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  • Name: Vanessa Mae ( Vanessa-Mae Vanakorn Nicholson )
  • Date of birth: 27 October 1978.
  • Age: 38 years
  • Place of birth: Singapore
  • Growth: 158
  • Activity: British violinist, composer, skier, singer
  • Marital status: not married

    Vanessa Mae: biography

    The famous British violinist, a talented songwriter, actress and athlete Vanessa Mae was born in 1978 in Singapore. Little Vanessa was only 4 years old when her mother Pamela tan, a native of China, separated from his own father, girls, Thai by Araponga Vanakorn, and moved with her daughter to England, where she married a London lawyer Graham Nicholson.

    The childhood and youth of famous violinist cheerful and carefree difficult to call. Musical biography Vanessa Mae started very early. Baby first sat at the piano at 3 years of age. 5 stepfather introduced her to the violin, but the piano was long for the girls more important tool.

    Vanessa Mae in childhood
    Baby photo

    Mother obsessed with a desire to make the daughter of the famous and dreamed that Vanessa got into the Guinness Book of world records, forced the girl for 4 hours a day to make music. The exception was only the day of her birth. The woman did not get tired to remind the child that her love for her is proportionate to the success that the daughter achieves in music.

    Later, actress in one of his interviews admitted that it was pretty cruel, but, nevertheless, my mom had the common goal to make her famous all over the world.

    Vanessa Mae
    Photo violinist |

    Since 8 years Vanessa Mae half-day spent at the school, and the second half rehearsing. At this age she became the winner of competition of young pianists in the UK and 10 already gave concerts, accompanied by the London Philharmonic orchestra. The girl was the youngest student of the Royal College of music, she was barely 11 years old. But in the famous school she stayed only for six months, teaching the technique of the game may not interested – she wanted to create.

    Even then, the musician was already experimenting with genres, directions and styles, boldly mixing academic performance with modern arrangements.


    At age 12 Vanessa Mae continuously toured. In school she almost did not appear. Mom was very happy with this: she demanded that the daughter has completely devoted himself to music. Socializing with peers at the insistence of my mother stopped. Pamela tan was in control every step of Vanessa, not allowing her to do anything that would distract the young violinist.

    Pamela was assigned to the daughter of a bodyguard which followed her everywhere. The mother chose the girl clothes and carefully controlled her Bank account. About any entertainment and speeches could not go.

    Vanessa Mae's mom
    Mom | Events and people

    Debut disc 12-year-old actress wrote in 1990, and after 4 years, she released her first album «The Violin Player», which brought the violinist’s incredible popularity. It consists of compositions by German composers.

    Of particular success was the song «Toccata and Fugue in D Minor» by Johann Sebastian Bach in the treatment of young talents. The audience was struck by the style of play Vanessa Mae, specific vision of classical works and the astonishing ability to combine acoustic sound with an electric. Herself Vanessa Mae called this experiment «techno-acoustic fusion».

    In 1996, the girl won the nomination «the BRIT Awards».She was named best British female artist.

    Second album, named «China Girl», was released in 1997. Its Vanessa Mae has dedicated Chinese classical music, paying homage to its Eastern roots.

    A year later, the violinist went to their first world tour, named «Storm» (Storm On).

    Vanessa Mae on stage
    On stage | vestkassa

    Often in his live performances Vanessa Mae uses violin «Gizmo» Guadagnini created by the famous master in 1761. In 1995, the instrument was stolen, but police managed to find the owner. One may eve broke his famous violin pieces. The restorers had to work a few weeks, rarity was restored. Amazingly, the violinist says that after restoration the instrument sounds like before.

    Also Mei often uses electro-violin «Zeta Jazz Model» made in the USA. The tool of this brand became the first electric violin stars. Often Vanessa Mae sells their instruments after the concerts at auctions, sending the proceeds to charity.

    Vanessa Mae with violin
    Vanessa Mae | Sputnik

    In 1998, Vanessa decides to try their hand at a new role: she becomes an actress. May has starred in several films and television series, but unlike the music they brought her worldwide fame.

    1999 became for Vanessa Mae the year of getting rid of too close maternal care. She decided to put an end to the interference of Pamela in her personal life and career: the daughter dismissed the mother from the position of his Manager. Pamela tan took this gesture extremely painful. Since then, the mother and daughter do not communicate.

