanov spent with his beloved grandmother in the village. According to her memoirs, Basil was quite a difficult child, a fighter and a leader.

    Learning from him was no matter, so after school, the future actor entered the College of physical culture and sports. There Stepanov received the specialty teacher of physical education, despite the fact that did not differ particularly healthy lifestyle and was a smoker.

    It should be noted that in the process of learning in College the young man attended classes in unarmed combat, and even received the title of Master of sports. But soon he wanted to change his life and move away from the sport. That is why Basil came to law school. Despite the desire to get a law degree, Stepanov could not constantly go in pairs to teach complex concepts, terminology, and so on. So, after a very short time, Basil left school. Such failures in school the boy tried to compensate for the job and any salary, trying to be independent and not to listen to the constant teachings of their parents. The future actor had little to work as a bartender and appeared in several commercials. One of these movies with his participation campaigned for contract military service, although the Basil in the army are not served.

    Friends Stepanov saw him as a talent, so I insisted that the guy tried his hand and joined the film Institute acting classes. Basil tried to go to several theater schools, but eventually chose the Shchukin school, where he was a pupil of Vladimir Poglazova.

    Vasily Stepanov movies

    At one of the auditions Stepanov met with Pavel Kaplevich, a key person in the fate of man. It Kaplevich supervised the casting of the actors in the film «

  • Inhabited island». Spotted young talent, he appointed a meeting with Stepanov Fyodor Bondarchuk. Famous film Director appreciated the Basil appearance: tall, handsome and a cute guy was perfect for the role of the main character Maxim Kammerer. To do this movie, the actor had to take a small sabbatical. The film «Inhabited island» made him famous virtually overnight. However, for the painting Stepanov had a little paint hair, and then ash blonde was the embodiment of dreams of many girls of our country.

    In addition to working in film and theater, he also tried his hand as a television presenter. So, in 2011, Stepanov led a TV show «Long time no see» on channel TV Center. But the actor managed to appear in only a few programs, and then finished his career leading.

    Vasily Stepanov: theatre

    Today Vasily Stepanov in the theatre it is impossible to meet, if only in the auditorium. Among the most important and memorable works of a talented actor worth noting is the role of a schizophrenic Edward in a production of «Veronica decides to die».

    Vasily Stepanov: personal life

    About the personal life of the young talent is little known. Now he is free and looking for decent girl for long relationship. He was pretty hard to impress, as Basil says in his interviews, so how many ladies want to see a wealthy man, not a boy who lives on the neck of the parents.

    However, a serious relationship Stepanov was. The first student’s love – actress Darya Egorova. They not only met, but also managed to live in a civil marriage. As Dasha says she’s just tired of fighting constant depression of a loved one.

    Vasily Stepanov: filmography

    • Inhabited island: Film one
    • Inhabited island: Fight
    • Insurance case
    • Kiss Of Socrates
    • About football

    Vasily Stepanov: photo

    Vasily Stepanov

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