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  • Name: Valeriy Polienko ( valeriy Polienko )
  • Date of birth: 17 October 1974
  • Age: 42 years
  • Place of birth: Taganrog, Russia
  • Activities: Director, poet, composer, producer, actor
  • Marital status: married

    Valeriy Polienko: biography

    Valery Polienko – Russian actor, Director, producer. Became most famous as the author of the test songs for a duet «Tatu», group «Beasts» and as the Creator of the youth music projects «jozhik» and «Cubs». Together with producer by Penguinism Tikhon founded the production company «Cosmosil».

    He was born in Taganrog, where he spent his childhood. After graduating from secondary school, Polienko worked for several years behind the scenes of the Taganrog drama theater named after Chekhov. After working there for about 2 years, the young man decided to pursue higher education connected with cinema. He goes to Moscow and entered the film Institute at the faculty of directing, where he specialized in shooting sci-Fi movies. His teacher VGIK became known from the popular science films directed by Elena sakanyan sarkisovna.

    Cinematic after graduating from high school, Valery is engaged in the production of commercials, and writes scripts for commercials and videos. Work on television brings a young filmmaker acquaintance with producer Ivan Shapovalov, a poet and writer Elena Kiper and composer Alexander Voitinsky. This creative Quartet decides to create a new music project and announces the casting, which takes away the two girls – Julia Volkova and Elena Katina, who became world famous thanks to the group «Tatu».


    To write lyrics Valery Polienko began in the first years of Cinematography. These poems formed the basis of the repertoire of the singer Lilu. But the Union with Ivan Shapovalov, Voitinski and the Keeper gave a much greater effect. Taking a few previously written by Elena Kiper lines, Valery modify their song «I was crazy» and writes his own lyrics for a song «not gonna get Us». Both songs very quickly become hits and get a large number of music awards.

    Released in 2001 the album «200 on the counter» the group «Tatu» consisted of 12 songs, and Valery Polienko took part in creating 10 of them. The author has continued his collaboration with the Duo gained popularity singers and wrote for them the song «don’t trust, don’t fear, don’t ask» which girls represented Russia at the Eurovision song contest in 2003 and won 3rd place. The second album «People with disabilities», published in 2005, 7 tests written by Polienko, including the title track, which arose many disputes and scandals. The author of the exclusively spiritual disabilities of some people, but many, including the Commissioner for human rights in the Republic of Komi Leonid Vokuev, stated that no no evidence of this, and that offends those who have a physical disability.

    In parallel with the «Tattoo» Polienko helps to organize composer Alexander Voitinskiy a new group. He invites from Taganrog to his good friend the Roman Bilyk, who became the frontman of the band «Zveri». It is interesting that originally created the team as a rap project, but after an unsuccessful trial records, the producers quickly switched to pop-rock. Polienko as the author of the texts performed in 8 songs, including the hits «Rain-guns» and «see you soon», but after the release of the first album «Hunger» it is a long time stops cooperation with «Animals» and only in 2014 when the recording of the album «one on One» is a song she co-wrote «dunno».

    Subsequently Polienko twice tried to speak as the Creator of the music project and its producer. In 2010, he founded the group «jozhik», the soloist of which was Valentina Atakhanova. The result of the project was the soundtrack to the popular television series «School» and the album «Bitter», all the words of the songs which was written by songwriter Polienko. After 3 years, Valery starts new Duo «Cubs», which becomes 12-year-olds Vlad Voronov and Kristina Erofeeva. The idea of the project is to show two teenagers who fall in love-anarchists. The Creator claims that he came upon the idea to create such a collective Soviet film «wounded animal.» The group performs songs in English and Russian languages.


    Do not forget Valeriy Polienko and its education Director. He shot many music videos for «Tattoo», «Princessa Avenue», «Noize MC» Mike Mironenko.

    The first feature film Polienko-Director became his diploma work of VGIK «Moscow-Phase». A half-hour black-and-white picture taken in the genre of science fiction with elements of satire and Comedy and was first demonstrated to a wide audience at the Cannes film festival.

    In 2014, Valery takes another short film, a Thriller «Night of the winter people», which tells about the drama of public transport passengers. The film has collected a bouquet of awards: in addition to the audience award and awards for actors, Polienko as he received the prize of the Russian short film festival «Koroche», and the painting itself was recognized the best at festival «the Debut movie».

    However, do not only feature films. He oversaw the filming of the show «Fatal girls», which is shown on MTV. This was the musical project «Factory of stars», which was held under the name «areality show», which was the result of the appearance on stage of the Russian pop group «Princessa Avenue».

    In 2015, the Director Valeria Gai Germanika started shooting the rap musical «Bonus», a show which will take place on the TNT channel. This multiserial film Valery Polienko debuts as a movie actor.

    Personal life

    Valery Polienko is married and has two daughters. Director unconventional approach to the choice of name for children — both girls name is Maria.

    Also a kind of man applies to the documents. In my passport on top of the main pictures he pasted his photo adolescence, where he is depicted with a red tie.

    The author of the lyrics

    • See you soon! («Animals»)
    • Rains-pistols («Animals»)
    • Factory of dreams («Animals»)
    • Sky-spring («Animals»)
    • People with disabilities («Tattoo»)
    • Not gonna get us (Tatu)
    • I’ve lost my mind (Tatu)
    • All you can win («Cubs»)
    • Black confetti («jozhik»)
    • Lost everything («jozhik»)


    • 2001 — Moscow-Phase
    • 2014 — Night winter people
    • 2016 — Bonus


    Valery Polienko

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