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  • Name: Vasily Berezutsky ( Vasili Berezutski )
  • Date of birth: 20 June 1982
  • Age: 34 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 189
  • Activity: football player of CSKA and Russian national team
  • Marital status: married

    Vasili Berezutski: biography

    Moscow – the city that gave Russia the talented twin-brothers Vasily and Alexey Berezutsky. In childhood, using external similarity, they rarely tried to deceive the teachers, leaving to the Board one after the other. They do not always see the difference, and caused laughter in the class. Although, if you look closely, even the photo shows the difference.

    The brothers Berezutskiy in childhood
    The brothers Berezutskiy in childhood | Sportsor

    The brothers graduated from Moscow school No. 475. Sports biography of Basil started in the football school «Change» when he and his brother were 8 years old, where they were thanks to his father. The first coach was Vladimir Ivanovich Lupandin. School choice is not accidental – from Printers closest.

    School was held in parallel with training in high school. This went on for about three years until the brothers are not tired. Few months, the children did not touch the ball, and Basil wanted to go to a basketball game, the benefit of growth allowed. But not only that boredom was the cause of the failure. «Change» came from the Higher League, lost prospects. All decided an unexpected call from Vladimir Kobzev from torpedovtsy school, who invited the twins to continue to play football under him. The family maintained the sporty aspirations of the brothers.

    Club career

    Basil realized that football is his profession after the first fee of $ 50, for him it was a fabulous price. And before that, while still studying, the brothers had stayed after practice and watched from the podium for big-time football. In those days, «torpedo» played in the East.

    After school football Vasili Berezutski has signed a contract with the club «torpedo-ZIL». Here he played for about two years. After a while, in Ignatieff, the fees for his brother and reached $ 300, and then the twins felt like real millionaires. In the «ZIL» he spent about 29 meetings, after which the talented football player was invited to CSKA Moscow, where he successfully made his brother Aleksei Berezutski.

    Vasil Berezutski in CSKA
    Vasili Berezutski CSKA | Football review

    At first the brothers had to get used to men’s football. It was not quite the youthful games – other speed played harder, every movement required a greater impact, it was not always possible to follow the ball. The brothers told how the discussed games on the way to the subway. As was surprised that only the ball to be one of them, the only thought in my head will run where to give it, and the balls and not, as the wind blew.

    2000 divided the brothers on different teams – Alex was in «Chernomorets», as Basil continued to play for «a torpedo-ZIL». A year later, he became a member of the CSKA team.

    Vasil Berezutski in CSKA
    Vasili Berezutski CSKA | Football review

    After the transition to a new team sport player’s career has become to develop dynamically. The debut of Vasily Berezutski on the field took place on 17 June 2002 in the match against the team of «Krylya Sovetov» CSKA won a landslide victory with the score 2:0.

    Since the beginning of his football career despite his young age, Vasily managed to play in different positions as a striker, midfielder and defense, and over the years spent in the club of CSKA Vasily Berezutsky has won many titles:

    • The Winner Of The Cup Of Russia– 2001/02, 2004/05, 2005/06, 2007/08, 2008/09, 2010/11;
    • Champion Of Russia 2003, 2005, 2006;
    • The Cup Of Russia — 2004, 2006, 2007, 2009;
    • Silver medalist of the championship of Russia — 2004, 2008, 2010;
    • The winner of the UEFA Cup 2004/05;
    • Made the list of 33 best players of the championship of Russia — from 2005 to 2010 and 2012;
    • Awarded the order of friendship – 2006;
    • Bronze medalist of the championship of Russia – 2007;
    • Bronze medalist of the European championship – 2008;
    • Team captain for the 2014 world Cup;
    Vasili Berezutski
    Vasily Berezutsky | Football HD

    Throughout 2002, the Basil on the field did not appear. Watched him in two matches, both times he played against the «Wings of the Soviets». And only a year later the athlete was able to become part of the core team. In the same period he made his debut in the national team.

    In that season Vassily managed to win a gold medal. He played for CSKA 26 times. Berezutski brothers and Sergei Ignashevich managed to create in the Russian championship protection, which eventually formed the basis of club of CSKA and the national team. In those years, was in charge of CSKA Vasily Gazzaev.

    It was he who noticed the success of the young football player decided to invite him for a crucial match against Switzerland.

    Vasili Berezutski
    Vasily Berezutsky | Sport FM

    Not the most productive was the year 2004. In the past 12 months he is on the substitution first, and took the pitch only occasionally. Very different was 2005, then Basil showed himself on the other side. The game is the tenacious grip he has created a truly impenetrable defense. Berezutsky tried right winger in two years – in the last month of the summer of 2007, playing in a match with «Saturn».

    In March 2005, the Berezutsky received facial trauma – broken nose. There was an unpleasant event in one of slot collision during the game between FC «Moscow» and CSKA. In the championship of Russia Vasily played most of his games from beginning to end, not leaving the field. 2008 is the year of the second peak in the career of a footballer.

    CSKA Vasily spent more than a decade. During this time he managed to become the main defender of the club. In the national team, he also serves on the defense position.

    Team Russia

    His first match for the national team of Russia Vasily Berezutsky played on 7 June 2003 against Switzerland in the qualifying stage of EURO-2004. Goals have been so successful that the game ended with the score 2:2.

    In the national team for the European championship football player was in 2008-m to year. In the semi-final he came on as a replacement, Denis Kolodin, playing in the Central defense. The team then lost 0-3 depriving yourself of the finals.

    Vasili Berezutski Russian team
    Vasili Berezutski Russian team championship

    His first goal for the national team, he scored only 4 years in the match against Macedonia in the qualifying stage of the European championship-2008. A total of Vasili Berezutski played 79 matches for the Russian national team, scoring 4 goals. World Cup 2014 Vasily Berezutsky first received the captain’s armband.

    Recall that in June 2016 Berezutski literally saved Russia from defeat, scoring in the 91st minute world Cup goal for England, when hope of success was gone.

    However, the fate of the villain is not spared and famous footballer. In October 2016, the defender of Russian national team in a friendly match with Costa Rica scored an own goal. It happened unpleasant event on the second compensated minute of the first half of the test match.

    The episode with the goal Basil has repeatedly commented in an interview, he admitted that was very active.

    Personal life

    In his personal life Basil happy. In October 2009 Vasily Berezutsky got married, and in April 2010 his wife Olga gave birth to his heir. The long-awaited son was named Vladimir in honor of his father Basil. In the first place in the life of a footballer always stood by his family — wife and son and now newborn daughter, born 28.10.2016. He devotes all his spare time.

    Vasili Berezutski with his wife and son
    Vasili Berezutski with his wife and son | Gunner

    Vasili Berezutski in numerous interviews has repeatedly stated that after his football career is likely to do business with his wife or some business like. To become a football coach he wants, because he believes this work is quite nervous.

    By the way, not long ago, the Berezutskiy brothers opened a shop selling boots.


    Vasili Berezutski

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