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  • Name: Priemyhov Valery ( Valeriy Priyomykhov )
  • Date of birth: 26 December 1943.
  • Age: 56 years
  • Date of death: August 25, 2000
  • Birth place: Belogorsk
  • Activities: actor, screenwriter, film Director, writer
  • Marital status: was married to Lyubov Shutova

    Valery Priemyhov: biography

    Valery Priemyhov was born 26 Dec 1943 in Kuibyshevka-Vostochnaya (now Belogorsk). Father Mikhail Ivanovich graduated from the factory school and went to the far East, which in those days was just starting to develop, where he married a shy and quiet girl, Nina, the mother of the future artist.

    Valeria childhood was carefree, he spent his days playing together with the neighborhood boys, used to build huts and rafts. The boy soon learned to read, and for the next book the boy had to overcome several kilometers to the nearest town with a library. Priemyhov was reading the works of foreign classics, and the rest of the time devoted to the sport. The boy was skiing and Biking, and sometimes even participated in the hunt for grouse, and capercaillie. Parents sent his son in the local choir, where the child, unfortunately, ruled out because he is not very vocal.

    In the school years Valery was fascinated by the world of cinema, but in a small town the only way to see movies was at the theater. Then the guy learned to forge admission: he glued back the roots and the blade cleaned up for the date. When he was in desperate need of money, one of these tickets, he sold a familiar girl. But almost immediately repented of his act that prompted him to write his first story. The story Priemyhov sent to the local newspaper where it was published a few days later. However, the career of the writer a young guy and didn’t he already decided to become an actor, contrary to the opinion of the father.

    After school Valery, at the urging of Mikhail Ivanovich, tried to enter the aviation Institute, but flunked the entrance exams and went to work as a Turner. Together with friends in the shop he began to attend the people’s Studio, where the guys played in local concerts and performances. At the same time, the future artist decided to go to the far Eastern pedagogical Institute of arts, which was located in Vladivostok. After passing the entrance exams, Priemyhov studied up to 1966. After graduation, guy was sent to the Russian drama theatre named after N. To.Krupskaya. In the theatre, the young actor worked for three years, and then decided to go to the capital and to learn the profession of screenwriter.

    In 1969 Valery came to Moscow and entered the all-Union state Institute of cinematography the course of the famous Soviet writer and critic Joseph Mikhailovich Manevich. The Institute gave the boy a room in a hostel, but Priemyhov still needed the money. At first he worked as a fireman, then became a janitor in the library and began to live in the Lodge. Having graduated as a screenwriter in 1973 Priemyhov began to modify not entirely successful works of other writers, while trying to find a way to get into the cinema.

    Valery Priemyhov: movies

    Movie Valery Priemyhov debuted in first place as a talented writer. For some time he was engaged in improving other people’s scripts, but finally in 1975 he co-authored his first full-length works «Ivan and Columbine». After the premiere of the picture, a talented writer noticed by Directors and was invited to their projects.

    In 1978, the actor met with the Director Dinara Asanova, who saw Priemyhova not only a talented writer, but also a promising actor. She called Valery in your drama «

  • His wife was gone,» where the artist just got the lead role Alexander Klyuev, around which develops the entire plot. This tape brought the actor a success, opening the way to other projects. Tandem Priemyhova and asanovoy has been so successful that the Director used the actor in almost all his works. The popularity and love of the audience brought the role Priemyhova once the film Dinara Asanova «
  • Boys», which tells about the life of the so-called «troubled Teens». The actor played the role of the mentor guys and concurrently head of the camp, where the action unfolds paintings. For the work in this tape Priemyhov was awarded the State prize of the USSR. In 1987, the world saw the film «
  • Cold summer fifty-third….», where the actor played the role of «Husk». According to the critics, this role was the best role Priemyhova in the movie, he was voted best actor of the year by the magazine «Soviet screen» and won the second State prize of the USSR. In 1988, Valeri made his debut as a film Director «Pants». He was also the author of the script and played the role of the investigator. In the Director’s chair, the artist returned in 1991 in the film «the Migrants.»

    The work in the picture «

  • Who if not us» in 1998 was one of the last major works of the artist. He not only played the role of Gennady Samokhin, but also acted as a Director and screenwriter. In the same year on the screens released film «Hamilton» Swedish Director Harald Schwarz, where Valeri played a cameo role of a Moldovan. He also took part in shootings of the Russian TV series «Kamenskaya».

    Valery Priemyhov: personal life

    As a student of the theatre Institute, Valery Priemyhov met his first civil wife Ella. She was the best student of the course, the beauty and activist, who could choose any guy, but she liked it Valery. From the second year the couple began to live together in this Union they had a child, but after distribution to theaters, they went.


  • Olga Masnou actor met on the set of pictures «Useless». The girl was then only sixteen years old, and had only a working relationship. Three years later, the actors meet again, participating in the film «Boys». At that time, Valery was 40 years old, but this did not prevent him to fall in love with a young actress. After three years of Dating, the actors were married, modestly celebrating the event at home. Their family life is not easy. Valery tried to protect the young wife from all over the world, and he has been seen several times in the novels with their fans. It got to the point that girls at night called to the apartment Priemyhova. Olga has long tried to close my eyes to her husband’s infidelity, but after four years of marriage filed for divorce. The official reason machine interface called Valeria unwillingness to have children. However, the former spouses remain in friendly relations. With his second wife
  • Love Shutov artist met in 1983, they worked together on a film Studio «Lenfilm». The affair began only five years later in the movie «Pants.» At that time Love was married and did not take the relationship seriously. But the feeling was so strong that the actress has divorced her husband and married Priemyhova. Together they lived until the death of the actor in 2000.

    Valery Priemyhov: death

    By the end of the nineties the artist began to suffer persistent headaches, and his wife persuaded him to be examined at the clinic. Doctors put a terrible diagnosis — brain cancer cure which is almost no hope.

    Priemyhov to the last struggled for his life: he was treated at several hospitals, and even became a parishioner of the Church. But the treatment was fruitless, 25 August 2000, the great Soviet actor Valery Priemyhov died.

    Valery Priemyhov: filmography

    • My wife is gone
    • Worthless
    • Boys
    • In the off-road
    • My crew
    • Cold summer fifty-third
    • Our train
    • Pants
    • Migrants
    • The time of sorrow has not come yet
    • Who, if not us
    • Hamilton
    • Kamenskaya

    Valery Priemyhov: photo

    Valery Priemyhov

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