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  • Name: Valery Todorovsky ( Valeriy Todorovskiy )
  • Date of birth: 8 may 1962
  • Age: 54 years
  • Place of birth: Odessa
  • Activity: the Russian producer, screenwriter and film Director
  • Marital status: married Eugene Brick

    Valery Todorovsky : biography

    Valery Petrovich Todorovsky is a native of Odessa. He was born in this southern city on may 8, 1962 in the family already then famous Director, and in the future a classic of Soviet and Russian film industry Pyotr Yefimovich Todorovsky and producer Worlds easier. Father from an early age took his son to the set. In the halls of the Odessa film Studio Valerie liked absolutely everything: how to securely attach the scenery, where the right to install cameras where hanging ceilings. And he really liked that his dad is such a respected and influential: in a vast pavilion artists unquestioningly listening to him. Not surprisingly, in the end, Todorovski, Jr., decided to become «like daddy». But when his father found out, I told son to his assistance count not necessary, just make your own.

    And so it happened. Valery Todorovsky confident, though not quickly, walked to the target. The first attempt to enter the film Institute at the faculty of directing failed. But the young man was upset and went to study in the screenwriting Department of theatre of the University, the course is a talented teacher and writer Kira Paramonova.

    Valery Todorovsky: early career

    Biography Valery Todorovsky began in 1986. This year he made his debut as a writer: co-authored with Latvian counterpart Andris Kolbergs wrote the screenplay for the film «the Double». Valery worked with Director Dmitry Meshalim: his paintings «Gambrinus» and «Over dark water» Todorovski wrote the original screenplay, which brought the author fame.

    Perestroika in the 90s, when they began to appear independent commercial studios, Todorovski, along with two associates and friends set up her own record label «TTL» (Todorovski, Tolstunov, Livni). Debut production work of Odessa was the picture of «Kiks». The film was Sergei Livni.

    Todorovsky production work deserves special attention. Here in the record of Valery Petrovich such masterpieces as the TV series «Kamenskaya» and «Women in game without rules» Yuri Moroz, «Brigada» Alexei Sidorov, the film adaptation of the novel of Dostoevsky «the Idiot» Vladimir Bortko, «piranha» Andrei Kavun, «Poddubny» Gleb Orlov and many others.

    From 1995 to 1999, Valery Todorovsky – a member of the Board of the film Studio. Gorky. During this period he re-conquered cinematography. This time tried to enroll in advanced directing courses. And again it has failed. But Todorovski was not discouraged: once he decided to become a Director, then so be it. Since then, he began making his own films.

    Valery Todorovsky: direction

    In 1990 came the first film Todorovsky «the Hearse». It was his directorial debut, and very successful. In his next painting, entitled «Love» appeared before the unknown young actor Yevgeny Mironov. But not only that star «lit» Valery Todorovsky: with his light hand, got the winning ticket in the cinema Chulpan Khamatova, Dina Korzun, Maksim Sukhanov. Later, the Director in his film «Moscow nights» re-opened the viewer to Ingeborga Dapkunaite, calling her to withdraw, when the actress lived in London.

    Valery Todorovsky once admitted that in addition to the work of the screenwriter, Director, producer, he really likes to do editing. So Mr. Watkins re-rewired the TV series «Queen Margot», making him the way he was loved by the audience. Also worked on the film Dmitry Meshieva «Women’s property», where the main roles were played by Elena Safonova Konstantin Khabensky.

    Since may 2000, Valery Todorovsky became a producer on the film production of TV channel «Russia». Since August 2003 he is Advisor to the Director General of the TV channel with cynotilapia.

    In 2005, Todorovski, together with Leonid Lebedev and Vadim and Goryaninov founded his own production company «Red arrow». Among the best films of the Studio called the picture «

  • Dudes»,»
  • Swing» and «Oxygen».

    In 2005 Valery Todorovsky became the co-producer of the series «Master and Margarita» by Yuri Kara. Tape immediately became popular, its output dark dispelling the myth about the impossibility of adaptation of the mysterious works of Bulgakov.

    One of the last most successful works of Valery Todorovsky, as a Director, was the TV series «

  • The thaw», which first showed in December 2013. Heroes one Russia the ribbon — Soviet filmmakers, who lived in the 1960-ies, when I started the work of the father of Valeria Peter Todorovski. The show became instantly popular and received many awards including special prize of the Council of the Russian Academy of cinema arts «Nika» for 2013.

    Now the Director Todorovski finishes shooting new film under the working title «

  • Great.» It is known that this was a film about ballet, the life of the Bolshoi theatre and three girls-the dancers and their fate in the period from 10 to 25 years. Admirers Todorovsky looking forward to the release of the new masterpiece of the master.

    Valery Todorovsky: personal life

    As recognized by Valery Todorovsky, that his life is «just a movie». The Director avoids the noisy secular parties, does not like to go for a vacation far from home. He claims that he has no Hobbies or other interests apart from cinema.

    Family and personal life Valery Todorovsky always closed to prying eyes. Didn’t the Director say on this subject is almost nothing. We only know that Valery is married for the second time. With his first wife

  • Natalia Tokareva, the daughter of writer Victoria Tokareva, he lived for almost 20 years. From this marriage there are two children – a son Peter and daughter Catherine. Todorovski has always been considered an exemplary family man. That is why the news that he abandons his family and goes to young actress Evgenia Brik, shocked many. In the current spouse Valery fell in love with the casting of one of its series. Later she starred in the film of her husband «hipsters». In 2009 Valery Todorovsky and Evgenia Brik was born the daughter Zoe.

    Valery Todorovsky: filmography (Director)

    • The hearse
    • Love
    • Moscow nights
    • Country of the deaf
    • Lover
    • My stepbrother Frankenstein
    • Vise
    • Hipsters
    • Thaw

    Valery Todorovsky: photo

    Valery Todorovsky's father

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