    Vanessa Mae
    A talented musician | Around stars

    With a native father from Vanessa Mae, too, the relationship did not work out. They met 10 years after his parents ‘ divorce. As it turned out, the Pope re-emerged in her daughter’s life only to ask for money.

    In 2006, the artist topped the list of the richest British musicians under 30 years old. Its condition is estimated approximately in $ 70 million. The name of a famous violinist named asteroid number 10313.

    Vanessa Mae
    Has an army of fans |

    In total, the star gave his fans a 17 discs, the last of which is dated 2007. It’s called «Platinum Collection».

    Russian fans of Vanessa Mae was overjoyed hearing of her concert, which will take place in Moscow in February 2017. It is known that the concert will be held in Crocus city Hall, one of the best halls of the capital.


    A few years ago Vanessa-Mae moved from London to Switzerland. She chose this country because of the enthusiasm Alpine skiing, which has had some success.

    In 2014, the world was pleasantly surprised by the news that Vanessa Mae will take part at the Olympics in Sochi as a skier. As the athletes were dual nationality – Britain and Thailand – she could not speak for any of these countries. Britain put strong athletes, and Thailand demanded from Vanessa Mae to renounce citizenship of England. But at the last moment as an exception, the authorities allowed the skier to participate in the Olympics.

    Vanessa Mae at the Olympics in Sochi
    At the Olympics in Sochi | Spletnik

    Vanessa Mae performed at the winter games in Sochi under the name of the father – Vanakorn. She made a successful debut in the giant slalom discipline. She showed a rather weak result and managed to finish in just 67 minutes. But if you consider that many of the participants due to the challenging tracks never managed to reach the finish line, and the result was acceptable.

    Personal life

    For the first time to go on a date with a girl could when she was 20 years old. Previously, this could not be and speeches, after all, behind daughter relentlessly loomed the figures of the virgin and guardian. Maybe that’s why the personal life of Vanessa may and today not arranged. The artist herself says that distrust of the institution of marriage she had due to parental experience. Because my mother divorced and with her second husband – Briton Graham Nicholson.

    Vanessa Mae
    Our first date was in 20 years |

    It is noteworthy that with her stepfather and grandmother have Vanessa Mae has developed a warm relationship. Violinist and today calls American dad. She claims that he not only paid for her music lessons as a child, but loved her and never interfered in her career.

    That next to her a young man, became known in the late 1990s. With Lionel Catalan star met at a French ski resort. Lionel was the son of the mayor of Val d’isere. At first the guy did not even know that cute girl with Eastern appearance itself Vanessa Mae. The couple has long lived in London. Lionel Catalan is a small business: a Frenchman involved in winemaking.

    Vanessa Mae and Lionel Catalan
    With Lionel Catalan |

    Vanessa Mae says that before the meeting with Lionel she was «terribly dependent». Mom was protecting her from the outside world, so she can’t even get a carton of milk to buy. But my dear husband helped her to adapt and overcome a lot of difficulties.

    About marriage Vanessa Mae not yet heard. In an interview, she admitted that he is not committed to official relations, as a stamp in the passport could not save the family of her parents. Why Lionel – the civil husband of the violinist. Got no kids, but artist says they can appear. And most importantly, that she can’t afford to do is to put pressure on them and control their lives, as did her mother.

    Vanessa Mae and Lionel Catalan
    With the civil husband |

    It is known that the star loves animals. Favorite dog breed – the Shar Pei. The puppy of this breed is nicknamed «Pasha» she dedicated her first work.

    In house artist lives three Tibetan Terrier, sharpei Gaspar and parrots.


    • 1990 — Violin
    • 1991 — My Favourite Things: Kids’ Classics
    • 19911992 — Tchaikovsky&Beethoven Violin Concertos
    • 1994 — The Violin Player
    • 1995 — The Violin Player: Japanese Releases
    • 1996 — The Alternative Record from Vanessa-Mae
    • 1997 — Storm
    • 2000 — The Classical Collection: Part 1
    • 2001 — Subject to Change-Vanessa-Mae
    • 2003 — The Ultimate
    • 2004 — Choreography
    • 2007 — Platinum Collection


    Vanessa Mae

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