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  • Name: Varvara Vizbor ( Varvara Vizbor )
  • Date of birth: 18 February 1986
  • Age: 30 years
  • Place of birth: Moscow
  • Height: 172
  • Activities: actress and singer
  • Marital status: married

    Varvara Vizbor: biography

    Varvara Vizbor – Muscovite. She was born February 18, 1986 in a family where everyone lived and breathed work. Grandpa Yuri Vizbor – legendary Soviet bard and poet. Grandmother Ada Yakusheva – also a well-known personality, a talented performer of bard songs, poetess and writer. Since childhood everyone around noted the surprising external similarity of the barbarians with his grandmother. Mother – Tatiana Vizbor – also a creative person. She works as a television and radio journalist.

    Varvara has a younger brother Yury Lobikov. He carries the father’s name. On a family Council it was decided that the daughter will receive the name of the father and mother – Vizbor. Thus, it will be able to continue the glorious history of this genus.

    At school age the barbarian does not suffer from uncertainty in the choice of profession. She studied the girl not very good, but musical and acting abilities it was pronounced. The parents decided that the daughter did not leave them any chance» and took her to drama school.

    But at the end of the school Vizbor failed the first time come to VGIK. Then it is not received, students showed great support of the mentor and the actor Alexei Batalov. He convinced depressed guys that in any case can not give up. And still I called the most famous names of artists who are unable to enter the theater first and sometimes the second time. However, they turned into legends and theater.

    Varvara Vizbor becomes a student at the Shchukin theatre school for next year. He studied the girl with pleasure and she graduated from high school with honors. Vizbor and so got a taste of the educational process that arrived at the Department, deciding to stay in teaching. But after 2 years she realized that on the stage it pulls stronger and went to the theatre.

    Varvara Vizbor: theatre

    Aspiring artist sought for the living to communicate with the audience. She loved to sing and dance. But hitting with the Institute walls in the theater «School of modern play», the young actress was soon disappointed. She really didn’t have enough songs, music, and dancing. Barbara realized that a dramatic actor rather limited means of expression. Not like Vizbor and oppressive atmosphere that reigned in the temple of Melpomene. Besides, she unsuccessfully jumped into the play and broke her leg. Cooking realized that it was a sign of destiny that pushes her not to stop and to find their place on.

    Soon Varvara Vizbor has passed in the Moscow Theatre of miniatures (now «teatrium na serpukhovke»). After a conversation with artistic Director of theatre Teresa Durova, the young artist understood that finally got there, where she will be comfortable and interesting to work with.

    It just happened. In this eccentric, steeped in creativity and freedom theatre, where each performance was extremely dynamic and musical, Barbara felt happy. She successfully debuted in several productions. His star role herself, Barbara considers the role of Fun in the musical «flying ship». She also played in productions of «bye-Bye, Grapeskin!», «The Tinder Box», «Concert. Adventures in the city I», «Dragon» and others.

    Varvara Vizbor: music

    No matter how comfortable nor felt Varvara Vizbor in the «teatrium on serpukhovka», the singer won her as an actress. While still a student, she met jazz musicians Sergei Khutas and Eugene the Wrestler. So there was a project called «vizborV.S.Khutas». Together, the musicians worked for five years and released the album «Strawberry». This song, which permeates the love of the land, with Russian roots and spirit. But at the same time, it is not only folk, but also jazz, sometimes avant-garde motifs. The authors of the poems, performed songs belong to different eras, but linked by common mood. There are album and song of the legendary Santa Barbara – Yury Vizbor.

    The next project called «the Magical fruit» performer created together with the talented composer Mikhail Maximov. The album took part Vladimir Presnyakov, Sr., Peter theremin, Alizbar and others. But to breathe life into the project are the poetry of contemporary poet Anne Reteyum. The album was very warmly received by fans of tvorcestva Varvara Vizbor.

    Varvara Vizbor: «The Voice»

    In mid-September 2015, Varvara Vizbor participated in the project «the Voice». In the blind audition, she performed a surprisingly gentle and touching song «Winter,» written by her grandfather. The audience with extraordinary trepidation listened to the voice of the singer, but when she finished singing, none of the four members of the jury, not turned to Barbara. Polina Gagarina then explained that just don’t have time to react because the song was quite short and stopped suddenly. But the justification for the other members of the jury – Basta, Alexander Gradsky and Grigory Leps — the audience received with unconcealed indignation, applauding the singer a standing ovation.

    Surprisingly, after the failure of Varvara Vizbor became very popular even more than some of the participants passed. In social networks has started a «bullying» teachers. Most of the users could not figure out why no one came back, and some delivered their verdict:

    «Because there is no Poly (Pelageya — ed.)».

    Harsh words of condemnation to the jury poured in not only from spectators but also from the «star». So, Maxim Vitorgan made on Facebook by your verdict, writing: «And the judge is naked…».

    The singer took seriously his defeat and promised that he would stop any attempt of participation in various shows. But at the same time acknowledged that «the Voice» gave her an unprecedented wave of popularity and recognition. Your warm words of support and admiration now write thousands of admirers of talent of the singer.

    Varvara Vizbor: personal life

    Personal life Barbara Vizbor closed so that to know the name of her husband is almost impossible. We only know that the singer actually officially married. She says that saves information about your family and loved one.

    While in the family Varvara Vizbor no children, but plans on expansion of the family already Mature.

    Varvara Vizbor: discography

    • Strawberries
    • Forbidden fruit

    Varvara Vizbor: photo

    Varvara Vizbor

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