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  • Name: Vasyl Mishchenko ( Vasiliy Mischenko )
  • Date of birth: 22 July 1955
  • Age: 61 years
  • Place of birth: sat. Sholokhovskiy, Rostov oblast
  • Height: 175
  • Activities: actor, film Director, documentary producer, Honored artist of the Russian Federation
  • Marital status: married

    Vasili Mishchenko: biography

    Actor and Director Vasily Mishchenko was born on 22 Jul 1955 in Rostov region. He spent his childhood in Sholokhov’s places – he grew up and studied at the school of the village Sholokhov. Perhaps the atmosphere of these places have influenced the choice of future profession.

    Basil’s parents are ordinary people. His father worked as a bricklayer, his mother was a cleaner. Lived it all – no frills. When the son announced that he was going to become an actor, his parents dissuaded. Particularly adamant was the father – he wanted the son to become a miner, like many young people in the village. Basil insisted, and went to enter the theater Institute in Moscow. Mishchenko recalls that back then, they were sick the whole village.

    Young Vasili Mishchenko
    Young Vasily Mishchenko | KINODIR

    The first time he failed to arrive in GITIS, he flunked out of drama school in Krasnodar. Then the father said harshly: «Enough, time to find a male profession.» And again, Vasili Mishchenko showed character.He went to Volgograd, and studied at the puppeteer, but the next year again passed the exams and enrolled in GITIS. He enrolled in a course of Oleg Tabakov. In 1980, Mishchenko graduated from College and stepped into an adult actor’s life.


    In 1981, Vasili Mishchenko came into the troupe of the theater «Contemporary», which he plays today. His main theatrical role was Khlestakov in «the inspector General», which actor played more than 20 years. Every year Mishchenko was involved in 3-4 theater productions, mostly in classical repertoire. He played Eremina in the «feedback», a Lackey in the play «Balalajkin Ko» by N. E. Saltykov-Shchedrin, Petrukha in the play «Scaffold», Binding in «Three comrades» and many other roles.

    In 2009 Vasily Mishchenko debuted as a theater Director. He staged «And in the morning they woke up» in the Theater. N. V. Gogol.

    Vasili Mishchenko in the play
    Vasili Mishchenko in the play «Hot heart» | Eastern suburbs

    In 2011, the actor and Director received the title of Honored artist of Russia for merits in the field of art. 2015 Vasili Mishchenko supervises the master directing film and television in Cinematography.


    In the movie, Vasiliy Mishchenko, began acting in 1980. He debuted in the film by Sergei Solovyov «Rescuer», awarded a prize at the film festival in Venice. Among the notable works Mishchenko-actor -movies «One and without arms», «Fools die on Fridays», TV series «Cool». In the detective series «Cool» Vasiliy Mishchenko was also a co-Director.

    Directing a movie he’s doing since 1998, many of his films are detectives. He Mishchenko explains this dynamism and relevance of criminal history, so they always find their audience. «Tough» he starred in one of the main roles, his character is similar to his wife, a grown daughter. By the way, «Cool» was shot and the daughter of Vasily Mishchenko, who at the time was a student of the school-Studio MXAT.

    Vasili Mishchenko, Sergei Galanin in the film
    Vasiliy Mishchenko, Sergey Galanin at the filming of «How to raise a millionaire» | Ruskino

    Employment in the theater and directing the activities do not interfere with the artist to withdraw today. He played the role of Sulkowice in the film, «Kuprin», playing film Director Ivan pyreva in the TV series «Lyudmila Gurchenko», political officer Marchenko in «National treasure», the staff in «Crew»

    Personal life

    Vasili Mishchenko for many years married to Olga Vehiculos. They met at GITIS, where both studied. Vasily studied at the acting faculty, and Olga – to a Director. She now works as a television Director.

    Vasili Mishchenko wife
    Vasili Mishchenko wife | EG

    Met, fell in love, got married. Wedding walked in «Tabarka», which at that time was in the basement on Chaplygin. A witness from the groom’s side was the actor Avangard Leontiev.

    In 1980, the couple has a daughter Daria, she followed in the footsteps of their parents graduated from the school-Studio of the Moscow art theatre, the Venice University and the Roman Academy. Since 2003 Daria in films, and more interested in photography, directing, art history.

    Vasili Mishchenko with my daughter and niece
    Vasili Mishchenko with my daughter and niece | Companion

    Vasili Mishchenko does not like fashionable parties acting, says it’s not him. There are many young and talented people, let them attend social events, and it is necessary to do business and be happy for colleagues at home.


    • «The crew»
    • «Cucumber love»
    • «To Kill Stalin»
    • «The mistress of taiga»
    • «Reflection»
    • «Lyudmila Gurchenko»
    • The «mystery of Faith»
    • «Ivanko»
    • «Marines»
    • «Red square»


    Vasili Mishchenko in movie

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